The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 1

The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“You little b*stard! I don’t care what Wolf King you are in some Western Frontline! You have to go to Sumeria and marry the daughter of the Crestfalls, Luna!

“Her grandpa saved me ten years ago and I’ve promised him that you will marry her! The half piece of jade is a token for the marriage. I have also written the Crestfalls’ address on the letter and included Luna’s picture and contact number. You’d better go there to marry the girl!

“If you don’t bring back a healthy grandson to me next year, I will kick your ass in front of your men!”

Looking at the crumpled letter in his hand, Andrius did not know whether to laugh or cry. He was on a plane when he read the letter his master sent him.

His master, Old Hagstorm, was the only man in the entire Florence to have the nerve to kick the Wolf King in front of his men, the Lycantroops.

Andrius was an orphan. He was abandoned by his biological parents while he was still in his cradle. As he floated downstream on a rapid river, Old Hagstorm saw him and fished him up.

The boy was brought back to Tiger Hill and trained as Old Hangstorm’s only disciple. Old Hagstorm treated him as his own son and taught the boy everything he knew.

After eighteen years of unwavering determination and training, Andrius became a multitalented man.

When war broke out at the Western Frontline, Andrius was drafted and sent to the frontline to serve his country. His iron fists destroyed the enemy’s arrogance as he charged into a million enemy troops alone and single-handedly beheaded the enemy’s leader.

After the battle that made him famous, he continued to serve his country for the next ten years.

With his unwavering hard work, he founded the most elite troops in the entire country—the Lycantroops.

A million Lycantroops were stationed at the border to defend the country.

Andrius was then granted the title of Wolf King.

Little did he know that when he returned from the frontline, his master would set him up with a woman.

He rubbed his temples, his stern-looking face smeared with helplessness.

His stubborn master was a strange person with a temper. Once the old man decided on something, nothing could change his mind. Since the old man had arranged for this marriage, he had to obey orders and marry Luna Crestfall in Sumeria.

Three hours later, the plane landed at the Central Airport of Sumeria.

Andrius greedily inhaled as soon as he set foot on the ground. “The air here is a lot better than the blood-filled air back at the border.”

When he walked out of the arrival gate, he saw a large crowd outside the airport, looking inside eagerly.

The people learned that someone important was coming to Sumeria, hence they gathered outside the airport, hoping for a glance of the person. Unfortunately, they could not even get close to the airport because it was sealed off by the military.

Many soldiers equipped with live rounds were stationed at the entrance to maintain order.

Even the richest man in the city was declined entry.

Andrius scanned around and finally spotted a familiar figure—the mayor of Sumeria, Marcus Freely.

Marcus spotted Andrius as soon as the man stepped out of the arrival gate. He bowed solemnly and said with the utmost respect, “Wolf King!”

Andrius smiled. “Marcus, it’s been three years since we saw each other. How’s your recovery going?”

“Thank you for your concern, Wolf King. I am fine now.”

Marcus respected the young Wolf King wholeheartedly because he owed the young man his life. Back then, Marcus had just been a captain serving the Western Frontline. The battalion that he led was ambushed by enemy forces while carrying out an assignment.

When the young Wolf King received news about the ambush, he personally led a company of soldiers to retrieve the dying Marcus from the battlefield, saving his life.

After that, Marcus was discharged due to his injuries. He then moved back to Sumeria and was elected as mayor.

Knowing that the Wolf King would visit Sumeria, Marcus sealed off the airport just to welcome him.

“Wolf King, let’s get into the car.”

Marcus opened the door of a Rolls Royce and gestured, inviting Andrius in. His action stunned the crowd outside the airport.

“Am I seeing this right?”

“Mayor Freely sealed off the airport just to welcome a young man?”

“Our Mayor Freely always thought highly of himself yet he welcomed the young man with such respect. That guy’s definitely some big shot!”

“Is he some young master from a famous family from the Capital?”

Under countless pairs of curious eyes, Andrius entered the Rolls Royce.

Marcus bowed and said respectfully, “Wolf King, I have prepared a feast to welcome your arrival. I will bring you…”

“It’s okay.” Andrius shook his hand, stopping Marcus.

“Marcus, can you drive me to Long Island Cafe?”

“Sir, why are you going there?”

“An arranged marriage…” Andrius facepalmed himself, covering his helplessness.

Marcus’s eyes flickered as he was baffled.


The Wolf King that led a million Lycantroops into war, the man who enjoyed the highest level of power and authority, and had an endless amount of wealth was forced into an arranged marriage?!

Marcus could not accept what he heard.

However, he followed orders and drove Andrius to Long Island Cafe.

Long Island Cafe was located in the city center, where every inch of land was worth a piece of gold bar.

Life expenses in the city center were unsurprisingly high. Those who could afford to spend here were no commoners.

A woman in a tailored white dress and a voluptuous figure waited at a table in the cafe. Her charming eyes emanated a frosty presence as she stared outside the window.

The sunlight shone through the window, highlighting her long hair that draped on her shoulders. She was like a deity from the heavens with a charming presence. The woman had looks, a good temperament, and wealth, a perfect woman in every aspect. She was no other than Luna of the Crestfalls.

Andrius compared her with the picture in his hand before he went over.

Noticing a man approaching, Luna lifted her chin and sized Andrius up with an arrogant gaze before asking, “Are you Andrius Moonshade?”

“I am,” Andrius nodded.

“Where’s the token?” Luna sounded frosty. It felt like she was trying to push Andrius away.

Andrius revealed the half piece of jade and placed it on the table.

Luna picked it up for a closer inspection before she put it back down. She said emotionlessly, “Let’s cut to the chase. I’ve gone through your particulars. You’ve lived in the mountains forever and you are poor.

“I am the daughter of the Crestfalls, the CEO of New Moon Corporation! I am out of your league!”

Luna looked frosty and disdainful. She was the goddess CEO of New Moon Corporation in Sumeria. She was not in the same world as the poor man before her eyes, yet her grandfather forced her to marry him.


Andrius was stunned.

The Wolf King that was highly sought-after by many royalties and nobles as a husband for their daughters somehow became a poor man in the woman’s words.

Luna took Andrius’ silence as a realization of the difference in their identities and statuses. The disdain in her eyes grew stronger.

“I don’t know why my grandfather wants me to marry you, but we are not from the same world! I’m not going to marry you!”


The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea

The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea

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  The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea is an amazing novel about Andrius and Luna Marriage Life.


The Wolf King had a million soldiers under his command, but he could not defy his master’s order to marry a woman that he barely knew.  When Andrius and Luna met, they agreed to call off the marriage arrangement, but when things took a surprising turn, the couple decided to fake their marriage and pretend to be husband and wife.  Can the Wolf King charm his ‘bride’ within the stipulated duration or will the bride lose her future before they can even get a divorce?


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