The Amnesic Genius Ex-wife chapter 154

The Amnesic Genius Ex-wife chapter 154

Chapter 154 It Might Really Be Dangerous


Radley said coldly, “Put the matters of the company aside for now. From now on, focus on investigating this case. And tell Owl to come back.”

Connor’s heart skipped a beat. “Yes, sir!”

Over the next two days, Matthew, Radley, Isabella, and the others went to the hospital several times but were stopped by the Kaufmanns’ bodyguards at the door,

This time, Braxton didn’t even show up because the Kaufmanns had completely surrounded the small building.

The defense was tight to the point where not even a fly could enter.

There were also many media reporters who wanted to secretly check on Freya’s condition. Now, Freya was not only the young miss of the Kaufmann family but also a popular beauty blogger with millions of followers and a huge fan base online.

The reporters wanted to get an exclusive, but they all returned empty-handed.

After all, the authorities in Caltun also had their eyes on the incident involving Freya. After all, it had been many years since anyone dared to use firearms so brazenly in Caltun!

Even after three days had passed, Radley and everyone else still went to the hospital every day. Even if they couldn’t see anyone, they would wait in the courtyard for a while.

Whether it was the authorities, the Kaufmanns, the Hoods, or even the Monaghans, they were all secretly looking into the mastermind behind this incident.

Unfortunately, most of the surveillance cameras near Moonshine Garden were damaged, so there was no way to see the situation that night at all.

Moonshine Garden was a big place, with some edges directly adjacent to the suburban woods where there were no surveillance cameras.

There was a heated discussion online about this incident, but then it was quickly taken down from the trending topics.

Only her fans in DiligentFrey’s dedicated livestream were still waiting and praying every day for Freya to recover.

Rosie paced anxiously in the living room of Monaghan Residence.

It Might Really Be Dangerous

When Daniella came out from the inner room and saw Rosie’s anxious appearance, her eyebrows pulled together into a frown.


“What’s wrong? You look restless. Did something happen?” Daniella asked, her expression


Rosie glanced at Daniella and forced a smile. “It’s just that Radley hasn’t come home rece Mom. I was thinking of calling him.”

She knew how much Daniella cared about Freya. If she let Daniella know that Freya was on the verge of life and death, Daniella just might fall ill from worry before anything even happened to Freya!

Evergreen University at 10:30 a.m.

Hannah went to Melissa, who hadn’t been coming to school these past few days, after finishing a class.

Hannah was worried about Freya’s safety. She had also been to the hospital a few times, but she was stopped outside every time. When she called her brother, he would tell her not to go.

When she saw Melissa in the distance, she quickly called out, “Melissa, wait!”

Melissa stopped in her tracks, and her eyes flickered when she turned around and saw Hannah running toward her in a hurry.

Hannah caught up to her and blurted out, “Melissa, I have something to ask you!”

Melissa bit her lip. “You want to ask about Frey, right?”

“Yes! How is she?” Hannah had just uttered those words when she saw tears welling up in Melissa’s beautiful eyes and falling like beads off a broken string!

Melissa looked as though she had been suppressing her emotions for a long time.

Seeing her cry, Hannah felt her heart sink along with Melissa’s tears!

“Don’t cry! How is she now?” Hannah’s voice trembled.

Melissa gritted her teeth. “My sister is in terrible condition, Hannah. Please don’t ask about this. The family has discussed it, and we can’t talk about it for now.”

Goosebumps immediately crawled all over Hannah’s body!

What does she mean they can’t talk about it?

As someone from a prestigious family, she knew what this meant.

It Might Really Be Dangerous

Could Freya be on the verge of death?


Hannah balled her fists tight. She had just started to see Freya as her sister-in-law again, and they were family!

Her voice shook as she continued, “Don’t cry first. How is she now?”

Melissa didn’t say much but sobbed softly. “Hannah, please don’t ask about this for now. I don’t feel right telling you the details after such a big incident. In short-

Melissa sobbed silently and didn’t continue speaking. Instead, she turned around and left.

