My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband Chapter 109

My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband Chapter 109

Chapter 109 

That seemed to be the only similarity between the two reactions. 

The doctor noted this down in the medical record and said, “Perhaps that’s the reason. It’s fine to continue stimulating her this way, but don’t do it for too long. Keep an eye on her condition when you play the tapes, and notify us immediately if there’s any reaction.” 

“Alright, thanks” Celeste said. 

After the doctor left, Celeste took a close look at the cassette. 

The tape was pretty old, and most of the words on it were blurred. 

“Do you remember which tape was playing last time my mom had a reaction? Celeste asked. 

“I really can’t remember, but I do recall the tune. Let me hum it for you,” Elaine said. 

Celeste was eager to hear it. 

After Elaine finished humming, she quickly asked, “Did you recognize it? I remember this tune so clearly!” 

Celeste remained silent. 

Elaine had only hummed a couple of notes, and they didn’t seem to be in tune at all. 

Having been with Caitlyn for so many years, Celeste had listened to most of these tapes, but she couldn’t figure out which one Elaine was trying to sing 

Not wanting to burst Elaine’s bubble about her sense of pitch, Celeste said, “I don’t think I’ve heard this part before.” 

Elaine was very enthusiastic, “Maybe I didn’t hum it well enough. Let me try again!” 

“No need,” Celeste put the tape on the table and turned to Elaine, “From now on, play these tapes in order and see which ones my mon reacts to. Then focus on those.” 

“Sure.” Elain said 

Celeste spent the night on the accompanying bed Elaine got for her. The hard folding bed made her bones ache all over. 

The next morning, she got up before the sky was fully lit 

She went downstairs to get breakfast for Elaine, gave her some instructions, and then took a cab. Her phone wasn’t working, so she couldn’t stay here all the time. 

When she returned to the villa, it was just past six o’clock. 

It was the weekend, and at this time, Liam would usually be resting, and the housekeeper would be out shopping for groceries. As expected, there was no one in the living room when she entered. 

She changed her shoes, tossed the bag containing the gown on the couch, and went to the kitchen to find something to drink. 

The hospital room was stuffy, and her throat was dry when she woke up. Celeste took a bottle of water from the fridge, and took a big gulp. She closed the fridge, only to find herself face to face with Liam’s gloomy expression. 

She was startled, and the water in her mouth sprayed out, choking her and making her face turn red. 

“Why don’t you make any noise when you walk?” Celeste glared at him. 

Liam looked at the clothes she had taken off and said solemnly. “Where did you go last night?” 

Celeste replied casually, “A friend’s house.” 

“Which friend?” Liam obviously didn’t believe her, “Besides Trisha, who else do you know in J City?” 

Celeste was in a bad mood. Liam had left with another woman without giving her any explanation, and now he had the nerve to ask her? 

She said nonchalantly, “I have so many friends. It’s just that you only know about Trisha.” 

Liam was silent for a moment and then asked, “Why didn’t you call home if you weren’t coming back?” 

“My phone is broken.” Celeste said. 

That was a perfectly reasonable excuse. 

Liam was irritated by her attitude, and his voice became deeper, “Doesn’t your friend have a phone? Is it that hard to make a call?” 

My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband

My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: June, 21, 2023 Native Language: English
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My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband is a paranormal, conflict, literature and fiction novel in which a whole family suffers in husband and wife fighting.

My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband Summary

Celeste Campbell has just dropped a bombshell on social media on Valentine's Day: "Single and ready to mingle," she declared boldly, complete with a divorce certificate as proof. This move was as sudden and shocking as her unexpected marriage to the Reed family years ago, which sent shockwaves through her circle of friends.

My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband

But was Celeste playing with fire by making such a bold statement? Rumors have been swirling that her ex-husband, Liam Reed, is infertile, adding fuel to the fire of this scandalous announcement. And let's not forget that Liam Reed is no pushover - he's a cutthroat businessman who can bankrupt any media outlet that dares to cross him. Will he tolerate this brazen move from his ex-wife? Only time will tell. But just when you thought things couldn't get any more dramatic, a new account with Liam's avatar pops up, begging Celeste to take them off her blocklist! Watch drama unfold in this sensational new romance novel!

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Title Name: My Rich Hot and Infertile (Or Maybe Not) Husband Author: - Gener: Romance Publisher: Bookalb Ratings: 10.0 (Very Good) Language: English

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You can read free all chapters from the bottom of the page. All chapters is attached and you can also request the book in any other format.

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  There are onging novel pages in the book.  

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  This book is a Romance.  

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  Yes, it is also available as an audiobook. You can request us a copy or you can buy it from Audible. Ultimately, the decision of whether a novel is good or not is subjective, and what one person considers a good novel may not be the same for another.


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