Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson Chapter 5

Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson Chapter 5


Winona’s POV 

I experienced a rush of emotions upon hearing what he said. Depression, disappointment, rage, and dissatisfaction. I squeezed my hands into fists due to the overwhelming, sticky sensation of blood between my fingertips

What was wrong with me? Simply put, I was attempting to save the girl who had been the object of my mate’s obsession. Isabella would still have been spared if I had a second chance since it was my obligation as Luna

Is it a mistake to protect my pack member

NoI didn’t do anything wrong,I clenched my fists and mumbled. I felt worn out, defeated, and broken

How could you so quick to accuse me? We’re mate, and you know the truth! You know everything! Why are you so doubtful of me?” 

He may defend Isabella by using his position as Alpha. But he was unwilling to reveal the truth to back me

A lady with the devil’s mark is no longer deserving of being my mate and Luna, am I right, Winona?

The typical cool indifference in Benjamin’s words and face was replaced by utter loathing. Each word became a pair of blades that pierced my heart and soul

Almost instantly I understood his intention



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He knew the truth and he knew I’m innocent. He only intended to take advantage of the chance to deprive me of my authority and status as Luna

I, Benjamin Crimson….” 

My stomach sunk as soon as he started to speak

As the Alpha of the Lock Heart Pack, would like to reject Winona Granger as my mate and my Luna. She is no longer my mate as of this moment and she is no longer expected to be treated with the same respect as the Luna by all wolves.” 

I wanted to crumple to the ground as he finished. With a wave of his hand, two warriors came forward and seized my arms, dragging me away from Benjamin

My soul suddenly felt torn and emptied out. Benjamin’s rejection felt as if something was forcibly stripped from me. I clenched my jaw, riding the waves of pain and agony, and I realized what Sebastian had said was right

I was foolish to even attempt to please Benjamin. He could never be pleased by me. My mate hate me

After finishing his sentence, Benjamin glared ferociously at me, Bring her to the jail and put her away. Later, we’ll determine what to do with her

Two more warriors came toward me, each wearing chains and a metal collar. As they approached nearer, I noticed them hesitating, and I began to snarl my laughter

The warriors | trained were these ones. I was in charge of instructing and guiding them for all those years because I was 

Luna. I served as both their Luna and their leading Gamma



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When the situation suddenly changed, they were clearly unsure of what to do

I moved closer to them while observing the warriors flinch and retreat a short distance

One of them said nervously, Luna. Winona, I mean, don’t get any closer. I do believe you, I don’t want to cause you any pain.” 

When I moved a step more, the warrior was unable to 

complete his thought. He quickly backed off when he realized he couldn’t chain me up

I laughed uncontrollably. Pathetic. Despite the fact that I had given Alpha Benjamin my all, he treated me worse than these 

common warriors

When I extended my hand, they gave me a bewildered 

expression. But the warrior understood when I pointed to the chains. I started to bind myself after snatching the collar and chains out of his hands. My flesh was touched by cold metal, and then flames rushed through my body. I gritted my teeth and endured the discomfort

Go on and drag me to jail.I said flatly

I gave Benjamin one last glance before turning to leave. No one understood the prison’s location better than me after ten years of protecting it. When I took the lead, the warriors paused before starting to follow

I continued heading toward my captivity. I knew if I protested, Alpha Benjamin would grab me and beat me, which would only raise problems for my dear warriors. What’s more, my wounds were very bad. I was no longer strong enough to put 



up a fight

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I was prepared to accept my destiny. I had lost both my life and my mate. But it seemed like I never had his love anyway

The typical 40minute walk to the prison took me an hour due to my weariness and wounds. 1 entered the detention cell as instructed by the warriors, stumbling to find a seat on the chilly floor

When they shut the cell door, blackness engulfed the entire world

Good to see you, Winona.” 

Sebastian’s voice was suddenly sounded, seductive and ominous, like it was dripping with poisoned nectar

But he gave me a gentle smile as a greeting. His powerful, towering figure was covered in scarlet robes. He was attractive and lethal, with a pointed jaw, narrow lips, and golden eyes

I knew you will come. I’ve been waiting for you a while.” 

All of a sudden, his words made sense

You intentionally left the mark on me, didn’t you?” 

Winona,” he said, reaching out to stroke my cheek with his icy fingers. You are so smart. I know from the start.” 

How dare you! What are you expecting from me?I yanked my face away from his cold touch and scowled at him

Sebastian chuckled. He sounded as though he was going insane. His aura gently encircled me like a soft embrace while 



the noises reverberated off the walls

Winona, I want you.” 


He abruptly stopped laughing, and I was unable to figure out what he was saying in his voice. Sebastian exhaled deeply

I’ve been stuck here for so long, and you’re the only one who has been with me.” 

He spoke softly. He moved closer to me while inhaling deeply

I’ve been missing you. I want you to stay by my side always.” 

What a strange man! Does he think that I will fall into his arms now that I am rejected by my mate

I rose up and moved away from him by two steps. I’m never going to be with you!I almost screamed. You’re the devil!” 

He laughed louder, as if my statements were some stupid joke

A Devil?I could see the glint of rage in Sebastian’s eyes as he sneered. His golden eyes were fixed on mine when all of a sudden he seized my arms and shoved me up against the wall 

Am I a devil by birth?

Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson

Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson

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Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson Summary

Winona Granger trains herself day in and day out, guarding the demon in the prison, working for her mate. When she finally became Alpha Benjamin's Luna, she thought she had touched the gate of happiness. But this is also when Isabella shows up. She ruins everything. Being a sweet and innocen girl, Isabella has won the attention and support of every pack member including Benjamin. On the contrary, Winona, as Luna, is serious and even a little nerdy and boring. So when the challenge came, everyone betrayed her, they tortured her, cursed her, imprisoned her, even. . . kill her. Before dying, Winona answered the call of the Moon Goddess, and was given another chance. During her jorney, she met a he-wolf who help her and support her, whose eyes always made her feel familiar. Who is he? Was he her new mate? Given another chance, what would Winona do? Run away in terror? Or conducting crazy revenge and massacre? When the storyline restarts, will she discover the price of this opportunity? Read to find out.


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