Out of Prison The Revenge Starts by Adam Davis Chapter 362

Out of Prison The Revenge Starts by Adam Davis Chapter 362


Chapter 362 Useless 

Ted was very satisfied with his return and even felt that it was a blessing in disguise

Some time ago, he was sent overseas due to injury, and then he knew people of the Green Sect

Next, the Olsen family and the Green Sect had reached an indepth cooperative relationship

The Olsen family would provide money, while the Green Sect provided people to protect the Olsen. family

The Green Sect specially sent Yves to follow Ted back to help him resolve some personal grudges here

Tonight, the Olsen family originally wanted to host a grand dinner for Yves

By chance, they met their enemy, Leones

I didn’t want to hit you tonight so as not to disturb Mr. Whitman’s happiness.Ted said coldly, But if you still dare to be arrogant, I will show no mercy to you!” 

Then Ted bowed to Yves. Mr. Whitman, it was him who hurt me last time

As long as you get rid of him, the Olsen family will be fine here!” 

Hearing this, Yves nodded. OK! I’m here to solve the problems of the Olsen family

Since we are enemies, there is no need to say more. Let’s start!” 

While speaking, Yves took a step forward

Immediately, a clear shoe print was left on the marble floor

His strength was evident

Seeing that the opponent was about to take action, Gloria was worried that Leones would suffer when facing overseas experts, so she hurriedly stepped forward

Mr. Whitman, wait a minute! I am Gloria Baker from the Baker family in Sherland! My family also cooperates with Green Sect overseas! Can we stop today for the sake of the Baker family?Hearing the name of the Baker family in Sherland, Yves hesitated and slowed down his actions. It turns out that you are the granddaughter of Mr. Orlando Baker!” 

Yves said in a deep voice, You are a member of the Baker family. Logically speaking, the Green Sect should give Mr. Orlando Baker a favor.” 

Hearing this, Gloria was overjoyed and was about to thank him

However, Yves continued, Now, the Olsen family has become the financial backer of the Green Sect, so we have to solve the troubles that the Olsen family encounters

But please don’t worry, Ms. Baker. The Green Sect is fair. We will never implicate innocent people, let alone the Baker family.” 

After saying that, Yves looked at Leones and said coldly, Today, I will only kill you!” 

Seeing that her family was useless, Gloria continued, How much money the Olsen family gave you? The Baker family can double the compensation to you only if you return overseas!” 

Yves smiled coldly, This is not a matter of money

Take their money to solve problems for them! This is related to the Green Sect’s credit!” 

Seeing that the Baker family was obstructing them, Ted sneered disdainfully, Do you think only the Baker family is rich? Let me tell you that money is not everything!” 

Chapter 362 Useless 

Yves took another step forward and pointed directly at Leones. No one can make peace today!Really?” 

At this moment, Darius rushed in with several guards from the Sherland Government

What about the Sherland Government?” 

When Darius came to the banquet, he happened to see the Olsen family going against Leones by inviting a master from overseas

Darius was afraid that his master would be hurt, so he quickly dispatched troops from the Sherland Government to come to help

Mr. Whitman, the Green Sect is overseas. Whether it’s murder, arson, or punishment of rape and 

evil, the Sherland Government has no right to arrest you

But in Sherland and Vericano, you can’t be so presumptuous

I advise you to go back quickly!” 

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Out of Prison The Revenge Starts by Adam Davis

Out of Prison The Revenge Starts by Adam Davis

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The Novel Out of Prison The Revenge Starts by Adam Davis is an wonderful Urban novel about Leones. Five years ago, Leones was framed by his stepmother and imprisoned in the most terrifying prison in the world. His stepmother wanted him to be killed by those ruthless prisoners. Those imprisoned in the prison are all famous outlaws. The prime minister with great power, the richest man in a country, the fallen war god, the skillful hacker, the genius doctor, the Heaven Master who raises ghosts, and the cultivator who fails an Ascension... Leones should have been killed by such merciless people, but those people never hurt him. Instead, they teach Leones everything they know. Now, five years have passed, and Leones will be released. The world will shake the moment he comes back!

Out of Prison The Revenge Starts by Adam Davis

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