The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 10

The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 10

Chapter 10
As the minivan drove into Dream’s Waterfront, Andrius got out.

Lyra waved at Andrius. “Bye. If you have the time, please visit my grandpa’s clinic. I’ll make you tea.”

“Of course.”

He arrived in front of Luna’s door. Right before he knocked on it, the door opened.

Luna pulled a long face and stared at Andrius, saying, “I have a curfew here. If you had been five minutes later, you would’ve been sleeping outside.”

“It’s my first time in Sumeria, so I thought I would have a walk around the city,” Andrius said.

“Come in.”

Luna sat on the couch, crossing her slender and fair legs. Andrius was slightly stunned by the alluring scene.

“Get up early tomorrow and follow me to my grandfather’s place. When we are there, I call the shots. You have no right and are in no position to say anything. Understand?” Luna warned Andrius sternly.

“Mm-hmm,” Andrius simply hummed a reply.

Luna got up and went upstairs. Right after she locked the door of her room, she received a call from her father.

“Luna, have you talked to Andrius about it?”

“Don’t worry, Dad. I’ve talked to him. He won’t say anything tomorrow.”

Right before Luna went to bed, she double-checked if she had locked the door. She even kept the baton taser and pepper spray next to her bed.

Early the next day, Luna brought Andrius to Crestfall Manor.

Master Crestfall was having breakfast when they arrived.

The man waved at Andrius with a friendly smile. “Andrius, how are you? How are you adjusting to Sumeria so far?”

“I’m getting used to the city,” Andrius answered with a smile.

“Great to hear.” The man then switched the topic all of a sudden. “Andrius, what about the matter that I told Luna to inform you about last night? Have you considered it?”

Andrius was stunned.

He was confused because Luna did not tell him anything last night.

Andrius looked back at Luna.

Luna went up to her grandfather and said with a smile, “Grandfather, Andrius and I talked about it last night. He said he doesn’t have any experience as a manager. So, he suggested being my office assistant for the time being. You know, to gain experience and stuff.”

Luna then sneaked a glance at Andrius, signaling him.

Andrius instantly understood what Luna’s gesture meant. He echoed, “Grandfather, I believe this position suits me the best for now. Let me gain some working experience first.”

As Master Crestfall stroked his long white beard, he said, “Very well. It’s good that you young people are strong-minded, but don’t you give my good grandson-in-law a hard time. Understand?”

“I understand.” Luna blushed all of a sudden. She then added, “Grandfather, we’ll be going to the office now.”

The two of them soon arrived at New Moon Corporation’s office building.

Inside the CEO’s office, Luna sat down at the desk and looked up at Andrius.

“You are now responsible for the cleanliness of my office. I’ll pay you ten grand a month. Any problem?”

“Not at all,” Andrius said.

“You can start right away.”

Luna then pulled out a file from her drawer and walked out of the office.

After that, Andrius started to scan the office. As a professional soldier, he had a gut feeling the office was bugged! He searched around and found five tapping devices. He destroyed all of them with ease.

He then stood before the floor-to-ceiling window and enjoyed the beautiful pond further away. He loved having a bird’s eye view of things. The higher he was, the farther he could see.

Luna came back before noon with a professionally dressed short-haired lady. The lady had a pair of cautious eyes and emanated a strong aura.

Andrius found her aura and demeanor familiar because only a veteran soldier could emanate such an aura.

Luna introduced the lady to Andrius. “Andrius, let me introduce you to Athena Starland, the ace bodyguard my father got me.

“Athena won the female mixed martial arts championship when she was eighteen and joined the female special forces that served the Southern Frontline when she was twenty. She carried out twenty highly classified missions during her five-year service, got first-class honor three times, second-class five times, and third-class nine times.

“After she left the army, she founded a female-only bodyguard team that offers services which male bodyguards cannot offer.”

Luna stated Athena’s achievements one by one, expressing brazen threats in between her words. She was making it clear to Andrius that she had protection now.

Andrius simply shrugged it off because the marriage was all a show.

Luna then ignored Andrius and glanced at her expensive watch.

It was almost noon.

“Athena, I’ll bring you to my place to settle down first.”

“Hold on, Ms. Crestfall. Since I’m already taking your money, I should start working now as your bodyguard. I want to check your office for wiretaps.”

“Of course. Go ahead.”

Luna was pleased with Athena’s professionalism.

Little did Athena know that the office had already been cleaned of wiretaps before she arrived.

After finding no wiretaps in the office, the three of them returned to Dream’s Waterfront.

On the way back, Athena filled Luna in on all the security details.

Andrius, on the other hand, was paying attention to the rearview mirror. He noticed two minivans tailing them since they left the office, and it was not by coincidence.

Right before they arrived at Dream’s Waterfront entrance, one of the minivans overtook the car and stopped in front of them.


Luna smashed the car horn, but the minivan did not budge.

She wanted to reverse and move past the minivan, but the second minivan came up from behind, blocking her way.

The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea

The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea

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  The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea is an amazing novel about Andrius and Luna Marriage Life.


The Wolf King had a million soldiers under his command, but he could not defy his master’s order to marry a woman that he barely knew.  When Andrius and Luna met, they agreed to call off the marriage arrangement, but when things took a surprising turn, the couple decided to fake their marriage and pretend to be husband and wife.  Can the Wolf King charm his ‘bride’ within the stipulated duration or will the bride lose her future before they can even get a divorce?


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