Feral Attraction A wild night with the Alpha by HB Temilorun Chapter 167

Feral Attraction A wild night with the Alpha by HB Temilorun Chapter 167



Hundred and SixtySeven 

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Hundred and SixtySeven 

Isabella’s POV 

Come on, say yes,Sasha shook my shoulders. We were in my bedroom the next day and Sasha was trying to persuade me to go shopping with her and Chloe

I really wish I could but I just don’t feel like it, at least not right now,I tried to reason with her. The last thing I wanted was to go shopping. I barely wanted people around me. Too much was at stake to be worried about clothing

Of course you do. Come on, it will be good for you. You’ve been cooped up in the house for weeks now, I’m sure that is part of the reason you are cranky these days” 

If only you knew. I thought. My crankiness had nothing to do with me being cooped up in the house. In fact, I left the house more often than I’d like due to Antonio’s stupid demands but I certainly couldn’t tell her that

I really don’t want to leave the house. I don’t think I can even stand for long.” I said as I rubbed my stomach. Maybe some other time when I’m less likely to keel over

If you are worried about standing for long then you can watch us shop when you are tired yourself. Come on, it will be fun and we can shop for clothes for the baby and shoes and some other stuff that he’d need.” 

I’m just not sure that’s the best thing for me right now. Why don’t you and Chloe go without me today?I encouraged but she shook her head vehemently. It didn’t seem like she would take no for an answer and I was getting more irritated by her insistence



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It won’t be as much fun without you, besides you need this more than we do. Just think about the thrill and excitement of getting new things, especially for the baby. Come on, say yes! Chloe will soon be here, you have to come along.She pleaded

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she was trying to kidnap me but I knew her all too well. She was just a bubbly person and just wanted to spend time with her friends which I craved to do too but with 

everything going on, I needed to think rather than shop. As great as shopping was, it wasn’t going to fix the fact that I was still under Antonio’s manipulation

I opened my mouth to try and refuse again when my phone pinged. I opened the message instantly and swallowed as I saw who the message was from. It was Antonio

Come meet me at our spot in fifteen minutes. Make sure you are alone.The message read boldly

Vaguely I heard Sasha say she was going downstairs to bring Chloe up and I nodded absentmindedly. I quickly shot Antonio a text that I couldn’t come out during the day and that he was being ridiculous and almost immediately he sent a followup text

Be here in fifteen minutes or your precious mate dies.The message followed a photo of Alexander’s car with a caption that read, There’s a bomb planted in his car as we speak. You disobey me and he gets blown to bits.” 

My stomach twisted and my heart began to beat in my chest. Surely he was bluffing, there was absolutely no way he had planted a bomb in his brother’s car but the more I thought about it, the more it was clear to me that he could in fact do just that

I wanted to call his bluff but I thought better. If he was showing me the picture of Alexander’s car then he’d actually planted a bomb, there was 

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Hundred and SixtySeven 

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no need to try and annoy him further. With shaky and sweaty palms, I shoot him back a text, telling him I’ll be there in twenty

She still doesn’t want to come with us, I’ve tried everything.I heard Sasha mumbling as she entered the room with Chloe

Sasha was holding little Xekey and cooing at him now as they both entered and I stood up before they could advance into the room any further. Hi, guys. I guess I can go for one shopping trip after all. said in a fake excited voice that was painfully noticeable

They both looked at me weirdly as I stepped forward. Sasha blinked, shrugged, and followed me

Glad you changed your mind!She said excitedly as she caught up with me

Yes, I didn’t exactly have a choice, I thought

I informed my driver to get the car ready and as soon as we got to the front door, within five minutes we were already in the car on our way to the clothing shop

We stopped in front of one of Chloe’s favorite stores and we all came down. The two women beside me were eager and jumping excitedly like bunnies while I checked the time anxiously

I didn’t want to be late to meet up with Antonio, not after what he’d said about Alexander who was in a meeting and had taken the exact car that Antonio had sent its picture, I shook in fear 

A shop attendant came to attend to us immediately we entered the store. She was a bubbly blonde with crystal green eyes

