Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson Chapter 19

Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson Chapter 19




Chapter 19 

Was heignoring me

Bash?I called out again

At that moment, my father caught my attention with a concerned nod. I responded with a polite grin and waved at him, assuring him that I was fine

You should have informed me,” Bash finally responded, his voice rigid and devoid of emotion. Ahhe was upset with me for getting involved in the fight, considering the possibility of me becoming Benjamin’s future mate

You don’t understand that Benjamin couldn’t care less about me. You shouldn’t worry.” 

It’s not for you to decide what may or may not impact my pack!he yelled, finally turning to face me. His furious gaze triggered a memory of the flashback in the Abyss. It was a horrifying recollection that sent shivers down my spine. But it was just a feverish dream, right? There was nothing to be concerned about. It wasn’t even a real memory

Even if Benjamin doesn’t care,” he continued, are you suggesting that your father, the Beta, wouldn’t? Are you saying your pack wouldn’t mind if their Saintess perished because I foolishly allowed a child to get involved in a battle?” 

Saintess? The word sent a shudder through me. Only an hour had passed since I learned about the mark, yet the news had already spread



Moreover, it wasn’t even official yet, so what he said was baseless. However, he was right about my father. My father would have been furious with Bash and sought retribution. In the heat of the moment, I hadn’t considered it, as my sole focus had been on protecting Ava. I had to admit my own weakness and acknowledge that I wasn’t as strong as I had believed. From Bash’s perspective, I could perfectly understand why he was outraged

BashI’m really sorry,” I expressed sincerely

I want you to know that I truly th-” 

But before I could finish my statement, the door behind us swung open, and the Alpha made his entrance. It was none other than Alpha Leo, Benjamin’s father

All the people in the chamber bowed their heads in reverence, except for Bash, who, as a nonmember of the pack, was not obligated to show submission

We all awaited Alpha Leo to take his place in the center, on the grandest chair in the room

You may now raise your heads,” Leo instructed. Each person in the room lifted their gaze. In comparison to his son, Alpha Leo exuded a greater sense of kindness. He possessed a resolute and knowledgeable attitude, and despite occasional gruffness, he had an undeniable charm. His hair, similar to Benjamin’s, had turned gray with age, but his eyes were dark brown instead of green

Leo held a formidable reputation throughout the country, having never been defeated in combat. Consequently, many hesitated to provoke him. This ensured the enduring safety of the Lock Heart Pack over the years, as he generously rewarded and valued those who remained on his good side. I had always strived to maintain favor with him until the unfortunate incident that would claim his 



life in a few yearstime

It’s good to see you again, Winona. I wish we could meet under better circumstances,he greeted with a warm tone

Alpha, it is an honor to be in your presence,” I replied, bowing respectfully once more

I have always known that you have remarkable intelligence for your age, Winona, and I am delighted to see that you have also grown into a courageous fighter. The same goes for you, Bash. Our pack is indebted to both of you for your valiant efforts in rescuing Ava.” 

Our pack is your pack,Bash chimed in, employing a common phrase used among allied territories

Now,Leo continued, “we are pressed for time, and I need to hear the full account of what transpired. We have one of the four attackers imprisoned, but he refuses to tell any information.” 

Considering the amount of blood on Bash’s body, it was astonishing that someone is alive. If I had to make a guess, I would say that the captive in question is the massive brown wolf that gave Bash the most trouble. He seemed formidable and possibly even held a high rank.” 

I have been informed that Ava was ambushed in the woods. Winona, when you learned about the ambush, you willingly volunteered to aid Bash in her rescue. According to reports, both of you fought bravely.” 

Alpha, it is thanks to Bash that we are both alive today. Please give the credit to him.” 

Modest, aren’t you? I heard that even while your shoulder was 



Chapter 19 

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being viciously bitten, you managed to snap a wolf’s neck. That is commendable.” 

It was purely lucky that I was able to perform all those feats, but I refrained from correcting him

Now, please, provide me with the details,Leo urged, attempting to steer the conversation towards the crucial point

Winona, how did you come to learn about the ambush?” 

I had anticipated this question, but I still hadn’t formulated a suitable answer. I needed to provide a plausible explanation that wouldn’t raise further inquiries

The day before the ambush, I was in the woods and sensed the presence of others observing me. This thought troubled me and lingered in my mind until the next day. It wasn’t until the afternoon that I realized if they were warriors from our pack, they would have revealed themselves. The only plausible explanation was an imminent threat. Bash offered his assistance, knowing I would be unable to handle the danger alone. Luckily, we investigated the area at the right time, as Ava arrived shortly after and was subsequently attacked.” 


My father appeared perplexed by my words. Undoubtedly, he realized the inconsistency in my account, considering I have been with the family on the same night I mentioned being in the woods. However, I was silently relieved that he didn’t voice his concerns. With the recent mark on my body, he likely understood that it wasn’t the opportune moment to draw more attention to me

That’s an incredibly fortunate coincidence, indeed! We were lucky that you noticed before it was too late,Leo remarked. He then turned to face the ranked members standing beside him

288 Vouchers 

Have we made any progress in identifying who was responsible for the attack?he inquired

“None so far, Alpha,Jacob’s father, Gamma Oliver, responded. However, we are still interrogating the surviving wolf.” 

