Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White Chapter 288

Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White Chapter 288


Chapter 288: Jared’s Growing Suspicion 

The unexpected torrent of questions from the man fell upon her like gentle raindrops, catching Julia off guard. As they landed softly on her head, she couldn’t help but feel a coolness wash over her, and her eyes welled up with tears

Jared, why did you have to be so kind to her

It only intensified her feelings of guilt

In the afternoon, the sun bathed everything in a perfect golden glow. Julia lounged lazily on a swing, a small jade Buddha held in her hand

The Watson familyRandelAm I her?” 

Her dream from the previous night had ended after Juju crawled out of the dog hole. Julia had no way of knowing what had transpired afterward. And as for herselfWhen she had awakened in her previous life, it had been in an orphanage

She couldn’t remember anything about what had happened before then. According to the orphanage’s teacher, she had been discovered next to a trash can, dirty and on the brink of death. She had been running a high fever. They had brought her to the orphanage and enlisted the help of a doctor to nurse her back to health

When she regained consciousness, her memories of her past were hazy at best. Julia had inquired with the orphanage’s teacher, and it turned out that they had found her on the second day 

following the Watson family’s tragic incident

It was all starting to align… 

All that remained was the final piece of evidence

Julia’s gaze returned to the small jade statue. After delaying it for a long time, it seemed that the time had come to hand it over

But she couldn’t help but wonder why the person who had issued the mission was after the little jade statue. Could there be some hidden secret within it

Julia pondered deeply, and the voice of a young woman faintly resurfaced in her mind

Juju, you must keep this little jade statue. It’s a treasure we’re giving you.” 

A treasure

What kind of treasure

Engrossed in her thoughts, Julia failed to notice Shiloh approaching. After he watched her for a while, he turned and headed to Jared’s study

Brother, I have something to tell you, but please don’t be upset.” 

What’s the matter?Jared inquired, puzzled

Shiloh furrowed his brow, hesitating before speaking

I just saw Julia in the garden, holding that little jade statue. She was staring at it and seemed to be saying something to it.” 

What did she say?Jared asked, lifting his gaze to meet Shiloh’s with his dark eyes

It was a bit too far for me to hear clearly,Shiloh explained. He had contemplated moving closer

but he worried Julia would notice him. After all, Julia possessed formidable martial arts skills, and if she detected him, it might be difficult to explain his actions

Even though Shiloh wasn’t being stingy, anyone in his shoes would feel uneasy about it



Brother, I have a feeling that Julia isn’t as simple as she appears.” 

Shiloh’s intuition was sharp, and Jared couldn’t help but share his concerns

After a prolonged silence, Jared approached the window and observed Julia below, and Shiloh joined him

Do you 

think she’s planning to harm me?” 

I don’t believe so,Shiloh responded, relying on his gut feeling

But-Shiloh changed the subject, I think Mother might be right. Julia’s appearance at the Civil Affairs Bureau that day was no coincidence.” 

What do you think her true purpose might be?Jared asked, his eyes still fixed on Julia below

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Chapter 289 The Resilience of Juju

Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White

Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White

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The Novel Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White is an wonderful billionaire novel about Jared Brooks and Shiloh Brooks . "I'm willing to marry you." Jared Brooks and Shiloh Brooks both turned their heads. In front of them stood a woman in a wedding dress. Except her gown was splatted with dirt and blood. Her mascara was all over her cheeks, and her makeup was ruined all over. Today was her wedding day. She was supposed to marry Carter Ross, her fiancé. Until her so-called best friend, Vivien Smith, arrived and told everyone that she and Carter were having a baby. The worse thing was that they were in love with each other.

Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White

Betrayed by her fiancé and her best friend, Julia had given up. Not until she found Jared Brooks, the CEO of Brooks Corporation, at the Civil Affairs Bureau. "Who are you?" Jared asked. Jared wouldn't marry a stranger. Even his brother thought it was absurd! He was ready to go home and call it a day until she promised him something he couldn't resist. She would cure his brother's legs. "I'm Julia Watson of the Watson family." Jared thought Julia wanted to marry him to take revenge against her ex-fiancé. Little did he know, Julia had kept two dark secrets. One, she married him to complete a mission. Two, she was not Julia Watson. Lily White is the author of Secret Marriage Crazy Love Novel. This novel is in Romance genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good rating. For those of you who want to read it in full, you can search The novel has gained immense popularity and received praise from a wide audience. Content:

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