Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White Chapter 287

Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White Chapter 287


Chapter 287: Recollections of the Past 

He doesn’t have a clue; only the two of us share this secret, so Randel, you mustn’t reveal it to anyone else,Juju whispered

Randel was elated to hear Juju’s words. Her trust in him was like a warm embrace in the cold

As the memory unfolded, Julia’s train of thought was abruptly interrupted by Randel’s unexpected words

This is our secret, Juju and I, a secret that belongs to us alone.Randel turned his head and cast a glance at Jared

Jared met Randel’s gaze, his eyes narrowing slightly, but he remained silent

Julia observed the longing in Randel’s eyes and couldn’t help but feel a pang of inexplicable 

sorrow in her heart

Juju, where are you?Randel’s voice was laden with sadness and choked emotions, evoking a sense of melancholy in those who heard it

Julia parted her lips slightly, her gaze lowered

That night, Julia had another dream

In the dream, flames roared into the sky, and a young couple lay on the ground. Juju cried out, Mom, Dad” 

Jujudon’t cry… hurryrun” 

No! I won’t leave you. I’m calling the policeJuju sobbed, tears streaming down her face. Outside, footsteps approached

Quick, hurry!” 

Be good, go find Jiang Jun, hide together! Stay hidden!” 

Can I-” 

Juju! Be goodlistenobey” 

Confusion clouded Juju’s face as she wiped away tears with her tiny hand. Yes! Juju is good, Juju is the best! Juju is going to find Randel!” 

As the footsteps drew closer, Juju rushed out of the back door without looking back

She was a good child who obeyed her parents. And there was Randel. He was still in the hospital. She needed to rush over and inform him about the danger… 

In one breath, Juju reached the backyard and crawled through the dog hole

Julia? Julia?” 

Calls echoed in her ears, filled with worry and anxiety


Julia was jolted awake by a sudden, loud voice. As she opened her eyes, she saw the man’s concerned face

Whatwhat’s wrong?Julia’s voice came out hoarse, and her face was still damp with tears. She raised her hand and wiped away the lingering tears

What happened? Did you have a nightmare?The man’s voice was gentle, and he spoke cautiously, as if afraid that his own voice might cause discomfort

Yeah, I hada nightmare” 

A nightmare indeed

A vivid nightmare of the Watson family fire, and Juju crawling through the dog hole… 

The truth seemed poised to surface

Juliaor was it Juju

What kind of nightmare was it? Why were you crying like this?Jared asked while delicately wiping Julia’s face with his fingertips

Julia managed to muster a faint smile. I can’t recall. Really, why was I crying like that?” 

She gazed at herself in the mirror, her eyes still glistening with tears, and her lips slightly swollen from crying

She couldn’t remember ever crying like this before in her life. If Wolf Five and the others saw her now, they’d surely suspect that she’d been replaced

Don’t dwell on it if you can’t remember,Jared reassured her, his voice heavy with concern

Julia found it a bit amusing. It was just a dream, after all. What was all the fuss about

Complaints were one thing, but genuine concern was another

Just as Julia was moved by the depth of Jared’s feelings, he suddenly wrapped his arms around her head in a warm, protective embrace

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Chapter 288 Jared’s Growing Suspicion

Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White

Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White

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The Novel Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White is an wonderful billionaire novel about Jared Brooks and Shiloh Brooks . "I'm willing to marry you." Jared Brooks and Shiloh Brooks both turned their heads. In front of them stood a woman in a wedding dress. Except her gown was splatted with dirt and blood. Her mascara was all over her cheeks, and her makeup was ruined all over. Today was her wedding day. She was supposed to marry Carter Ross, her fiancé. Until her so-called best friend, Vivien Smith, arrived and told everyone that she and Carter were having a baby. The worse thing was that they were in love with each other.

Secret Marriage Crazy Love by Lily White

Betrayed by her fiancé and her best friend, Julia had given up. Not until she found Jared Brooks, the CEO of Brooks Corporation, at the Civil Affairs Bureau. "Who are you?" Jared asked. Jared wouldn't marry a stranger. Even his brother thought it was absurd! He was ready to go home and call it a day until she promised him something he couldn't resist. She would cure his brother's legs. "I'm Julia Watson of the Watson family." Jared thought Julia wanted to marry him to take revenge against her ex-fiancé. Little did he know, Julia had kept two dark secrets. One, she married him to complete a mission. Two, she was not Julia Watson. Lily White is the author of Secret Marriage Crazy Love Novel. This novel is in Romance genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good rating. For those of you who want to read it in full, you can search The novel has gained immense popularity and received praise from a wide audience. Content:

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