The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 12

The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 12

Chapter 12
Luna glared at Andrius. She said in a vexed tone, “Andrius, you are just a nobody from the countryside. Can you stop talking nonsense?”

Andrius drew a blank for a while before saying helplessly, “I’m telling the truth.”

“Heh!” Luna scoffed before she went upstairs.

After she witnessed Andrius’ cowardice earlier, the remaining fondness she had for him disappeared. To her, speaking a word to him was a waste of time.

In the afternoon, Luna asked Halle out instead of going to the office.

Halle had a wide connection in many different industries, so Luna decided to ask her for help.

Andrius also went out. He went to Crestfall Manor to look for Master Crestfall and ask for a Revolution Memorial Medal.

Master Crestfall was a veteran, so he had a medal that symbolized the revolution that he fought for. The medal would be the key to helping the Crestfalls win the Valiant Institute project!

After getting the medal from Master Crestfall, Andrius left Crestfall Manor. He then called Marcus, the mayor, and asked him for a meeting.

“Marcus, are you free to talk now?”

“Wolf King, anything for you.”

“Meet me at Dr. Artemis’ clinic in three hours.”

“Yes, sir.”

Andrius hung up the phone and flagged down a taxi to Dr. Artemis’ clinic.

Lyra was doing work at the reception when she saw Andrius at the entrance. She hopped out of her chair and strode up to him.

“Mr. Doctor!” she greeted him adorably.

Andrius did not see Dr. Artemis anywhere. He asked, “Ms. Artemis, where’s your grandfather?”

“My grandpa is at the Recovery Camp. Why are you looking for him? If you need help, you can tell me as well! Lyra is at your service!”

“I need some medicine to make something.”

Andrius then said a couple of professional terms for the medicine.

“Alright. Leave it to me!”

Lyra went to grab the medicine while Andrius prepared for the refining process.

Three hours later, Andrius crafted several capsules. The capsules were black and emanated a strange smell.

Lyra sniffed at it and asked, “Mr. Doctor, what are these capsules for?”

“It’s a supplement, specifically for treating gun and blast wounds.” Andrius picked one up and smiled at his creation.

“Mr. Doctor, are you hurt?” Lyra asked nervously.

“Not me. My subordinate was once shot and was heavily injured. This is for him.”

“Mr. Doctor, you were a soldier?”

“I am.”

“Then, your subordinate…” Lyra looked at Andrius curiously with her big eyes.

Andrius was, at most, in his late 20s, but based on his tone, he seemed to hold a high post in the military.

Then a series of footsteps approached, followed by a knock on the door. Lyra turned around and was stunned when she saw the person at her door.

It was Marcus, the mayor of Sumeria!

Marcus smiled. “Yes, I’m his subordinate.”

His words were like a clap of thunder, blasting Lyra’s ears with shock. The mayor of Sumeria, the most powerful person in the city, was Andrius’ subordinate?

Lyra looked at Andrius in disbelief. She was intrigued.

What kind of amazing life did the young Mr. Doctor live?

Looking at the stunned Lyra, Andrius said, “Ms. Artemis, why don’t you bring some tea for the mayor?”

“Ah! Yes, excuse me! Please hold on, Mayor Freely, I’ll go make some tea for you!”

After Lyra left, Marcus entered the room and asked respectfully, “Wolf King, what can I do for you?”

“I see your old wounds haven’t recovered, so I made some medicine for you.”

“Thank you, Wolf King.” Marcus took the medicine with both hands with excitement. The Wolf King’s medicinal skills were unmatched. With the capsules made by the Wolf King, his wounds that made him suffer for years would be cured soon.

After giving Marcus the capsules, Andrius switched the topic and asked, “Marcus, I heard there’s a Valiant Institute project that has been going on for a while now.”

“Yes, there is.”

A slight pause later, Marcus continued, “The Crestfalls and the Stormbrews are bidding for the project, and you still haven’t decided who is the best candidate for it.”

“Marcus, I have a gift for you. It’s from the Crestfalls.”

Andrius gave Marcus the Revolution Memorial Medal. “This medal belongs to Master Crestfall. He used to be an excellent soldier.”

Looking at the medal in his hand, Marcus immediately knew what this meeting was about. “Yes, sir. I understand. I will tell my men to put the Crestfalls in charge of the Valiant Institute project.”

Andrius hummed a reply. He then added, “There’s one more thing. I heard you are having a birthday party tomorrow night. The Crestfalls wanted to attend. Can you please make the necessary arrangements?”

“No problem! I’ll tell the guards to let them in without an invitation.”

A quick thought later, Marcus carefully asked, “Wolf King, I know you’re busy, but please attend the event if possible.”

“Then, send a car to pick me up tomorrow,” Andrius uttered.

Since he basically had nothing to do, it did him no harm to attend the event.

Marcus was over the moon. It was his honor to have the Wolf King at his birthday party as it would be an achievement that he could boast about for life in front of his peers.

After having tea that Lyra brought, Andrius left with Marcus.

Marcus respectfully invited him into the car, which shocked many passers-by. The mayor of the city invited a young man into his car with such respect! They wondered who exactly the young man was.

Halle also saw the scene as she was walking past the clinic after meeting Luna.

“H-how is this possible? Isn’t he a nobody growing up in the mountains? Why would Mayor Freely treat him with such respect?” Halle was deeply shocked. She stared at Marcus’ car in disbelief until it disappeared beyond her sight.

She only recovered her composure after a while.

She walked into Dr. Artemis’ clinic and asked loudly, “Hi, who was that man just now?”

Lyra had just returned to her receptionist position and heard the question coming from the entrance. She looked up at Halle and sized the woman up from top to bottom and replied, “You mean Mr. Doctor? He’s a soldier, and Mayor Freely used to be his subordinate.”

“U-used to be his subordinate?”

Halle staggered and almost lost her balance. She thought that Luna had run background checks on Andrius and identified him as a poor man from the countryside.

How could he be Mayor Freely’s superior all of a sudden?

No. It was impossible.

Halle refused to accept the fact. Her shaking hands pulled out her phone and dialed Luna’s number.

The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea

The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea

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  The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea is an amazing novel about Andrius and Luna Marriage Life.


The Wolf King had a million soldiers under his command, but he could not defy his master’s order to marry a woman that he barely knew.  When Andrius and Luna met, they agreed to call off the marriage arrangement, but when things took a surprising turn, the couple decided to fake their marriage and pretend to be husband and wife.  Can the Wolf King charm his ‘bride’ within the stipulated duration or will the bride lose her future before they can even get a divorce?


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