Hannah wanted to stop her, but now was not the time to comfort her.

She could only watch Melissa leave, her lips pressed together anxiously as she paced back and forth in the corridor!

Hannah didn’t have any more classes today after the few important ones she had. She hesitated for a while in place before deciding to immediately return to Monaghan Residence.

After returning home, she hurriedly went to Rosie and told her the news she had learned from Melissa.

Filled with anxiety, she clasped her hands together and choked, “Mom, judging from Melissa’s reaction, Freya is probably seriously injured. And from the news I saw online and the photos that were leaked, Freya’s car was covered with bullet holes! There were so many bullet holes… The car is completely unrecognizable. Even the entire windshield was shattered and the modified parts have been destroyed. Freya… might really be in great danger.”

Rosie’s face darkened. “Those unscrupulous bunch of assassins. The law means nothing to them!”

Rosie had accepted Freya as her daughter-in-law. She wore a worried and anxious expression on her face, but for a while, she didn’t know what to do.

“Mom, I heard that Freya’s brother doesn’t allow visitors! Why don’t you go see her tomorrow? After all, you are an elder, and Braxton might not be able to stop you at the door!” Hannah worriedly suggested.

Rosie shook her head with a heavy expression. “Freya is now the president of Kaufmann Group. In other words, she is in charge of managing some of the Kaufmann Group’s affairs, including the redevelopment project in West Geft, which is an official project. If something really happened to Freya, this project will definitely be greatly affected. He won’t let anyone see her! This must be the reason Melissa said that the family has discussed it and decided to keep it from the public,” she explained, and her heart gradually sank. From the looks of it, Freya was definitely not doing so well.


Tears welled


in Hannah’s eyes as a sense of sadness washed over her.

“Mom, we should tell Radley about this,” she sobbed.


Rosie clenched her hands tightly. “You go and tell him. He must be distressed now.” She felt uneasy and worried after knowing that Freya had gotten involved in such a big incident.

She didn’t forget to remind Hannah, “Just don’t let your grandmother know. She can’t handle this news right now!”

Hannah grew concerned at that. “It will be the weekend in two days. Freya and Grandma agreed that Freya would come to visit Grandma every week. What excuse should I give for her not coming this weekend?”

“I will figure out a way to hide the truth from Grandma when the time comes. You just need to tell your brother what you know,” Rosie reassured her.


The Amnesic Genius Ex-wife

The Amnesic Genius Ex-wife

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: July, 6, 2023 Native Language: English
The Amnesic Genius Ex-wife - Radley Monaghan was an absent husband during their two-year marriage to Freya Kaufmann. On the same day that he initiated their divorce, Freya was involved in a car accident that caused her to suffer from memory loss regarding her traumatic marriage. When she regained consciousness, she reverted to being the spoiled daughter of the prestigious Kaufmann family, no longer living in hiding as a humble housewife because of her love for the high and mighty Radley. Freya sought vengeance on those who had wronged and harmed her. She stood up for justice and didn't tolerate bullies. She chose her career over love and stood alongside Radley in the business world as a professional, shining ever so brightly. Radley was surprised and regretful as he had never seen these sides of Freya before. Little did he know, he would uncover more and more of the hidden identities of his ex-wife.
The Amnesic Genius Ex-wife
The Amnesic Genius Ex-wife novel is a Billionaire story: Radley Monaghan was an absent husband during their two-year marriage to Freya Kaufmann.

Summary Chapter 1 You Can Have as Much Money as You Want

Late at night, Freya Kaufmann was already sound asleep when she suddenly felt her clothes being pulled off. She opened her eyes with fright. It was Radley Monaghan, her legal husband. The man's expression remained cold as usual. Even though they were doing the most intimate thing together at the moment, he couldn't even spare a gentle expression for her. They had been married for two years, but the number of times where he had come home had not exceeded ten. Freya's face turned pale. She bit her lips as she tried to recall her memories, but her consciousness gradually dissipated. She eventually passed out under Radley's unrestrained plunder.

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