My lover is an unmatched beauty by Elsie Chapter 389

My lover is an unmatched beauty by Elsie Chapter 389


Chapter 389 

Rona held the wine glass, her body a bit stiff

Unexpectedly in this situation, someone would help Emilia, making Rona angry to the point of gritting her teeth

Emilia just couldn’t avoid it, thinking she was about to be splashed with red wine, but unexpectedly Anthony appeared at the right time, blocking it for her

She raised her head, and saw Anthony looking at her with concern and saying, Lia, are you okay?” 

Emilia shook her head, got out of Anthony’s chest, glanced at his back, and said helplessly: “The one in trouble is you!” 

Then she turned her head to look at Rona, her face full of disgust, her voice cold: Rona, you must be sick. Why are you so angry?” 

If red wine is splashed on her, she suffers

Anyway, she provoked Rona, but she got really angry when Rona splashed red wine on her friend

Just as Rona was about to open her mouth, she heard a cold voice: What are you all here for?” 

Anthony saw Lukas come over, glanced at him, his eyes flashed, and said nothing

Rona rolled her eyes and immediately said in front of Emilia: Mr. Strakovski, the thing is, just now I accidentally spilled red wine on Designer Roberts. Fortunately, this gentleman appeared in time and held her in his arms. Truly a hero who saved a beauty! I’m really jealous of designer Roberts!” 

Rona finished speaking, raised her eyebrows, and glanced at Emilia, feeling a little gloated

The others didn’t know, but she knew Lukas was very concerned about Emilia being involved with 

other men

This man saved Emilia, hugged her on the spot, and was seen by so many people. It would be strange if Lukas wasn’t angry to death

Based on Lukasprevious reaction in Mediopolis Mountain Top, every time he gets jealous, he will definitely quarrel with Emilia

In this case, Emilia couldn’t escape her hand

She pursed her lips arrogantly, waiting for Lukas to look at Emilia with cold eyes

Emilia heard Rona say that and didn’t rush to explain, but calmly looked at Lukas

Having been with him for so long, perhaps she understood that he was a possessive man, didn’t like her being involved with other men, and didn’t like her being hurt

Rona was clearly trying to sow discord between them, but right now she just wanted to know what Lukas would choose

When Lukas saw Emilia’s calm eyes, his eyes blinked slightly, and the anger that had just risen in his heart seemed to have largely dissipated

Of course, he was offended that Anthony hugged Emilia in public, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t see through Rona’s clumsy trick at the moment

Chapter 289 

He looked at Rona coldly, his voice neither high nor low, Yes, Emilia’s popularity with men is indeed very good, but no matter how high her popularity is with men, they will just be friends. Unlike you, you are all in bed with them!” 

It can be said that Lukas didn’t save any face for Rona at all. Her face turned red and she angrily exclaimed: LukasYou. You’ve gone too far!” 

Lukas looked at her with deep eyes: Do you still have the face to say that? Don’t think I don’t know that your socalled accidental splashing of red wine was intentional! In front of me, you’d better put aside your petty schemes. If not, don’t blame me for being rude!” 

He finished speaking, ignored Rona, and took off his coat and put it on Emilia

Then, he looked towards Anthony: Principal Rivers, thank you for what just happened. I will call the waiter to take you to change clothes!” 

Anthony glanced at Lukas with a complicated expression, nodded, turned, and left

Next, Lukas kept Emilia with him, as if he was afraid someone would bully her at any moment

Emilia’s sharp eyes saw Elias pulling Ava to sit on the rooftop and chat, while Raven hid behind a potted plant and secretly looked at them with especially pitiful eyes

Emilia sighed helplessly

Soon, it was the second half of the dinner, the charity auction

Emilia looked through the charity auction flyer. Because the people invited to this charity dinner were mostly people in the jewelry industry, most of the auction items were jewelry

The auction was in full swing

Lukas glanced at Emilia and said in an indifferent tone, Look, do you like anything?” 

Emilia was a bit surprised, replying: WellIt’s not necessary!” 



My lover is an unmatched beauty by Elsie

My lover is an unmatched beauty by Elsie

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The Novel My lover is an unmatched beauty by Elsie is an amazing novel about Lukas & Emilia. Inside the Civil Affairs Bureau, her stepsister and her boyfriend secretly obtained permits. Outside the Civil Affairs Bureau, she looked at the same man who had been dumped. "Sir, we've all been dumped, why don't we make do and get a license?" "Yes, but you have to fulfill your obligations." "Deal! Dew husband and wife, beat abuse slag, people before he spoil her God, people after he does not love her. After the divorce, he lost his mind, had an Epiphany, and pursued his wife for thousands of miles. Lukas: Wife, come home with me! Emilia: Correct me, ex-wife! Your house is not my house! Lukas: Then give me back what you stole from me! Emilia: What? Ink four years: Heart! Emilia:... Scared the shit out of her. Thought he was gonna ask for a son. ...

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Mediopolis, 10 in the evening. As the night deepened, the moon became enchanting. Emilia Roberts woke up from a hangover, her head suffering from a terrible headache. Glancing around the room, she realized she was in the hotel's double suite where she often stayed. Today was the celebration banquet of her stepsister, Alexa Roberts, after winning the city-level jewelry competition. She hadn't expected to be so drunk after just having two drinks. She sat up and heard faint voices coming from the adjacent room. Curious, she got off the bed and walked toward the door. The door of the adjoining suite was slightly ajar, and as Emilia was about to push it open, she caught a glimpse of what was happening inside, and she froze in disbelief as she was not prepared for what she will see on the other side of the door.

My lover is an unmatched beauty by Elsie

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