Feral Attraction A wild night with the Alpha by HB Temilorun Chapter 166

Feral Attraction A wild night with the Alpha by HB Temilorun Chapter 166

Hundred and SixtySix 

W 288 Nour hers 

Hundred and SixtySix 

Isabella’s POV 

My brush pressed against the white canvas, moving across it with beautiful precision and in the process numbing the pain in my heart. Painting always gave me the opportunity not to think and just feel through my brush. It helped me relax my senses as I poured my emotion into a blank canvas

It also felt like I was starting over, like the canvas represented a new chance or a blank slate and my paint palette was my decision and my brush against my blank slate was the consequence of my new decisions

It was always amazing how the consequences always brought me peace, unlike my realworld decisions that turned everything ugly. When I’d come to the garden earlier, I had barely been able to keep my 


I had no idea how I had spoken to Lisa to bring out my art supplies without breaking down in tears but immediately my brush touched the canvas, everything had evaporated. Every guilt, every bad feeling left my body and instead fueled my brush

A satisfied sigh escaped my lips as the picture slowly came to life with every stroke of my brush. I stopped midstroke, feeling Alexander’s presence behind me but continued to paint, ignoring his presence. I couldn’t afford to come down from the high I was feeling from painting. Not right now

I tried to shake off the feeling of him watching me as much as possible but it was hard, especially when he wasn’t saying anything. With a deep breath, I got back into my zone and continued to paint



Hundred and Sixty Six 

18288 (Vouchers 

I had forgotten about Alexander’s presence altogether when I felt his shoulder brush against mine as he sat beside me. I continued to paint, trying to hold onto my composure. Thankfully he didn’t speak, he just watched

I always wondered why you don’t paint as much as you used to. You are incredible.He broke the silence

Maybe it’s time you get your own gallery.” 

I continued to paint, ignoring him. I couldn’t afford to turn around to look at him. I knew I’d break down or worse, I’d say something I didn’t mean. He didn’t say anything more for several moments, I almost thought he’d gotten the memo that I didn’t exactly want to talk to him

Isabella, If something is wrong, please talk tohe broke the silence again

I dropped my brush abruptly, stood up from the bench, and began to stalk off. I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t. I knew if I stayed longer I’d break down and cry and that wouldn’t be good. I could feel his eyes on me as I walked across the garden and outside it

As I walked out of the garden, I Came in contact with Caleb and Lisa as they walked towards me. What’s good Isabella? Have you been swimming in paint?Caleb asked as his eyes swept over my form

Just been painting,I said with a strained smile

I see. Where are you off to?He asked, his tone was playful but I was not in the mood to pretend I was in a good mood, so I answered with a strained smile 

Going in to rest.I sidestepped him before he could ask any more questions. I could feel Lisa following me from behind but I didn’t bother to send her away



Hundred and SixtySix 

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My phone pinged indicating that I had just received a message. It was Antonio of course

Good job Isabella. See, we make a pretty good pair, don’t you think?His message read and I scrunched up my nose, disgusted by his words

A tired sigh escaped me on reading his message. I was so tired of being at his beck and call, so exhausted of being powerless against him that all I felt now was a deep emptiness and sadness. The worst part was I couldn’t tell anyone about Antonio’s abuse because he’d made it his personal business to update his threats by texting me every day

He was even tracking my phone now and I was pretty certain he had spies all over the pack watching me and giving him information about me. He knew a lot of personal things about me that only Alexander, Lisa and maybe the guys could possibly know

Although Antonio had specifically told me not to tell anybody about our secret alliance, I was still trying to find a way to get out of it and the easiest way I saw fit was to find his spy

I had a few people I suspected, Lisa, as much as I didn’t want to believe seemed the more plausible answer. She was the one person who knew sufficient information about me and was probably an easy target for Antonio to manipulate

I let her follow me up to my bedroom. I had a plan to figure out if she was indeed behind all this and it involved her being in a particular place at a particular time. If she was the spy, Antonio would magically know something about me

pushed my door open and immediately dialed Chloe’s number. She picked on the first ring

