My Ex-Husband Pushed Me

My Ex-Husband Pushed Me Chapter 1

“Ah!! Help! It hurts!”

Along with the painful cries for help, more and more people rushed over from all around.

Arabella stood at the stairs on the second floor, staring blankly at Yao Leyi who was falling down, and then looked at her own hands, feeling at a loss.

Muttered: “How could…”

How could she fall down after being so good?

“what’s up?”

Today is the Fu family’s family dinner, and there are many guests. The guests who arrived surrounded Yao Leyi who rolled downstairs.

“What happened? How did you fall?”

“She, she…”

Yao Leyi endured the pain and looked towards the stairs on the second floor.

Everyone suddenly realized.

“It was recommended by Arabella!”

“Oh my God! Arabella, no matter how much you don’t like Le Yi, you can’t be so cruel! She is pregnant!”

“That’s right! Even if you are willful and domineering, you must have some restraint!”

“no no……”

Facing the accusations from everyone, Arabella turned pale and shook her head repeatedly.

She wanted to explain that it wasn’t her…she didn’t push!

However, no one was willing to listen.

“Step aside!”

A deep male voice split the crowd, belatedly arriving.

It was Shane Watson , Arabella’s newly married husband less than two months ago.


Arabella was overjoyed and was about to ask him for help.

However, Shane Watson suddenly raised his head and his dagger-like eyes fell on her. “You did a good job!”

“No!” Arabella was stunned and shook her head repeatedly, “It’s not me…”

“If it’s not you, then who is it?”

Shane Watson didn’t believe her at all, his handsome face was full of disgust and hatred for her!

“Could it be that Le Yi jumped down on her own? Is there anyone who doesn’t know how domineering you are and how you bullied her overtly and covertly? Do you need me to give you an example one by one?!”


Her husband’s ruthlessness left Arabella speechless and speechless.


Yao Leyi held her stomach in pain and leaned into Shane Watson’s arms, breathless, “Hanjiang, it hurts, I feel so much pain!”

“Leyi, how are you?”

At this time, Mrs. Fu also rushed over, “What happened?”

“Ah! It’s blood!”

Suddenly, someone screamed.

“She’s bleeding!”

I saw a pool of red blood slowly spreading under Yao Leyi’s body, getting bigger and bigger.

“Hanjiang!” Yao Leyi crawled into Shane Watson’s arms in fear, wrapped her arms around his neck, and sobbed, “Oh, oh, child, my child…”

“Don’t be afraid!”

Although he said this, Shane Watson’s face did not look good, and he panicked.

“We’re going to the hospital right now!”

He hugged Yao Leyi horizontally, and the moment he raised his eyes, he fiercely gouged Arabella.

“You’d better hope the kid is okay! Otherwise…”

Before he finished speaking, he hugged the person and turned around and left.

The most important thing right now is Yao Leyi and her child!

Fu Mingzhu glanced at Arabella, frowned and shook her head, but stopped talking, “Xiangsi, you… you!”


As soon as Arabella opened her mouth, the old man turned around and left.

In an instant, the guests dispersed.

No one cares about her.

Arabella was confused and didn’t know how she got back to the room.

She was waiting for Shane Watson to come back. She did not push Yao Leyi. She wanted to explain clearly to him..

Time passed by, it was late at night, and he never came back.

When it was almost dawn, there was movement downstairs.


Arabella jumped up from the sofa and rushed out of the room.

When I reached the stairs, I paused.

“Grandma, I want a divorce!”

Shane Watson ‘s voice was icy, cold and decisive.

“you come back!”

Mrs. Fu grabbed her grandson and shouted.

“What nonsense are you talking about? I promised Grandma Xiangsi to take good care of her. You have just got married and you are going to divorce. She has just turned twenty. You are forcing her to death!”

“I forced her to death? Ha!”

Shane Watson sneered, his narrow eyes showing coldness.

“Grandma, Le Yi’s child is gone! That’s the eldest brother’s bloodline! But Arabella is alive and well! Who forced whom to death?”


“I was unwilling to marry her in the first place, but you forced me to marry her!”

Shane Watson was extremely impatient, as if he couldn’t bear their marriage for one more second.

“If she can make you happy, then I’ll admit it! But now, I can no longer accept such a wife!”

“If I continue, I’m afraid I won’t be able to control it, and I don’t know what I’ll do to her!”


Mrs. Fu was frightened and grabbed her grandson.

Thinking about the great-grandson who had just died, I gritted my teeth.

“That’s good, I won’t let you see her! I’ll send her abroad and keep her far away from you, okay?”

After a long silence, Shane Watson took a step back and said, “It’s up to you!”

Arabella turned around sharply and ran back to the room. The moment she closed the door, her body softened and fell to the ground.

Almond eyes widened, tears falling down.

“Hanjiang, Hanjiang…”

She didn’t know that he hated her so much! He was forced to marry her!

She really doesn’t know…

Her parents died young and she was raised by her grandmother. When she was fifteen, her grandmother died in a car accident and she became an orphan.

Because grandma and Mrs. Fu were handkerchiefs, Mrs. Fu adopted her.

Mrs. Fu loved her very much and always said to her, “When Xiangsi grows up, how about being grandma’s granddaughter-in-law?”

Arabella replied sweetly: “Okay.”

So, marrying Shane Watson and becoming his wife became her dream!

There was only one Shane Watson left in her world. She studied for him and dressed up for him. She followed him all day long and did not allow any woman to get close to him…

She is his fiancée and he is hers!

But it turns out that it was all her wishful thinking…

He said she was domineering and said he didn’t want to see her again!


Covering her mouth, Arabella burst into tears and burst into tears.

Boom boom.

There was a knock on the door.

“Acacia, are you awake?” It was Mrs. Fu.

“woke up!”

Arabella quickly wiped away her tears, got up from the ground, straightened her hair, and opened the door.

Trying to force out a smile, “Grandma.”


Fu Mingzhu looked at the girl in front of her, her eyes were red and swollen, she had obviously cried all night.

But thinking about the mistakes she made, Fu Mingzhu couldn’t forgive easily.

Fu Mingzhu sat down on the sofa and said, “Sit.”

“Grandma.” Arabella already knew what she was going to say.

Moreover, she was sensitive to the fact that her grandma’s attitude towards her was different from before.

Fu Mingzhu said, “Didn’t you say you wanted to study abroad before? In this way, grandma will make arrangements for you, and we will go as soon as possible.”

This is to send her away!

Arabella lowered her eyes and tears fell again.


Fu Mingzhu couldn’t bear to see it. She really loved Arabella.

But Yao Leyi is still lying in the hospital, she has to give her an explanation!

The old lady sighed heartily and said.

“From now on, please change your temper. Sometimes, you are indeed too willful. Whenever a woman comes near Hanjiang, you will make trouble.”

“There are some things that grandma can just turn a blind eye to and forget about it. But why are you so jealous of Le Yi? She is your eldest brother Hanchuan’s unmarried daughter-in-law!”

Arabella opened her mouth and choked with words, “Grandma, I…”

Even grandma, don’t you believe her?

“Pack up and get ready to leave.”

Mrs. Fu stood up and glanced at Arabella.

“Okay, once you change everything, grandma will send someone to pick you back up. Huh?”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Arabella stood up quickly and bent down to see him off.

“Grandma, walk slowly.”

She stood there as if she had lost her soul.

But suddenly, a strong feeling of nausea came up in her stomach, and she wanted to vomit.


Arabella covered her mouth and rushed into the bathroom.

My Ex-Husband Pushed Me

My Ex-Husband Pushed Me

Status: Ongoing

My ex-husband pushed me


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