Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White Chapter 289

Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White Chapter 289


Chapter 289: The Resilience of Juju 

Jared’s question left Shiloh puzzled, and he responded, I can’t know for sure, Jared. I’m no mind reader, after all. However,Shiloh’s gaze fixated on the little jade statue in Julia’s hand as he continued, I suspect that Julia’s presence might be connected to this small jade statue.” 

Jared shared the same suspicion, his certainty growing

Several months ago, Jared had come home late and allowed Julia to secretly enter his room, all part of a carefully laid trap. He wanted to discover Julia’s true intentions. To his surprise, she had set her sights on the small jade Buddha

The question that lingered in his mind was why Julia desired the small jade Buddha

In an unexpected moment, a name flashed across Jared’s thoughts


Huh?Shiloh was bewildered. Brother, what’s going on? Why did you just mention Juju’s name out of nowhere?” 

Jared furrowed his brow, touched his chin, and remained silent for a brief moment before shaking 

his head

It’s impossible. She couldn’t be.” 

Shiloh was utterly puzzled. What was impossible, and why was Jared suddenly connecting Julia to Juju

What was his brother thinking

Then it hit Shiloh like a lightning bolt

Brother, are yousuggesting that Julia might actually be Juju, the one who escaped from the Watson family twenty years ago?” 

No,Jared flatly denied

Of course not! How could Julia be Juju? If Juju were still alive, she would be 26 years old now, while Julia is only 23. Moreover, Joseph conducted a thorough investigation into Julia’s background. She is Philip’s daughter from the Watson family, and there’s solid evidence of her identity. Julia and Juju are clearly different individuals!” 

Shiloh was spot on. Julia and Juju were unquestionably distinct individuals

So why did Julia covet the small jade statue? What hidden agenda could she have

In the days that followed, both Jared and Randel dispatched search parties to uncover any traces of Juju

Their unwavering belief was that Juju was still alive

Randel, in particular, clung to this hope. When Julia had treated him earlier, he had fervently requested her to cure his ailment. In the past, he hadn’t been as concerned because he had believed Juju was deceased and wanted to join her. But now, with newfound hope, he couldn’t afford to die. Leaving Juju alone in this world would be too lonely

One day, Julia visited Randel once again

Your condition has improved significantly compared to before, but you should still be cautious with your diet and ensure proper ventilation by keeping the windows open,Julia advised as she organized her silver needles

Once her instructions were complete, Julia noticed Randel’s silence, lost in contemplation

Chapter 289 The Resilience of Juju 

What’s on your mind?Julia inquired, perplexed

Randel pursed his lips and gazed at Julia. Do you thinkJuju might truly be alive?” 

Julia’s lips moved slightly, her pupils quivering subtly

She couldn’t be certain, although she felt fairly confident. One hundred percent certainty remained elusive

You’re not giving me a straight answer. Did Jared tell you that Juju is, in fact, semiengaged to him? Is that why you’re unsure how to respond?Randel guessed

Julia replied honestly, That’s not it.” 

Randel fixed Julia with a penetrating look. You don’t need to hide it. They all wish for Juju to marry Jared. But II don’t want that.” 

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Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White

Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White

Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Aug 17, 2022 Native Language: English
The Novel Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White is an wonderful billionaire novel about Jared Brooks and Shiloh Brooks . "I'm willing to marry you." Jared Brooks and Shiloh Brooks both turned their heads. In front of them stood a woman in a wedding dress. Except her gown was splatted with dirt and blood. Her mascara was all over her cheeks, and her makeup was ruined all over. Today was her wedding day. She was supposed to marry Carter Ross, her fiancé. Until her so-called best friend, Vivien Smith, arrived and told everyone that she and Carter were having a baby. The worse thing was that they were in love with each other.

Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White

Betrayed by her fiancé and her best friend, Julia had given up. Not until she found Jared Brooks, the CEO of Brooks Corporation, at the Civil Affairs Bureau. "Who are you?" Jared asked. Jared wouldn't marry a stranger. Even his brother thought it was absurd! He was ready to go home and call it a day until she promised him something he couldn't resist. She would cure his brother's legs. "I'm Julia Watson of the Watson family." Jared thought Julia wanted to marry him to take revenge against her ex-fiancé. Little did he know, Julia had kept two dark secrets. One, she married him to complete a mission. Two, she was not Julia Watson. Lily White is the author of Secret Marriage Crazy Love Novel. This novel is in Romance genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good rating. For those of you who want to read it in full, you can search The novel has gained immense popularity and received praise from a wide audience. Content:

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