My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband Chapter 1295

My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband Chapter 1295


Chapter 1295 

Nicolas chuckled and leaned in to whisper, I really think you’re cute.” 

Trisha wasn’t fat, she just had a small belly that was only noticeable when she sat down. Her arms and legs were lean and muscular, and her breasts and buttocks were plump. She usually wore casual clothes, so her figure wasn’t often on display

Even wearing this conservative onepiece swimsuit, when she had walked over, she had attracted quite a few glances

Trisha gave him a cold look. Why do you sound so weird saying that? Didn’t all your exgirlfriends have big breasts, tiny waists, and long legs?” 

Nicolas coughed, When I was young, my taste was rather superficial, but now I’ve matured.” 

Trisha only heard the first half

She thought to herself, he still likes bigbreasted women

Celeste saw there was a swimming pool on the side and wanted to go for a swim

As soon as Liam heard Celeste was going to swim, he immediately wanted to follow

Celeste said, You can’t swim. You’re going to watch me? You wait for me here, I’ll swim a couple of laps and come back.” 

Liam disagreed, You teach me.” 

Celeste looked at him, I said I would teach you before; didn’t you not want to learn?” 

Liam thought to himself, I can’t let other men hit on you just because I can’t swim, can I

But he said, It’s always good to learn a new skill. What if it comes in handy in the future?” 

Celeste thought about it and agreed

Learning new skills was always good. They couldn’t always go out and have her swimming and him watching on the shore, could they

So she said, Let’s go then.” 

The shallow end of the pool wasn’t crowded. Celeste got Liam warmed up on the shore, and then they got in the water

She got in the water first, then called Liam down

As soon as Liam stepped in, the feeling of drowning as a child suddenly flashed in his mind; he instinctively wanted to pull his foot back

Celeste held his hand and encouraged him. Take it slow, step by step. I’ll hold you.” 

He calmed down and slowly put the other foot in

For someone who was afraid of water, every step was difficult

However, with a loved one quietly encouraging you in front, everything seemed a little less scary

When Liam was fully in, he found the water in the shallow end was only up to his chest. His feet could even touch the bottom of the pool

Being able to touch the bottom makes people feel less scared

Liam got a confidence boost, let go of Celeste’s hand, and just wanted to take a few steps, but he slipped and fell into the water

Liam thought that touching the bottom was safe, but in fact, under the buoyancy of the water, people who can’t swim can drown even in one meter deep water 

Celeste reacted quickly. Seeing him fall in, she immediately dived in and pulled him out

Liam choked on some water, leaned on Celeste, and coughed for a long time. The sensitive skin on his face and chest all turned red from the coughing

Once he recovered, Celeste handed him a halfmeter tall, inflated flamingo, You’d better hold on to this and learn how to breathe properly first.” 

Liam took one look at this ugly bird and immediately showed disgust

Isn’t this for kids? I don’t want it?” 

Celeste shot him a glance, Only a newbie who can’t swim like you would need it. Not even a kid. Are you learning or ng17If you’re not, I’ll swim on my own, leaving you behind” 

Despite his reluctance, Liam found himself clinging onto the unattractive flamingo float

Then Celeste started to teach him how to breathe properly in the water

was extremely focused, but the moment his head submerged, he instantly popped up, complaining. Water got in my ears.” 

At first, Celeste comforted him patiently, but her patience gradually wore thin, As long as you don’t get water in your brain, you’re good! Are you learning 

or not!” 

Liarn was actually a bit scared. He didn’t want to learn, but he also wanted to stick around her. Just as he was thinking of a way to keep her by his side, a familiar voice.came from the side, Celeste, fancy a race?” 

My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband

My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: June, 21, 2023 Native Language: English
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My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband is a paranormal, conflict, literature and fiction novel in which a whole family suffers in husband and wife fighting.

My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband Summary

Celeste Campbell has just dropped a bombshell on social media on Valentine's Day: "Single and ready to mingle," she declared boldly, complete with a divorce certificate as proof. This move was as sudden and shocking as her unexpected marriage to the Reed family years ago, which sent shockwaves through her circle of friends.

My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband

But was Celeste playing with fire by making such a bold statement? Rumors have been swirling that her ex-husband, Liam Reed, is infertile, adding fuel to the fire of this scandalous announcement. And let's not forget that Liam Reed is no pushover - he's a cutthroat businessman who can bankrupt any media outlet that dares to cross him. Will he tolerate this brazen move from his ex-wife? Only time will tell. But just when you thought things couldn't get any more dramatic, a new account with Liam's avatar pops up, begging Celeste to take them off her blocklist! Watch drama unfold in this sensational new romance novel!

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Title Name: My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband Author: - Gener: Romance Publisher: Bookalb Ratings: 10.0 (Very Good) Language: English

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  There are onging novel pages in the book.  

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  This book is a Romance.  

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  Yes, it is also available as an audiobook. You can request us a copy or you can buy it from Audible. Ultimately, the decision of whether a novel is good or not is subjective, and what one person considers a good novel may not be the same for another.


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