Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson Chapter 1

Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson Chapter 1

Chapter 1 

Winona’s POV 

I refuse to give up my wolf.” My voice was stern, but I couldn’t care less. The thought of death didn’t scare me

Then I declare that you are sentenced to death for releasing the devil Sebastian and endangering Alpha’s heir.Alpha Benjamin said

He waved his hand, signaling the nearby executioner to do his job. The blackhooded man approached me with his silver sword

As my breath grew faster, I closed my eyes, giving my final words, I solemnly swear to the Moon Goddess that I’m innocent of betraying the Lock Heart Pack and endangering the heir. My death today is only due to false accusations and the foolishness of my Alpha!” 

Kill this hateful bitch! Now!Benjamin commanded in anger. I held my breath as the executioner lifted his silver sword and plunged it into my chest

My howl echoed through the air, so piercing that a few wolves had to cover their ears. The intensity of my voice made the surrounding trees rustle and startled the birds



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As my vision dimmed, darkness enveloped me, leaving me in a state of total blackness

I thought this was the end of the story between Benjamin, me and Sebastian, but I didn’t expect to see them again so soon… 

Only this time, they were not as I remembered them

A few days ago

Apologize, Winona!Benjamin roared. He held Isabella in his arms, her slender figure contrasting his imposing one

Stunned, I locked my gaze on Alpha Benjamin, disbelief across my face. His attention had only been on her since the incident, oblivious to my bleeding shoulder. Despite being his mate, he didn’t even care about my condition and demanded I apologize to Isabella

What for? I protected her, didn’t I?I exclaimed with frustration, lifting my gaze to meet Benjamin’s cold green 


Guarding the dungeon is your responsibility, Luna Winona,Benjamin retorted, averting his gaze from mine to look at Isabella tenderly. What were you doing? How could you let Isabella get hurt? You know she’s carrying my pup and is defenseless now, right?” 



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His words cut through me like sharp knives, causing my heart to ache with pain

Isabella, the mistress carrying my mate’s pup, somehow managed to sneak into the dungeon an hour ago, where I was assigned. It was the dungeon the devil Sebastian was being held. Whether she realized it or not, she had come dangerously close to releasing that fearsome and evil wolf

Fortunately, my wolf, Mia, sensed something was amiss and led me to the scene, allowing me to intervene just in the nick of time and stop her

Three enormous gray wolves appeared and used the chaos to try to free Sebastian. Their ferocious claws tore through my armor and ripped my shoulder blade, but I stayed in the fight. During the battle, I ensured Isabella stayed protected behind me though I thought it was unnecessary. Besides, the wolves never seemed to try to harm her

I’m fine, Ben. Please don’t be so angry,” Isabella whispered to Benjamin, her arms embracing his neck. It was an accident. Winona never intended to release the Demon.” 

Trust me, I’m alright,she said in a weak voice again and fainted in his arms a few moments later

Isabella? Isabella?Benjamin called worriedly as his expression turned alarmed



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She’s lying! I wouldn’t have done that! I was protecting her!I couldn’t contain my frustration and raised my voice

Shut up!Benjamin retorted with a cold tone. As Alpha, I order you to stay here and think about what you’ve done!” 

With Isabella in his arms, Benjamin glared at me before heading to the door. You may have been my Luna as the Moon Goddess wishes, but you have no right to do as you please. If you still choose to do so, I assure you there’ll be consequences.” 

I stood there, my gaze fixed on his back, feeling great disappointment and pain. The man didn’t even bother to ask about my wound. I was drenched in the blood of those gray wolves, yet he showed no concern whatsoever. His 

indifference inflicted more pain than the one those gray wolves gave me

I fixed my gaze upon the closed door, standing alone in the center of the desolate dungeon. My nails pierced my palms, and my knuckles whitened as my fists clenched

In a sudden moment of clarity, I released my grip

I never forgot where I came from. I’m Winona Granger, the Luna and mate of Alpha Benjamin of the Lock Heart Pack. The Moon Goddess bestowed upon the two of us the gift of mate bond. I could still recall the day we were bonded. It was the most blissful moment of my life



