Fleeing the Gilded Cage: Don’t Want to be the Billionaire’s Wife Chapter 44

Fleeing the Gilded Cage: Don’t Want to be the Billionaire’s Wife Chapter 44

Chapter 44: The Only Breakthrough 

Just minutes after Martina had left, Benjamin woke up and felt somewhat annoyed that he had actually fallen asleep on this bed. Given his personality, this was something that 

should never have happened. 

Perhaps it was because this bed still carried a faint scent of Martina that he had 

unknowingly drifted off to sleep. 


Not sure if it was an illusion, but Benjamin had a feeling that Martina had just been 

However, when he opened his eyes, there was nothing before him, let alone the figure 

of Martina. 

Rubbing his temples, Benjamin felt a growing headache. 

He stood up and straightened the almost non-existent wrinkles on his clothes before 

slowly leaving the place. 

Meanwhile, Martina got on a taxi on the road and hurriedly left. 

Fortunately, Benjamin didn’t wake up too soon. Otherwise, he would have locked eyes 

with Martina for sure. 

It was also fortunate that the people who had been guarding the place gradually left to search for information elsewhere. Otherwise, Martina wouldn’t have been able to leave so 


Martina was now even more uncertain about where she should go, feeling that no place 

was safe. 

Since Benjamin was able to discover her location in such a short time, if she hadn’t cleverly hidden under the bed, she would have been truly in danger. 

After considering her options, Martina decided to take a risk. The current city she was in was already a coastal area. 

If she took a little risk to leave by sea, she should be able to quickly distance herself from Benjamin and make it difficult for him to find her for a while. 

However, this way was also riskier. If Benjamin suddenly realized it and quickly. 

identified her, she would be immediately targeted. 

After careful consideration, Martina finally decided to give it a try. 

Since she wanted to take a ship, she would normally need to use her ID to purchase a ticket, but Martina didn’t plan to do it that way. 

If she were to use her ID, Benjamin would definitely be able to track her. 

For the sake of safety, she decided to take a risk and see if she could sneak onto the 

ship, even if she had to pay the fare later. 


With these thoughts in mind, Martina moved immediately because she knew that the current city district was no longer safe. 

Benjamin would undoubtedly continue searching for her based on the clues, and finding her was only a matter of time. 

Martina had become even more cautious in her hiding, wearing a mask, sunglasses, 

and a cap to conceal her identity. 

However, despite her efforts, her graceful figure still attracted attention from others. 

Fortunately, those people didn’t say anything or approach Martina, or else it would have 

been truly dangerous. 

Arriving at the dock, Martina tried to buy a ticket with a fake ID, but as expected, she 


While she was thinking how to sneak onto the ship, he suddenly noticed several people moving back and forth near the dock. 

Their gaze frequently fell on the people passing by, and they held what looked like. tickets or documents in their hands. 

Something came to her mind. Her eyes flashed, and she quickly rushed in that 


“Hello,” she said, deliberately catching the attention of one of the individuals. 

As soon as a man saw Martina, he smiled with delight and said, “Hello, Ma’am. What can I do for you? Are you looking to buy a ticket? I happen to have some extra tickets here, and they’re priced at half the rate of the ticket counter. Would you like to buy from me?” 

Martina was looking for this, so she agreed, “Of course, but… do I still need to undergo an identity check?” 

The person turned out to be a scalper, and he shook his head. “No need for that. I have people on this ship. Just bring this ticket and tell them it’s from Anonymous D. They won’t 

check more.” 

Martina was more delighted. It was true that there’s always a way out. She quickly followed the scalper’s instructions, paid for the ticket, and boarded the ship immediately! 

Meanwhile, Benjamin checked the nearby areas on his phone map, looking for potential 

hiding places. 

This area was mostly coastal, with the majority being sea. If Martina wanted to escape from this place once and for all and avoid being discovered by him in advance, there was only one possibility. 

Benjamin seemed to have figured something out. He tugged at his collar and then instructed Simon at the door, “Head to the dock!” 

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However made this was the only breakthrough! 

Through the wt inactions Lesle no longer saw Martina as the useless person she used to be Just her counter surveillance and hiding abilities alone have left many people in the dust 

They quicky got into a car and headed towards the dock 

Benjamins heart was racing it must be said that their minds were truly in sync, which allowed them to calculate so accurate 

At this moment Martina had successfully boarded the ship 

As the ship started sailing her previously anxious heart gradually calmed down. 

Due to the rushed escape, she hadn’t even had a chance to see where the ship’s 

destination was 


But the destination didn’t matter, there would be other opportunities for docking after 

She didn’t care where she ultimately ended up, as long as she was not found by 


They’ve come this far, and there was no way she could go back without making any 


However, just the thought of Benjamin personally coming here to search for her. presence unsettled Martina’s heart. 

Why did he come? What kind of mindset did he have? 

Based on his tone, did he deeply resent her impulsive decision? 

Perhaps once he saw her, he would immediately become angry with her. 

Thinking back to every previous encounter, no matter how angry she was, as soon as Benjamin showed a hint of displeasure, she would surrender. 


Fleeing the Gilded Cage: Don’t Want to be the Billionaire’s Wife

Fleeing the Gilded Cage: Don’t Want to be the Billionaire’s Wife

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: June, 20, 2023
Read Novel Fleeing the Gilded Cage: Don't Want to be the Billionaire's Wife is an interesting story about Martinez and Benjamin. Description After Martina Martinez and Benjamin Walker's breakup, paparazzi captured photos of the business tycoon entering the Walker family mansion with a mysterious woman late at night. This caused a stir, and this wealthy family was bombarded by various media outlets. During a phone interview, the gossip reporter asked, "Miss Martinez, how do you feel now that Mr. Walker has a new girlfriend?" Martina held her painful forehead and looked towards Benjamin, who was adjusting his suit by the floor-to-ceiling window. He gestured for her to come over and help him with his tie. Holding her phone, Martina responded, "It's... complicated!" The reporter's heart leaped with joy and asked, "Is it heartbroken?!" Martina was about to nod, but Benjamin raised his eyebrows and took her phone away. His deep and alluring voice was heard on the other end of the line, "New girlfriend? Whose?"

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