Feral Attraction A wild night with the Alpha by HB Temilorun Chapter 165

Feral Attraction A wild night with the Alpha by HB Temilorun Chapter 165

Hundred and SixtyFive 

Alexander’s POV 

I was worried sick after the interaction with Isabella earlier. Her attitude was a bigger indication that something was incredibly wrong with her and that she was not okay

Someone somewhere was threatening her and she definitely didn’t just go out.like she’d continued to insist. Who the hell goes out with three million dollars

She was hiding something big. I just wished I knew what had her so scared that she felt like she couldn’t tell me. She’d walked out on me trying to seem nonchalant but I had caught her eyes well up in tears as she walked away

It pained me that she thought she couldn’t tell me and I felt terrible that I hadn’t given her enough reason to trust me enough to tell me when she was in danger. I still suspected the Silver pack though but I couldn’t proceed without evidence

Hell, why wasn’t that woman telling me anything

I was restless. I had left after she’d walked out on me to try and get some work done but I had been staring at my screen for the past thirty minutes with zero work done

I sighed in frustration and held my hands in my head. I lifted my head and looked at my screen. Maybe Silas could help me hack her phone, I thought

I knew it was an invasion of privacy but I didn’t want it to be too late before I figured out what was wrong. I could not live with her being 

like this

open and in came Mason

Alpha, Isabella’s doctor is here to see you. Says it’s urgent.” 

I stared at him, confused for a minute. Isabella didn’t have an appointment until next week. Sure, send him in. Thank you, Mason.” 

Sure thing boss.Mason left the office and reemerged with Isabella’s doctor. The man had a pair of glasses on and looked so casual in his t- shirt and baggy jeans, that I almost didn’t recognize him if not for the glasses 

He bowed and I gestured for him to have a seat. You are welcome, Dr James.I greeted and he nodded with a smile

Thanks for having me, Alpha.” 

I’ll call Isabella down right awayI said and reached for my phone but was immediately stopped by the doctor

No, I specifically came to see you.” 

Me?I asked, confused

Yes, Alpha” 

Um, okay,I said and leaned back in my chair. What for, is everything okay with Isabella and the baby?I began to panic

That’s precisely what I wanted to talk about. It appears that Luna has been under a lot of stress lately and it’s affecting the baby. It actually may affect her when she’s about to put to bed.” 

I blinked, shocked. I’m sorry I don’t quite follow,I said

The Luna seems to bethinking a lot. Thoughts that may be causing 


an increase in her blood pressure. I don’t know what’s going on but you need to provide an environment of peace for her in order for her and the baby to be safe. If her blood pressure continues to increase, there’s bound to be worse complications.” 

I seeI mused as I vanished into my own thoughts

Please, make sure she’s not stressed.” 

I knew the doctor meant well but he’d subtly said we were having problems in our marriage which wasn’t completely false. Especially since Isabella refused to tell me the truth about her whereabouts yesterday

The doctor’s words made me even more scared that she had been lying to me for a long time now. The doctor left shortly after and I thanked him for his help

Bring Lisa to my study,I said to a guard and a few minutes later the guard emerged with Lisa who looked surprised and confused that I had summoned her

She bowed and I gestured for her to come in. Where’s the Luna?I asked immediately she was closer to my desk

She’s in the garden sir, painting,Lisa answered

Painting? That was even more odd. The last time she painted was when we had a fight a few months ago. She usually only painted these days when she was upset about something

Alright, has she had anything to eat today?” 

Yes sir.” 

What did she eat?” 


herself. I dismissed her immediately. She was already about to open the door when I called her right back. Yes, Alpha?” 

Have you noticed anything strange with Isabella lately?I asked, my gaze fixated on her. Anything at all?I added

She pondered my question for a moment before carefully answering. I’m only aware of her morning sickness and her constant mood swings sir,” 

Any other thing?” 

Not really.She shook her head

Apart from the fact that she’s usually agitated and a little paranoid, no.” 

Alright, thank you,I said, dismissing her

Do you want me to inform the Luna that you want to see her?” 

