Out of Prison The Revenge Starts by Adam Davis Chapter 364

Out of Prison The Revenge Starts by Adam Davis Chapter 364


Chapter 364 Successors 

The two immediately started fighting

In an instant, they punched each other

The two of them punched each other three times at the same time

Bang! Bang! Bang

It seemed that three thunders shook the sky and the earth

When everyone around heard the sound, they were all shocked

Some timid and weak people were so frightened that they covered their ears and were stunned by 

the shock

After three punches, Yves was surprised. He punched Leones harder and harder with all his strength

He thought he could knock Leones away or even kill him on the spot

Unexpectedly, after three punches, Yves was unable to shake Leones at all

Only then did Yves realize that he had underestimated Leones, who was young but capable

Not bad! Few people can withstand my three punches!Yves praised, You are worthy of being my opponent! You are also worthy of my full strength.” 

But unexpectedly, Leones shook his head slightly and said with some regret, I advise you to use your full strength. Otherwise, you are not worthy of being my opponent

If your strength stands for the Green Sect, then the Green Sect is justsoso!” 

Just now, Leones didn’t even use 10% of his strength

He just wanted to test his strength

After knowing the results, Leones was disappointed

The Green Sect was too weak to protect Leones himself

You are so arrogant!Yves was furious when he heard this. Don’t think you can match me if you just withstand three of my punches! I haven’t used my full strength yet!” 

Mr. Whitman! You don’t have to show mercy to him!Ted said hurriedly, He is stubborn! You should kill him quickly!” 

Ted felt anxious that Yvesthree punches failed to kill Leones

He was originally sure that the master of the Green Sect would kill Leones, but now he couldn’t help but feel a little worried

Ted wished Yves could succeed

At this time, everyone around them saw Leones calmly withstand Yvesthree punches

The crowd originally worried heart relaxed a little

Mr. Bloom is awesome!Darius said with peace of mind, I almost forgot that even Vulture was beaten by you. It seems that Mr. Whitman from the Green Sect is justsoso.” 

When Yves heard Vulture, he suddenly felt he was familiar, but he couldn’t remember him for a while

Now facing Leones, Yves had no time to think wildly

Hearing Dariussneer, Yves became even more angry

Chapter 364 Successors 

If he couldn’t kill Leones, it would be a discredit to Green Sect

Do you look down on me?As Yves immediately spread his arms, his whole aura changed. Let you see my true strength!” 

He showed Tiger and Crane Fist

Yves was the successor of Whitman Fist

The Tiger and Crane Fist, invincible and unparalleled, was known as the representative of the Whitman Fist

The Fist had both the power of the tiger and the lightness and sensitivity of the crane

Yves moved one hand into a tiger’s mouth and the other hand into a crane’s beak

The two shapes of tiger and crane were faintly imposing

Is it Whitman Fist?” 

Seeing this, Leones smiled calmly

You haven’t mastered Whitman Fist yet. How about my Whitman Fist?” 

Leones showed Tiger Knuckle Fist

In an instant, Leoneswhole body was roaring with anger. The mountains and rivers were moving, and the wind and clouds were whirling

After all, Leoneseightyfourth master was a descendant of Barry Whitman, the founder of the authentic Whitman Fist

Compared to overseas descendants like Yves, Leones was much more capable

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Out of Prison The Revenge Starts by Adam Davis

Out of Prison The Revenge Starts by Adam Davis

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Aug 26, 2022 Native Language: English
The Novel Out of Prison The Revenge Starts by Adam Davis is an wonderful Urban novel about Leones. Five years ago, Leones was framed by his stepmother and imprisoned in the most terrifying prison in the world. His stepmother wanted him to be killed by those ruthless prisoners. Those imprisoned in the prison are all famous outlaws. The prime minister with great power, the richest man in a country, the fallen war god, the skillful hacker, the genius doctor, the Heaven Master who raises ghosts, and the cultivator who fails an Ascension... Leones should have been killed by such merciless people, but those people never hurt him. Instead, they teach Leones everything they know. Now, five years have passed, and Leones will be released. The world will shake the moment he comes back!

Out of Prison The Revenge Starts by Adam Davis

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