Out of Prison The Revenge Starts by Adam Davis Chapter 363

Out of Prison The Revenge Starts by Adam Davis Chapter 363

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Chapter 363 Influential 

Chapter 363 Influential 

Mr. Bloom!” 

Darius stood next to Leones and smiled as if he was taking credit, Don’t worry. I’ll help you!” 

Seeing this, Ted and his sister had doubts. When did Leones get along well with the young man from the Sherland Government

If the Sherland Government intervened, solving today’s matter would be difficult

Yves glanced at Darius and the guards he brought

Finally, he looked at Leones and said coldly, Leones, you are quite powerful

Both the Baker family and the Sherland Government help you! It seems that influential here!” 

Hearing this, Ashley said disdainfully, Just rely on his bluff and deceive!” 

Although she snorted, her heart was filled with jealousy

Ashley wished her son could have such influential friends

you are quite 

Yves also understood it and thought, If he only relies on bluff and deception, there is no need for me to help you!” 

Ted said hurriedly, Mr. Whitman, please kill Leones and help the Olsen family solve this problem!” 

Don’t worry!Yvesattitude was still firm. I said that no one can make peace today. Even the Sherland Government can’t control me!” 

Darius said sternly, Mr. Whitman, are you going to hurt people in front of the Sherland Government and within our jurisdiction?” 

Why not?Yves smiled coldly, The Sherland Government has no right to intervene in the Green Sect

What’s more, your subordinates cannot stop me! 

No kidding!” 

Yves didn’t pay attention to Dariussubordinates at all

If it weren’t for the official uniforms they were wearing, he could even kill them at will


Hearing this, Darius was furious

He wanted to capture this overseas madman, but he also knew that the subordinates around him might not be enough

If they started fighting, there would inevitably be casualties

Darius quietly took out his cell phone and asked for more subordinates

Are you still trying to call more people? But I’m afraid it’s too late!” 

Yves snorted coldly, By the time they arrive, I will have already killed him and gone away!” 

Yves thought he could kill Leones quickly. After that, no matter how many of the Sherland Government guards he faced, he could escape safely with his strength

The Green Sect’s masters were worldfamous. If they couldn’t escape, they would have been in jail long ago. Green Sect wouldn’t be so famous

Chapter 363 Influential 

At this time, Leones thanked everyone for their kindness and stepped out

Since he is coming for me, there is no need for others to intervene. I’ll handle it!” 

ButGloria felt worried as she didn’t want to see Leones and Green Sect turn against each other

Gloria just heard that Leones would be challenged by the Seven Ancient Families. Therefore, she thought he should go overseas to seek help from the Green Sect

If the two sides were to fight now, it meant that he would have another enemy

However, Leones didn’t think so much at all

He thought, If others don’t offend me, I won’t offend them. If anyone offends me, I will kill him!” 

Mr. Whitman, please remember!Leones stepped out and said calmly, I don’t mean to go against, the Green Sect, but it is you who are seeking your death!” 

Hearing this, Yves was furious

You dare to speak it when you are about to die! Even if God comes today, he can’t save you!” 

You are doomed!” 

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Chapter 364 SucTESSOTS

Out of Prison The Revenge Starts by Adam Davis

Out of Prison The Revenge Starts by Adam Davis

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The Novel Out of Prison The Revenge Starts by Adam Davis is an wonderful Urban novel about Leones. Five years ago, Leones was framed by his stepmother and imprisoned in the most terrifying prison in the world. His stepmother wanted him to be killed by those ruthless prisoners. Those imprisoned in the prison are all famous outlaws. The prime minister with great power, the richest man in a country, the fallen war god, the skillful hacker, the genius doctor, the Heaven Master who raises ghosts, and the cultivator who fails an Ascension... Leones should have been killed by such merciless people, but those people never hurt him. Instead, they teach Leones everything they know. Now, five years have passed, and Leones will be released. The world will shake the moment he comes back!

Out of Prison The Revenge Starts by Adam Davis

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