My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2204

Katrina was no longer in any mood to work. One hour after Josephine finished
presenting the news, Katrina dialed a number and said to the person, “You can take
action now.” The person replied, “Alright. I’ll upload the photos right away and spend
some money to promote the news.”
Katrina curled her lips. Her first step was to upload photos of a female model whose
face had been changed to Josephine’s. Although the face was blurred, she believed
the netizens would soon make out the woman was Josephine.
The person soon sent her a link. She clicked on it and looked at the photos while
giggling with her mouth covered. Josephine, let’s see how you’re going to deal with
this storm!
Presently, Josephine was getting some rest in the lounge. She had been lacking sleep
as of late, so her assistant didn’t dare to disturb her as she closed the door for her.
As expected, many people in the same industry saw Josephine’s photos. Since such
photos of a famous news anchor had been leaked, they certainly wouldn’t want to
miss the hype. They also forwarded the news and even promoted it on their main
pages. One of the media companies even mentioned Josephine’s name. and shared
photos of her presenting the news. Many netizens left nasty comments and started
cursing at her. Some of them even asked for raw photos..
Soon, the people in Josephine’s company. discovered it as well. The first person who
saw the news was in disbelief. It took him quite a while to confirm that the salacious
woman in the photos was Josephine.
Then, he patted a colleague’s shoulder. Soon, the news was shared in the company’s
group chat. All the colleagues were excited, as though awaiting a good show to take
Tori noticed it as well. It seems that Katrina has made a move. When she saw how
thrilled her colleagues were in the group chat, she believed Josephine’s reputation
would be destroyed this time. I don’t think she can ever be a news presenter again!
When Wren saw the news, she flew into a rage. “Who’s pranking Joey by spreading
such fake news?!”
However, the person most talked about on the internet, Josephine, was asleep on the
couch. She was oblivious to everything that was going on and the malice against her.
When Wren rushed over and saw the assistant sorting out documents, she asked,
“Where’s Joey?”
“She’s getting some rest in the office. She didn’t sleep well last night.” “What? Why is
she even sleeping? Then, Wren pushed the door open and found the woman sleeping
on the couch. She walked up to her and patted her. “Wake up, Joey. You need to see
Josephine slowly opened her eyes. When she saw how anxious Wren looked, she
batted her eyes. “What’s wrong?” Wren passed her the iPad. ‘Look. Someone is
smearing your name on the internet. They’ve even cut out your face and pasted it on
a female model.”
When Josephine saw the photos, her mind. turned blank in an instant. She didn’t
expect someone to paste her face on a woman wearing silk stockings and in sexy
postures. Those were some obscene photos.
When Wren saw how dumbfounded the woman looked, she placated her by saying,
‘Don’t worry. I know it’s not you.” Josephine took a deep breath, for she needed to
calm down and figure out who pulled such a dirty trick on her. Wren thought the
woman was enraged, so she quickly patted her back. “Calm down, Joey. Don’t be too
Josephine replied, “I’m very calm.” She wasn’t worried about what was being
circulated on the internet. She had to get to the culprit. It was pointless for her to
explain anything on the internet. If she wanted to clear her name, she had to bring the
culprit to justice and make sure the person ended up in a horrible state.
She let out a breath. I don’t think I’ve offended anyone in my private life, but I did fall
out with several people in the company. Katrina? Tori? Could the culprit be either of
She couldn’t be blamed for assuming that one of them might be the culprit. It was
apparent to her that the culprit intended to smear her name and make her lose her job
by pulling such a dirty trick on her

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