Good morning Luna, how can I help you?She said with a grin. You can take a look at” 



and SixtySeven 

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I tuned out the rest of her words and followed Chloe and Sasha to the sections they wanted to shop at. Uh, sure,I said to Chloe when she showed me a pair of jeans that apparently was made of a material that I had no idea of It’s cute,I said, barely glancing at it

It was around five minutes later and I thought it was the perfect time to slip out. I walked over to Sasha and Chloe who were busy admiring each other’s choices

Hey, guys I’m going to use the restroom.I walked up to them, exaggerating the urgency by jumping around to seem believable

They looked at me confused but nodded and went back to their shopping before I even turned around. I took the opportunity to leave the shop and met with my driver and guard

Something the matter, Luna?The guard asked as soon as I came out of the shop looking agitated 

I need you to drive me to the southern border,I said quickly

But, Lunahe began to protest

The Alpha knows!I said before he could begin to complain again

He still looked skeptical but I had already gotten into the car for him to protest again. He got into the car reluctantly and drove me down to the southern border in silence

Seven minutes later we were at the southern border. I came down from the car as quickly as I could and closed the door behind me

Listen, Marlow, I want you to go back to the mall now. I’ll find my way back.” 

His eyes widened in disapproval. The Alpha will not like that.He said, his gaze narrowing at me



Hundred and SixtySeven 

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Are you questioning me, Marlow?I asked in an authoritative voice that even shocked me

No, it’s just” 

Good, now go back to the mall and make sure you watch out for my friends,I said firmly 

He nodded reluctantly. I waited for him to reverse the car and leave before I climbed into the woods. I walked for five minutes before I found Antonio under a tree, his back to me

He turned around as if sensing my presence and gave me his signature creepy sweet smile as I approached him

I glared daggers at him as he walked towards me with measured steps, staring at my baby bump like a doting father when he was the farthest thing for one

Ah, the little pup is growing so fast.He said as he rubbed my stomach

Instinctively, I smacked his hands away, disgusted by his touch. I had the urge to find the nearest stream and wash his bloodstained hands off me. He just grinned in response.\

What do you want, Antonio?I gritted out

So straight to the point, whatever happened to pleasantries and greetings?” 

I scoffed, knowing this was some stupid tactic of his to get me -comfortable so he could ask me to do something ridiculous again

Do not tell me you called me out here in the middle of the day because you wanted to hang out with me?” 

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Hundred and SixtySeven 

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You are right, I didn’t.He said and whistled loudly like a gym teacher at gym class. I looked at him incredibly confused before my eyes caught two men coming from behind him

What is going on?I asked as I backed away

I guess you can say this is what I called you for.” 

I was about to run off when both men who were easily twice my size grabbed me by the hands

Let go of me,I yelled as I tried to struggle out of their ironclad grip

Now that’s a request my men cannot grant,Antonio said as he stroked my hair with a creepy smile on his face

What the hell do you think you are doing Antonio?I spat, my eyes blazing with anger

What I need to do.He said before straightening. Take her away looked up at his men sobering up


Let go of me!I yelled out as the men dragged me away. Holy Shit




Feral Attraction A wild night with the Alpha by HB Temilorun

Feral Attraction A wild night with the Alpha by HB Temilorun

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: July, 10, 2023 Native Language: English
Isabella Rossi, a 20 year old girl always loved her man, Ryder. They have been together for three years, she never would've expected him to cheat on her, more so with her best friend. Angry and hurt, she went to a club where she met Alexander. Alexander Stone, was the Alpha of Silver Crest Pack. After schooling abroad most years of his life, he was ready to take up the Alpha position from his father. His friends had forced him to go to the club with them and that was when he met her - Isabella Rossi. Idiot, that was the first thing that came to his mind. She was too wild and she tempted him. He never would have thought he would find his mate in a club, men all over her. How long would he be able to resist her? And with danger and dark forces lurking around, would they be able to fight for their love and over all will they both be drawn into the everlasting darkness?

Feral Attraction A wild night with the Alpha by HB Temilorun

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Title Name: Feral Attraction A wild night with the Alpha Author: – HB Temilorun Gener: Romance Publisher: Bookalb Ratings: 10.0 (Very Good) Language: English

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