From the time I first laid my eyes on his, I was in love. We journeyed through life together, and he later became the most formidable Alpha among all the werewolf packs

In my quest to become a worthy Luna, I dedicated myself to studies and training under the guidance of the finest mentors. Eventually, his father, Alpha Leo, granted me the honor of becoming Benjamin’s mate. It was an opportunity I’d worked tirelessly for. Fifteen years of commitment and effort was finally paid off. I set incredibly high standards, striving to be the epitome of a Luna in every way. I was prepared to make any sacrifice necessary as long as it ensured Benjamin’s happiness

Everything was perfect until Isabella, a girl suddenly appeared and entered the picture

Isabella possessed a unique charm, a gentle sweetness, and an inherent innocence that set her apart from me. While my strengths lay in training and hard work, she effortlessly captivated the entire pack, including Benjamin, with only her beauty. He became enthralled and fixated on her, which resulted in his growing coldness and indifference toward me, his mate

Despite the situation, my love for Benjamin was unwavering. I held onto the belief that by striving to be the perfect Luna, I could reignite the passion we once shared. But now…. 

I sighed and sat on the ground feebly


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Winona, shift to your wolf form. Let’s treat your wounds,Mia, my wolf, reminded me

I relinquished control, allowing Mia to shift my body into a white wolf. She then lay on the floor, where she began licking my wound, cleaning and aiding in healing

Thank you, Mia,” I expressed my gratitude

I would’ve let Isabella die if I were you. She had no business in the dungeon! A spoiled bitch like her deserved what was coming!Mia growled. Her temper was notorious, and sometimes I had difficulty controlling her. I always suspected she possessed far greater strength than she revealed

Shush, Mia! People see her as a sweet woman, and everyone in the pack adores her. If she comes to harm, I’ll fail my duty and disappoint Benjamin.” 

Letting out a long sigh, I watched as my wounds gradually healed. I gently nudged Mia to the side to regain control of my body

Not yet, Winona. You’re injured and need rest,Mia resisted my wish to shift back

I pushed harder, determined to return to my human form. Don’t worry. After all, Sebastian can’t do anything to me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been assigned to be his jailor. I’ve better things to do, so let me shift back, Mia,I insisted



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Alright. Go ahead.Mia relented, and I returned to my human form. Once fixing my clothes, I stood up and entered Sebastian’s cell to check on the silver chains restraining The 


Oh? You’re hurt?Sebastian’s voice pierced through the darkness of his cell. Though I couldn’t see his expression, I knew he had to be smirking. His golden eyes, glowing in the dark, scanned me with malice

Good! With my jailor weakened, I might plan an escape and kill you later.” 

Even with all the chains binding him, the sheer of his fierce aura sent chills to my bone and made my heart drum faster

Shut up!I yelled

Winona, it’s foolish to try getting your mate’s affection back,Sebastian sneered, and his voice was full of wickedness as he continued, I have a better suggestion for you.” 

His voice grew wane as I tightened the chains restraining him, yet the devilish allure remained. What if you release me, and I’ll kill Isabella for you? You can have Benjamin all to yourself.

Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson

Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson

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Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson Summary

Winona Granger trains herself day in and day out, guarding the demon in the prison, working for her mate. When she finally became Alpha Benjamin's Luna, she thought she had touched the gate of happiness. But this is also when Isabella shows up. She ruins everything. Being a sweet and innocen girl, Isabella has won the attention and support of every pack member including Benjamin. On the contrary, Winona, as Luna, is serious and even a little nerdy and boring. So when the challenge came, everyone betrayed her, they tortured her, cursed her, imprisoned her, even. . . kill her. Before dying, Winona answered the call of the Moon Goddess, and was given another chance. During her jorney, she met a he-wolf who help her and support her, whose eyes always made her feel familiar. Who is he? Was he her new mate? Given another chance, what would Winona do? Run away in terror? Or conducting crazy revenge and massacre? When the storyline restarts, will she discover the price of this opportunity? Read to find out.


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