The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea
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The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea

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The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea is an amazing novel about Andrius and Luna Marriage Life.


The Wolf King had a million soldiers under his command, but he could not defy his master’s order to marry a woman that he barely knew.  When Andrius and Luna met, they agreed to call off the marriage arrangement, but when things took a surprising turn, the couple decided to fake their marriage and pretend to be husband and wife.  Can the Wolf King charm his ‘bride’ within the stipulated duration or will the bride lose her future before they can even get a divorce?

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  1. Cristobal says:

    Pls post next chapters

  2. Silvanus says:

    Please when will the next chapters be available. I can’t hold my self In anticipation or suspense any longer

  3. Silvanus Imeri says:

    Please post next chapters

  4. Cyril says:

    will be waiting for more chapters. Thank you.

  5. Deo says:

    Next chapter please…

  6. Paks says:

    More chapters pls..

  7. Deogilo II Langoyan says:

    very disappointing 😔☹️ you release only 1 chapter today

  8. Paks says:

    I can’t wait any longer, next chapters pls

  9. Choy says:

    Where’s the other episodes??
    Pls updates or uploads the others
    We cant wait to read any longer

  10. Choy says:

    Thank u fot the updates hope you updates the episodes often 😍😍

  11. Ss says:

    What is the name of the Chinese version novel

  12. Sc says:

    Can anybody can tell me the name of the Chinese version of this novel

  13. Emmylucid says:

    I keep refreshing my phone for more update please do well to update more than😊😊

  14. Choy says:

    More chapter plsss

  15. Baloloy says:

    Make certain that the chapters are at least 50 pages long and are written in a language that is easy to read, tnx.

  16. Baloloy says:

    Update pls.

  17. emmy says:

    the writer is very lazy to post full details i blem myself for mingling with this novel

  18. Winner says:

    🤣🤣🤣 be would work better for you if you came in once a sure you’ll find several chapters uploaded

  19. emmy says:

    but how can i stay without pocking my eyes on this novel, its so frustrating from chapter 600 to 603 is still saying the same thing, if i failed to read this novel a DAY the may end up killing ANDRUIS

    coffee tea do well and post up to 50 chapter at once please

  20. Winner says:

    Anyone with a link for whirlwind marriage with the Ceo? Would gladly appreciate it ..

  21. Pain says:

    Where is the chapter 358??

  22. Winner says:

    I hear you Emy…its such an interesting novel.but Andrius wont be killed so early..he’s the main character after all…the writer will find find a way to twist the story to his favour..maybe hidden cameras that exposes these bastards that framed Andrius..
    He was caught too easy. So lame..
    How can one drink poison that almost killed him and still go to a shebeen the same night he almost died..just to celebrate whatever..and it so happened that the same person who tried to kill him was in that very same place prepared like he was waiting for him..too lame

  23. emmy says:

    it okay

  24. Ihtisham says:

    Please upload more chapters

  25. Ihtisham says:

    Please update with more chapter

  26. GaMa says:

    The novel is soo frustrating to read! Like, WTF?! The bias and prejudice of the female lead and her family could reach even the top of Babylon’s Tower!! The Male lead also should just state his true identity. I get frustrated everytime they blame the male lead for the things he did to save his in-laws family! I’ve read the latest chapter and still fuming with rage about it. Like, WTF Coffee’s Tea?! When will Luna find’s out Andrius identity?!

  27. Udeey says:

    Update more chapters

  28. Emmylucid says:

    If you like upload new chapter or not it concerns you

  29. aj says:

    By emmanuel lowe right?

  30. Jose Rivera says:

    I think some chapters are not available soon coz it’s too slow for us to continue reading without any of this .

  31. Ganju says:

    What is admin or writer’s doing?! Just one chapter a day? Sleeping whole time? Or don’t have any ideas to go further? I have a suspicion dat it written by AI.

  32. Ess says:

    Waiting for Chapter 700

  33. emmy says:

    1 chapter per day what a waste

  34. Udeey says:

    Update more chapters please. One chapter is not enough.

  35. john says:

    709 missing

  36. Jeevan says:

    Where is chapter 709 you have chapter 708 twice

  37. I have not checked in here for some time since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

  38. H. Mdontsane says:

    Thanks for this amazing novel and I really appreciate your hard work, but now I’m stuck in chapter 715.

  39. Udeey says:

    Update more chapters if you can. Losing patience now

  40. Rodel Esguerra says:

    Next chapter please.

  41. Tapu says:

    9days have past without any update. We are stuck here in 723.
    Hope you are doing well Admin Mr. Abmark.

  42. emmy says:

    this site is down i have the current site that you be reading for free more than 900 chjapter

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