Leo let out a thoughtful sound. The truth was, I knew where the wolves had originated fromthe Bane Packand how they had ultimately been dealt with. Years later, during my junior year, I stumbled upon details about it while researching modern combat tactics in a war book, driven by my curiosity about the murder of a girl

Bash, Winona, did you witness anything during the fight that could provide insight into the culprits behind this?Leo asked

No, Alpha Leo,Bash promptly replied. However, I hesitated. While it was true that I hadn’t seen anything, I knew the answer

Winona?Leo probed, sensing my reluctance. I pondered the impact of revealing the information and concluded that disclosing the responsible pack wouldn’t cause harm. But as much as I desired to alter the future, I had to consider the potential consequences. There was always a risk that intervening might worsen the situation instead of improving it, especially given my newfound power. I still remained unsure if Bash would ultimately become the man I had seen in my vision. Hence, I needed to exercise extra caution

I did not witness anything, Alpha,I replied. However, if you’re interested, I have a theory.” 

Theories held greater flexibility than facts. It was entirely their choice whether to trust me or not


Please, go ahead,” he encouraged



I believe the Bane Pack is responsible,” I stated

That’s preposterous!Gamma Oliver exclaimed, raising his voice

Alpha, why are you even considering a child’s theory?he added

Like father, like son, I suppose. They were both too stubborn to see beyond their own perspectives. I understood why he was upsetI had accused an allied pack of a grave crime. However, to silence Oliver, the Alpha raised his hand

Explain more, Winona,he requested, a gentle smile gracing his face. I swallowed nervously and cleared my throat

We are all aware that the new Alpha of the Bane Pack recently ascended to power following his father’s demise. It’s no secret that he is still young and harbors ambitious plans for his newfound position. He has already demonstrated his instability. I believe he has grown dissatisfied with the alliance tax imposed on his territory, as his pack heavily relies on external resources. Their land is incapable of adequately sustaining all of its members. While we would need confirmation from the captive individual, I speculate that if we bring up the Bane Pack, we would swiftly obtain the answers we seek.” 

Uhuh! Winona, that is an excellent theory! I must confess that I’ve heard whispers about their pack’s discontent,Leo responded, his eyes gleaming with satisfaction. He then turned to address the elders and ranked members standing beside him

Any proposals on how we should handle the Bane Pack, assuming they are responsible?The council fell silent as everyone 

contemplated the best course of action

I have an idea, Alpha,Oliver spoke up at last. 



282 Vouchers 

Let’s hear it, then.” 


propose launching a fullscale assault. Their territory is small, with limited resources to defend themselves. It would be a straightforward task to seize their land and put an end to any doubts about our pack’s dominance. Also, this would send a message to other packs that might entertain the thought of rebellion.” 

Mmmm, yes, I can see how that might work,Leo mused, deep in thought

But, I would like to hear from the young lady and hear her perspective on the matter.” 

The Alpha fixed his gaze upon me. I could sense their anticipation mingled with curiosity

What do you think, Winona?Leo inquired. What strategy do you believe would be our best course of action if the Bane Pack is indeed responsible?” 

I was acutely aware of his intentions. This was a test, an assessment of my leadership qualities in light of the recent revelation about my new mark. He wanted to determine whether I would be a threat or an asset to the pack

The truth was, the question placed me in a difficult position, where I had to make a decision. My initial inclination was to simply let history unfold naturally. However, embracing Oliver’s reckless plan. would lead to the loss of certain pack members. Additionally, Elder Luke hadn’t devised the method that ultimately dealt with the Bane Pack until Oliver’s strategy was already halfway implemented. Many lives had been lost by the time the effective approach was adopted, as Oliver’s design failed to account for the terrain where the conflict would take place



Chapter 10 

1/ 288 Vouchers 

The second option was to inform them of a way to swiftly conclude this battle, thus sparing the lives of our pack’s warriors and innocent individuals on both sides. The main predicament I faced now was that choosing the second option would draw more attention to myself, further complicating an already challenging situation. It would also alert Leo to my capabilities, fueling suspicions about my Goddess mark. If he felt threatened, the circumstances could rapidly become perilous for me

Now, I was faced with a crucial decision: to prioritize my own safety or to prioritize the wellbeing of others

As a past Luna, I’m aware of what I needed to do.

Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson

Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson

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Winona Granger trains herself day in and day out, guarding the demon in the prison, working for her mate. When she finally became Alpha Benjamin's Luna, she thought she had touched the gate of happiness. But this is also when Isabella shows up. She ruins everything. Being a sweet and innocen girl, Isabella has won the attention and support of every pack member including Benjamin. On the contrary, Winona, as Luna, is serious and even a little nerdy and boring. So when the challenge came, everyone betrayed her, they tortured her, cursed her, imprisoned her, even. . . kill her. Before dying, Winona answered the call of the Moon Goddess, and was given another chance. During her jorney, she met a he-wolf who help her and support her, whose eyes always made her feel familiar. Who is he? Was he her new mate? Given another chance, what would Winona do? Run away in terror? Or conducting crazy revenge and massacre? When the storyline restarts, will she discover the price of this opportunity? Read to find out.


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