My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband Chapter 19

My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband Chapter 19

Chapter 19 

She checked her phone and found that apart from a Twitter direct message, only Trisha had sent her a WhatsApp message, asking her where she had gone and why she hadn’t returned

Celeste replied to her: [I’m with my mom.

Trisha quickly replied: [How’s she?

[About the same as before.

[Well, that’s good news. Maybe one day a miracle will happen, and your mom will wake up.

Hearing her comforting words, Celeste felt a little better: [Thank you for that. You can go to sleep first. I might be back a bit later.

[Alright, call me if you need anything.

Celeste sent her a love youemoji

Suddenly, there was a clicksound, and the surroundings lit up for a moment. Celeste turned sharply and saw a welldressed man a few steps away from her holding a phone, with the camera facing her. The man was staring at her as well

When she turned her head, the man seemed to be stunned, then smiled shyly

Celeste clenched her lips, walked up to the man, and snatched his phone. Didn’t anyone tell you? Taking pictures of strangers without permission is an invasion of privacy. Tell me your phone password.” 

The man looked a bit amused but still gave her a series of numbers, 0712.” 

After unlocking the screen, Celeste found only one recently taken photo, a night view of the building below, without her in it. There were only a few seconds between the flash and her snatching the phone, so the man had no chance to delete the photo. The only explanation was that he hadn’t taken her photo in the first place

Celeste felt a bit embarrassed and annoyed. How could she justify her overreaction

Just as she was struggling with how to make up for her previous impolite behavior, the man took the initiative to speak up, I’m really sorry, I just thought the night view downstairs was beautiful, and you misunderstood.” 

Celeste quickly followed his words, I should apologize, I was too sensitive. I’m really sorry.” 

She returned the phone to him, Your photos are really nice. Are you a professional photographer?” 

The man smiled and said, No, it’s just a personal hobby. I noticed you’re very sensitive to the flash, did something happen before?” 

Celeste wasn’t usually good at talking to strangers, but the man’s voice was gentle and pleasant, making her feel at ease. So, she couldn’t help but say a few more words, Actually, it wasn’t a big deal. I was once photographed by a street. photography team. They put the pictures online without editing, which caused me a lot of trouble. So I became more sensitive to these things.” 

No wonder,Mason Fletcher smiled. You have an outstanding appearance, so I can understand why the photographer didn’t edit the picture. Of course, that’s illegal.” 

Getting praised by others felt great, especially when it was such high praise. Celeste’s mood improved a lot because of it

Just as she was about to speak, Elaine called her. Celeste’s eyes lit up after hearing whatever was said on the other end. She quickly hung up and said to the guy, Thanks!She grabbed her clothes and bolted out like the wind

Mason stood there dumbfounded for a moment before laughing

When Mason returned to the hospital room, Nicolas was asking the nurse to be careful. Seeing Mason, he said, I thought you’d left me here and ran off. When you left, my foot was broken, and now that you’re back, my hand got stabbed by glass. Don’t you think you’re bad luck for me?” 

Mason patted him on the shoulder and said, Well, at least you injured your hand at a good time.” 

Nicolas was speechless

My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband

My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: June, 21, 2023 Native Language: English
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My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband is a paranormal, conflict, literature and fiction novel in which a whole family suffers in husband and wife fighting.

My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband Summary

Celeste Campbell has just dropped a bombshell on social media on Valentine's Day: "Single and ready to mingle," she declared boldly, complete with a divorce certificate as proof. This move was as sudden and shocking as her unexpected marriage to the Reed family years ago, which sent shockwaves through her circle of friends.

My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband

But was Celeste playing with fire by making such a bold statement? Rumors have been swirling that her ex-husband, Liam Reed, is infertile, adding fuel to the fire of this scandalous announcement. And let's not forget that Liam Reed is no pushover - he's a cutthroat businessman who can bankrupt any media outlet that dares to cross him. Will he tolerate this brazen move from his ex-wife? Only time will tell. But just when you thought things couldn't get any more dramatic, a new account with Liam's avatar pops up, begging Celeste to take them off her blocklist! Watch drama unfold in this sensational new romance novel!

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Title Name: My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband Author: - Gener: Romance Publisher: Bookalb Ratings: 10.0 (Very Good) Language: English

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  There are onging novel pages in the book.  

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  This book is a Romance.  

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  Yes, it is also available as an audiobook. You can request us a copy or you can buy it from Audible. Ultimately, the decision of whether a novel is good or not is subjective, and what one person considers a good novel may not be the same for another.


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