Hey, Chloe. How are you feeling?I asked, still concerned about her. She was probably still traumatized about being kidnapped by Antonio



Hundred and SixtySix 

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I was glad she was alive but pissed that Antonio had the guts to come for the people I loved

It broke me that he had so much power that he could do that without consequences. That was why I needed to find the spy working for him. If I could find the person, I’d be at least a step ahead of him

Well, still sore but I’m fine. What about you?She asked. Her voice carried an edge that told me she was either still shaken up or Ryder was in the room with her

I’m good, I have a slight headache but I think I’m just hungry. Hey, so, I just called to remind you not to tell anyone what happened and what we talked about.” I peeked at Lisa who was standing at the door looking uncomfortable as I listened to Chloe on the phone

She was about to leave when I hung up and called her back. What can I do for you, Luna?She asked in a stiff voice

Can you get me some fruits?I asked and she nodded eagerly. I watched as she scurried out of my room. Immediately Lisa left, I picked up my other phone and quickly sent Chloe a text

Talk to me through this phone from now on, Antonio has my other phone tracked.” 

She immediately sent a text back saying okay, she will. I was still worried about her. She’d been through so much yesterday all because of me and I was surprised she was even still speaking to me. I had contemplated going over to her place but I felt that it would make Xander even more worried

With a heavy sigh, I went into the bathroom to wash my hands coated with paint. I stared at my reflection and noticed the eye bags underneath my eyes that had formed over time

I came back out and almost immediately my door creaked open and in 



Hundred and SixtySix 

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came Lisa holding a tray of different types of fruit in a bowl that had been cut up to smaller sizes. In the tray was a bowl of cream with fresh strawberries too. Sasha walked in almost as soon as Lisa did and 

grinned at me

Hey, Bella.She ran up to me and hugged me

How have you been?She asked as she pulled away to take a good look at me 

Pregnant.I joked as I rubbed my baby bump affectionately. Out of my peripheral view. I watched Lisa place the tray of fruits on my coffee table. Sasha laughed and hugged me again

Everything, alright with you?She eyed my face, probably noticing the eye bags under my eyes

Yesh, why wouldn’t it be?” 

Well, Blake said you’ve been acting strangeI told him it was probably hormones but he insisted for me to check on you.” 

That’s sweet of him but I’m fine. Just really tired from all the morning 


Ah, I see.” 

Sasha and I caught up on each other’s life. I didn’t bother telling her anything about Antonio. I couldn’t afford to endanger one more person in my drama

It was better she and everyone else were left in the dark until I could get out of the mess I had created by myself. I went down for dinner later in the evening and found the guys already seated

Hey,I waved at them as soon as I took my seat and they all answered in a very understanding tone. Where’s Alexander?I asked when

79 92


Hundred and SixtySix 

couldn’t find him anywhere in the dining hall

He asked for his food to be brought to his study?” 

Why?I asked, knowing it probably had to do with the way I’d ignored him earlier today

We were hoping you knew,Caleb said with a frown

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Feral Attraction A wild night with the Alpha by HB Temilorun

Feral Attraction A wild night with the Alpha by HB Temilorun

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: July, 10, 2023 Native Language: English
Isabella Rossi, a 20 year old girl always loved her man, Ryder. They have been together for three years, she never would've expected him to cheat on her, more so with her best friend. Angry and hurt, she went to a club where she met Alexander. Alexander Stone, was the Alpha of Silver Crest Pack. After schooling abroad most years of his life, he was ready to take up the Alpha position from his father. His friends had forced him to go to the club with them and that was when he met her - Isabella Rossi. Idiot, that was the first thing that came to his mind. She was too wild and she tempted him. He never would have thought he would find his mate in a club, men all over her. How long would he be able to resist her? And with danger and dark forces lurking around, would they be able to fight for their love and over all will they both be drawn into the everlasting darkness?

Feral Attraction A wild night with the Alpha by HB Temilorun

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