Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson Chapter 26

Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson Chapter 26

Chapter 26 

As you can see, I have a Goddess mark,I muttered. It occasionally displays some visions.” 

Visions? Similar to what

Something like,my tone grew shaky as I explained. A vision of Bash’s passing away flashed across my memory, then I trembled

I was unable to share it with him. I didn’t want to discuss my reincarnation with anybody, therefore if I informed them, I should clarify that matter to people

Yet regardless of whether I had discussed my prior life with him, how could I ever start to describe the events I had witnessed? Oh, and Bash, I witnessed your death. I apologize for it. That was my fault.He might think I was crazy, or even if he eventually 

understood me, Bash wouldn’t want to spend his time with me any longer

I’m originally hesitant to have a discussion on it,I eventually responded. “I truly apologize. I trust that my response is sufficient for the time being.” 

I understood that Bash intended to discuss with me additional inquiries since he seemed awkward

Simply trust me as I say that I think the Goddess mark will cause greater suffering compared to its actual value.” 

That had simply elevated matters more challenging. I was seeing vivid images of violent killings, then struggling more to maintain my privacy. Needless to add, whether I wasn’t killed by someone 



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until I reached legal adulthood, it would have to be considered something miraculous. I was never allowed to escape or at least had an easy time because of this mark

Bash seemed hesitant, nevertheless he decided to put things there for the time being, realizing I wasn’t feeling unwell this time

We arranged upon a fresh training program following our conversation, then Bash assisted me in returning back home. In order to provide my body, time to repair from the harm I had earlier caused, he had forbidden me to engage in any sort of workout and provided me with a rigorous diet for seven days. I gave the kitchens staff the menu, that was made by Bash, and instructed them to maintain it hidden from my mom in return for a salary raise

I was just resting in the bedroom for a couple of days, because of my required recuperation for seven days, until a little tap on the entrance was heard

Come in please,” I shouted

Gradually, the entryway widened, as a nervouslooking Lily entered. Until I eventually realized the time, I was initially unsure of the things she required. I was astonished that I had practically missed it

Miss, I apologize for the unexpected disruption. I’ve completed organizing the majority of the items you requested before, Lily stated as well as passed me one paper file

I gave them a glance while opening it. A variety of details, including a fake name, banking data, projected costs, along with contact data of a private investigator, were packed within. The Pl appeared to be somewhat experienced and was recommended by a nearby pack, that had used them during many important situations


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I nodded at Lily and told her, I sincerely appreciate every effort that she had put into. Lily merely nodded back at me with a worried expression

The PI anticipates fifty percent wage early,she hesitantly stated, concerned about how this information would affect me

It’s okay,I replied cheerfully, then she appeared to be relaxing slightly. I truly need you to conduct a few tasks so that he will get paid in about fourteen days.” 

I stepped aside and began rummaging among some papers inside my file cabinet, before I came up with the letter I had previously written. I gave it to Lily

You must perform this duty with the help of a trustworthy outsider. Ensure that they don’t have any connections with the Lock Heart which connect them to you or me as well.” 


Miss?She inquired and stiffened up once more

I neglected her difficulty and continued the information. Alpha Raymond Sullivan from the Hidden Moon pack must receive this message personally. Only him who will see it. It must be delivered immediately because the task is timesensitive.” 

Can you say the name again? They are unknown to me somehow.” 

It belongs to a huge pack living in the distant east as well, therefore I don’t assume you to be familiar with them,I remarked. In reality, they are pretty rich.” 

She grimaced. Therefore, Miss, do you approach them to provide funds?” 

Chapter 26 

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I chuckled. Stop being absurd. Like they will simply give away cash for nothing.” 

Sowhat?In thinking, she stumbled over her sentences

I give her a dazzling grin, that just appeared to make her feel uncomfortable

Obviously I’ve decided to do blackmail.” 

What? Kindly refrain from letting me act unethical, Miss,Lily stutteringly stated, moving her foot backwards

I relaxed her by raising my palms in the air

Calm down,” I sighed at the action and uttered. Actually, I’m helping them out.” 

She continued to exhibit extreme discomfort

Lily, you don’t believe me that much?I questioned

Lily didn’t say anything while she was still considering how to respond. Most likely, she was attempting to avoid offending me

Fine, you don’t need to reply my question,I chuckled. But you like to get rewarded for protecting the future of an innocent girl, right?” 

She paused for quite a moment to think before agreeing

Well, it’s not really that horrible. None of it can go incorrect I assure you. Kindly assure that Alpha Raymond receives the information as quickly as you can.” 

She took the letter off my grasp hesitantly

Chapter 26 

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Simply refrain from believing this as blackmailI reassured her by saying that. Just think of it as a way ofutilizing a circumstance for the sake of both sides… with the possibility of blackmail in the end.” 

That was the fact. All that I had said to Lily is accurate

nevertheless I attempted to keep my information to a minimum so that she wouldn’t be held responsible if something went amiss. In fact, Alpha Raymond had been in charge of a very rich pack beyond the eastern region. He did not conduct much business on our pack, therefore not many people here were aware of him

Yet I was aware of him. In my previous life, I had interacted with Raymond directly. He was a profoundly depressed old man, who gave no resistance, when asked to swear loyalty toward the Lock Heart. He imposed over the proceeds of taxation with no any objections, as though he had lost all will to defend

I dispatched several other Lock Heart investigators to infiltrate that pack, since I discovered it somewhat simple. I wanted to find out whether it was merely a sophisticated bait or not. As they revealed to me, the old man wasn’t really giving a damn because he was still affected by a horrible incident which occurred long 


A tragedy


Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson

Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson

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Winona Granger trains herself day in and day out, guarding the demon in the prison, working for her mate. When she finally became Alpha Benjamin's Luna, she thought she had touched the gate of happiness. But this is also when Isabella shows up. She ruins everything. Being a sweet and innocen girl, Isabella has won the attention and support of every pack member including Benjamin. On the contrary, Winona, as Luna, is serious and even a little nerdy and boring. So when the challenge came, everyone betrayed her, they tortured her, cursed her, imprisoned her, even. . . kill her. Before dying, Winona answered the call of the Moon Goddess, and was given another chance. During her jorney, she met a he-wolf who help her and support her, whose eyes always made her feel familiar. Who is he? Was he her new mate? Given another chance, what would Winona do? Run away in terror? Or conducting crazy revenge and massacre? When the storyline restarts, will she discover the price of this opportunity? Read to find out.


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