My lover is an unmatched beauty by Elsie Chapter 388

My lover is an unmatched beauty by Elsie Chapter 388



Chapter 288 

Chapter 388 

Then she saw Ava let go of Elias and walking towards her

Seeing Ava coming, Lukas said in his deep voice, Then you two talk first. I’ll go somewhere else!” 

She nodded

He just left, she couldn’t help but ask Ava: Why did you come here? I thought you were hiding from Elias, not with him!” 

Hearing that, there was a trace of anger on Ava’s small, nonchalant face. She replied, If you were to be disturbed all day, you would certainly agree. Furthermore, he told me that he was coming too, so I conveniently went to see him. Has your wound healed yet?” 

Previously, Lukas watched Emilia intently, she didn’t want Ava to see her hurt so she refused to let 

her come to see her

Unexpectedly, she made Ava worry for so long, so she felt a little guilty

Thinking of Raven, she probed: Ava, Elias is clearly after 

have any 

other ideas?” 

Do you have you. Do 

Ava raised her eyes and glanced at Emilia: We are just friends. Don’t think about it!” 

Seeing Ava had absolutely no idea like that, Emilia couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief

As a result, before she could breathe again, she heard a sarcastic voice: Emilia, I didn’t expect you to come to a place like this!” 

Emilia frowned, turning her head to look at Rona, who had a mocking expression on her face. She replied, What do you mean by a place like this? Why can you come but I can’t?” 

Ava’s cold little face tensed, seemingly on the verge of anger. Emilia grabbed her hand and pulled her back, signaling her not to get emotional

Rona didn’t expect Emilia to ask her this question

Although she can see that Lukas might like Emilia, given the status of the Roberts family, breaking into the upper class of Mediopolis is just a dream

Moreover, the Van Eimeren Family is doing well, and Lukas is the heir to the Strakovski family in Louisville, how can he marry a woman like Emilia

Thinking of this, the irony and contempt in her eyes deepened. She said, It’s ridiculous. Do you dare ask me that? This is a charity dinner. As someone who doesn’t have a good family background and is worth less than ten million, do you think you can come here?” 

Emilia looked at Rona with dark eyes and said nothing. She really didn’t know whose invitation to this charity dinner came from

Seeing that Emilia didn’t speak anymore, Rona thought that she was fooled by her, and immediately raised her chin even higher: There are some people who don’t belong to this circle, so don’t force them to join. They will fall to the ground bleeding. Don’t blame me for not reminding you!” 

Emilia’s eyes flashed: Then I really have to thank you for your reminder. Unfortunately, forgive me for being stupid, I don’t know what you mean by circle!” 

Rona’s expression stiffened. She talked a lot about her feelings, even sarcastic

Chapter 299 

However, when she looked at Emilia and saw her halfsmiling face, she suddenly reacted

It’s not that Emilia doesn’t understand, it’s that she deliberately teases her

She was so angry that her head was smoking, her face was pale. She exclaimed, Emilia, you dare to joke with me!” 

Emilia’s expression was extremely innocent: You want to let me joke, if I won’t tease you, won’t you be very embarrassed?” 

Rona was so angry that she trembled, reaching out to hit Emilia: Sharp mouth!” 

As a result, when she raised her hand, Emilia grabbed her wrist

Emilia’s voice was cold: Miss Young, after all, you are a star, a public figure, please pay attention to your image. Don’t act like a bastard who beats people, okay?” 

Rona was so angry that she looked twisted and mad. She grabbed the red wine glass beside her with her other hand and threw it at Emilia

Emilia was wearing a white evening gown. If she gets red wine, let’s see what she will do

The moment the red wine was thrown out of the glass, suddenly, a figure dressed in white rushed forward, directly protecting Emilia in his arms, causing all the red wine to splash onto his back



Chapter 289

My lover is an unmatched beauty by Elsie

My lover is an unmatched beauty by Elsie

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The Novel My lover is an unmatched beauty by Elsie is an amazing novel about Lukas & Emilia. Inside the Civil Affairs Bureau, her stepsister and her boyfriend secretly obtained permits. Outside the Civil Affairs Bureau, she looked at the same man who had been dumped. "Sir, we've all been dumped, why don't we make do and get a license?" "Yes, but you have to fulfill your obligations." "Deal! Dew husband and wife, beat abuse slag, people before he spoil her God, people after he does not love her. After the divorce, he lost his mind, had an Epiphany, and pursued his wife for thousands of miles. Lukas: Wife, come home with me! Emilia: Correct me, ex-wife! Your house is not my house! Lukas: Then give me back what you stole from me! Emilia: What? Ink four years: Heart! Emilia:... Scared the shit out of her. Thought he was gonna ask for a son. ...

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Mediopolis, 10 in the evening. As the night deepened, the moon became enchanting. Emilia Roberts woke up from a hangover, her head suffering from a terrible headache. Glancing around the room, she realized she was in the hotel's double suite where she often stayed. Today was the celebration banquet of her stepsister, Alexa Roberts, after winning the city-level jewelry competition. She hadn't expected to be so drunk after just having two drinks. She sat up and heard faint voices coming from the adjacent room. Curious, she got off the bed and walked toward the door. The door of the adjoining suite was slightly ajar, and as Emilia was about to push it open, she caught a glimpse of what was happening inside, and she froze in disbelief as she was not prepared for what she will see on the other side of the door.

My lover is an unmatched beauty by Elsie

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