My lover is an unmatched beauty by Elsie Chapter 387

My lover is an unmatched beauty by Elsie Chapter 387


Chapter 387 

Seeing her say that, Emilia sighed: Okay. If there’s news of Elias, I’ll tell you, but you don’t have to talk about stealing him from Ava. Ava is not with Elias. It’s just his wishful thinking!” 

Emilia’s words were very straightforward. Raven was a little surprised, with a bewildered expression: How could it be? Mr. Schmidtis so good, how could Ava not like him?” 

Emilia frowned, thinking that no matter what, Raven was always the first to stand up for her. She said. seriously: Raven, just because you think it’s good doesn’t mean others will think it’s good. Everyone has their own taste, do you understand?” 

Raven was a little stupid, and a little doubtful nodded: I probably understand!” 

Emilia nodded: Okay, then get back to work. Stop thinking about it!” 

Raven, a little listless, turned around and continued working

Emilia promised to tell her about Elias

She didn’t expect this opportunity to come so soon

At noon, Lukas sent a text message

Lukas: Emilia, can you join me for the charity dinner tonight?” 

She was taken aback. Lukas hurt himself because of her. He also took the initiative to ask for her 

will, which made her feel that he respected her so much

Emilia: Of course I can!” 

After sending the message, she was silent for two seconds and then suddenly asked

Emilia: Will Elias go?” 

Lukas: Yes, but why are you asking about him?” 

Emilia: Nothing. I’m just asking!” 

Lukas: After work, I will pick you up to style your hair and choose your outfit!” 

Emilia: Okay!” 

After work, Lukas took Emilia to the hairdressing room where he had attended the jewelry dinner party

Even though he knew that with just a little tweaking, Emilia’s beauty would be stunning, when she finished styling, he remained stunned for a few seconds

When Emilia arrived at the charity dinner, she saw Raven obediently following Anthony and constantly looking towards the entrance to the banquet hall

Emilia knew Elias was also coming so she mentioned it in the afternoon, but unexpectedly, Raven 

came with her cousin

She glanced at Raven with a somewhat complicated expression. Emotional issues are hard to explain, only insiders understand, and Raven probably can’t quite explain what she’s thinking

Ava doesn’t have any intentions towards Elias now. Since Raven had this intention, she didn’t want to interfere

Chapter 297 

The first half of a charity dinner was a dinner where people exchanged business information and sought cooperation

The second half was a charity auction. All proceeds from the auction would be donated to children in remote areas

Not long after Emilia arrived, Elias arrived, too

However, seeing him bring Ava in together, Emilia was taken aback

She unconsciously looked at Raven. The loneliness and bitterness in Raven’s eyes certainly showed

Emilia sighed softly


My lover is an unmatched beauty by Elsie

My lover is an unmatched beauty by Elsie

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The Novel My lover is an unmatched beauty by Elsie is an amazing novel about Lukas & Emilia. Inside the Civil Affairs Bureau, her stepsister and her boyfriend secretly obtained permits. Outside the Civil Affairs Bureau, she looked at the same man who had been dumped. "Sir, we've all been dumped, why don't we make do and get a license?" "Yes, but you have to fulfill your obligations." "Deal! Dew husband and wife, beat abuse slag, people before he spoil her God, people after he does not love her. After the divorce, he lost his mind, had an Epiphany, and pursued his wife for thousands of miles. Lukas: Wife, come home with me! Emilia: Correct me, ex-wife! Your house is not my house! Lukas: Then give me back what you stole from me! Emilia: What? Ink four years: Heart! Emilia:... Scared the shit out of her. Thought he was gonna ask for a son. ...

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Mediopolis, 10 in the evening. As the night deepened, the moon became enchanting. Emilia Roberts woke up from a hangover, her head suffering from a terrible headache. Glancing around the room, she realized she was in the hotel's double suite where she often stayed. Today was the celebration banquet of her stepsister, Alexa Roberts, after winning the city-level jewelry competition. She hadn't expected to be so drunk after just having two drinks. She sat up and heard faint voices coming from the adjacent room. Curious, she got off the bed and walked toward the door. The door of the adjoining suite was slightly ajar, and as Emilia was about to push it open, she caught a glimpse of what was happening inside, and she froze in disbelief as she was not prepared for what she will see on the other side of the door.

My lover is an unmatched beauty by Elsie

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