Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White Chapter 290

Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White Chapter 290


Charter A Surprising Revelation 

Chapter 290: A Surprising Revelation 

Why? Isn’t Jared good enough?Julia inquired, her confusion evident

But Randel chose to keep his unspoken thoughts to himselfthoughts that Jared didn’t quite 

measure up

You two are already married, and I can see how deeply Jared cares for you.” 

If Juju were here right now, given her kindhearted nature, she would never want to disrupt the relationship between Julia and Jared

Juju had always been that selfless

This way, he could take care of Juju for the rest of their lives

Yeah, he is indeed good to meJulia’s thoughts drifted to Jared’s tenderness and affection toward her earlier that morning as she spoke, deepening her sense of gratitude toward him. Another week passed with no progress for Jared and Randel in their search for Juju

Julia continued her discreet investigation into Juju’s whereabouts as well

Meanwhile, J&C Limited continued to flourish and had become a dominant force in the skincare. industry. It relentlessly squeezed one of the Ross Corporation’s core industriesskincare productsthreatening to drive it out of the market entirely

Lilian would vent her frustrations at home daily, and it was confirmed that the owner of J&C Limited was indeed Conrad

In Lilian’s eyes, she couldn’t help but wonder if they had wronged Julia in a past life or something. Why did she seem so determined to oppose them in every way

Why does this Julia have to oppose our Ross family in everything we do?” 

Mom, please don’t get upset. It’s not worth harming your health over someone else,Vivien consoled her while patting Lilian’s back

Lilian’s gaze then fell upon Vivien’s belly, and her mood immediately improved significantly

A few days earlier, Vivien had revealed that she had visited the hospital for a checkup, confirming that she was carrying a boy

My grandson will be born soon.” 

Vivien tenderly touched her own belly and added, Yes, I can finally become a mother.” 

While Vivien expressed these sentiments out loud, she was secretly anxious. Since pretending to be pregnant, she had been actively seeking intimacy with Carter daily, and she had even discreetly added something to Carter’s drink in hopes of conceiving faster

Yet, strangely, despite their regular activities and the passage of time, she still hadn’t become pregnant

If this continued, she might need to consider more extreme measures

Just when Vivien was growing increasingly anxious and uncertain, she noticed Julia exiting a pharmacy

Hmm? What is Julia doing at the pharmacy?” 

Hold on

Vivien observed the shopping bag that Julia was carrying and noticed items like folic acid and prenatal milk powder through the semitransparent bag

Why was Julia purchasing these items

Chapter A Surprising Revelation 

For Maddie

That couldn’t be right, could it? Maddie was now the unofficial lady of the Miles family, and the Miles family would surely have everything prepared for her. There would be no need for Julia to buy these things on her behalf

As she pondered this, she saw Julia entering a nearby beverage shop

What are you looking at?Lilian asked, perplexed

Oh! I suddenly got thirsty. There’s a beverage shop across the street. Mom, do you want something to drink? I’ll go buy it,Vivien said, planning to enter and investigate why Julia had acquired those items

Buy whatever you like, something hot,Lilian replied as she settled onto a nearby bench

Alright, I’ll get it right away.” 

With sunglasses and a mask on, Vivien entered the beverage shop

As soon as she entered, she spotted Julia opening the bag with the recently purchased folic acid and placing a tablet in her mouth

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Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White

Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Aug 17, 2022 Native Language: English
The Novel Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White is an wonderful billionaire novel about Jared Brooks and Shiloh Brooks . "I'm willing to marry you." Jared Brooks and Shiloh Brooks both turned their heads. In front of them stood a woman in a wedding dress. Except her gown was splatted with dirt and blood. Her mascara was all over her cheeks, and her makeup was ruined all over. Today was her wedding day. She was supposed to marry Carter Ross, her fiancé. Until her so-called best friend, Vivien Smith, arrived and told everyone that she and Carter were having a baby. The worse thing was that they were in love with each other.

Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White

Betrayed by her fiancé and her best friend, Julia had given up. Not until she found Jared Brooks, the CEO of Brooks Corporation, at the Civil Affairs Bureau. "Who are you?" Jared asked. Jared wouldn't marry a stranger. Even his brother thought it was absurd! He was ready to go home and call it a day until she promised him something he couldn't resist. She would cure his brother's legs. "I'm Julia Watson of the Watson family." Jared thought Julia wanted to marry him to take revenge against her ex-fiancé. Little did he know, Julia had kept two dark secrets. One, she married him to complete a mission. Two, she was not Julia Watson. Lily White is the author of Secret Marriage Crazy Love Novel. This novel is in Romance genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good rating. For those of you who want to read it in full, you can search The novel has gained immense popularity and received praise from a wide audience. Content:

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