No, that won’t be necessary. Thanks, Lisa.” 

I had a feeling she wouldn’t want to talk to me right now anyway and even though I tried to ask her what was going on, she would just lie to my face again which was starting to hurt me more than I cared to admit

I needed to find out what the hell was going on with her. Something’s got her scared out of her mind and she didn’t want to admit it

I picked up my phone and dialed the only other person that had gone missing yesterday. Chloe.” 

Xander, hello.She said in a suspiciously highpitched tone




How are you and the baby, Chloe?” 

Oh, we are fineshe paused. This is a surprise, is something wrong?She asked

It depends on your answer,I said, standing up from my chair

Um, okay?” 

What happened to you yesterday? Why didn’t you get home that evening?I heard her take a deep breath. There was a long pause before she finally answered

I stopped by at my aunt’s house” 

And you couldn’t call Ryder to inform him?” 

I did but the network was bad. I slept off when he didn’t pick up,” 

So why did Isabella lie that you were staying over at the pack mansion, to Ryder when you had in fact left?” 

Maybe Ryder didn’t hear her right. I’m sure she meant I was probably at my aunt’s.All of her answers didn’t seem very plausible but they were passable enough to believe

Okay then, where did the both of you go yesterday and why didn’t you just go straight home to Ryder from your aunt’s place?” 

Well, Isabella and I were supposed to hang out yesterday so she just picked me up from my aunt’s” 

You are telling me nothing happened?” 

I found her words hard to believe. Why would she go to her aunt’s instead of her mate? And why did Isabella leave the house without her 

None of Chloe’s words were adding up

Yeah, we just hung out. We’d planned to do that the previous day” 

So why was she at the southern border near a cliff? That is an odd place to be hanging out, don’t you think?” 

We drove there by accident. We got lost as we were exploring.” 

Chloe, please tell me the truth. I can’t protect the both of you if I’m kept in the dark. If something happened, if someone is threatening the both of you, I need to know otherwise, I won’t be able to help. All I need is a name.I spoke into the phone, holding the phone more tightly than it required to be held

She let out an exasperated sigh before answering, I promise you, nothing happened.She said firmly this time

I still wasn’t convinced at all. Her words did not make any sense to me

Look Chloe, I didn’t want to use this card but Isabella and the baby are in danger due to some kind of emotional stress that she seems to be going through. If you know anything that can help, please tell me. For her safety and that of the baby’s.” 

The line went silent for several moments and just when I thought I wasn’t going to get an answer from her, she sighed

I promise, nothing is going on. We just hung out. I’ve told you all I know.” 

It felt like she wanted to say something but decided against it. Her long pause was an indication that something had indeed happened. I just needed to find out what and who was behind it and what the hell they wanted


With a heavy sigh, I nodded even though she couldn’t see me. 

Alright then, thank you,I said and hung up

I slammed my phone on my desk, tired of the lies. Whatever happened to Isabella and Chloe seemed to have scared them enough to be so adamant about wanting to keep shut

There had to be a way to find out what was going on. I just needed to find out

Feral Attraction A wild night with the Alpha by HB Temilorun

Feral Attraction A wild night with the Alpha by HB Temilorun

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: July, 10, 2023 Native Language: English
Isabella Rossi, a 20 year old girl always loved her man, Ryder. They have been together for three years, she never would've expected him to cheat on her, more so with her best friend. Angry and hurt, she went to a club where she met Alexander. Alexander Stone, was the Alpha of Silver Crest Pack. After schooling abroad most years of his life, he was ready to take up the Alpha position from his father. His friends had forced him to go to the club with them and that was when he met her - Isabella Rossi. Idiot, that was the first thing that came to his mind. She was too wild and she tempted him. He never would have thought he would find his mate in a club, men all over her. How long would he be able to resist her? And with danger and dark forces lurking around, would they be able to fight for their love and over all will they both be drawn into the everlasting darkness?

Feral Attraction A wild night with the Alpha by HB Temilorun

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