Lycan Prince Matteo by Lovella Chapter 75b

Lycan Prince Matteo by Lovella Chapter 75b


Chapter 75 End (b

In our hotel room…. 

I love how we are now,Matteo said. We are on our bed, cuddling. If only we could stay here for more days, but dad needs us in the palace. He was too worried and anxious thinking he wouldn’t be able to fulfill his duties.he added

Hmm.. Maybe he’s not used to the palace thing anymore since he was away for a very long time.I replied. But he has done so many good things for our kind even when he was a rogue.” I added

According to Rapha, even if he was mad and angry at the palace, he made sure to extend his help to those who needed help. He may be a rogue, but his kingly demeanor made him different from the others. It was in his heart to help and serve his people. It was just such a waste that he had been thrown out when he was almost to assume the 


Calvin and James believe in him already. It was such a short time but that’s how it is now. Baby, thank you for being with me. Thank goddess, I found you. Thank you to Pi, who howled in pain the last time I got intimate with Eunice.he said

And why is that? Why do you have to remind me of your little charade with that bitch?I asked, trying to control my anger

Don’t get mad. Because after she howled and heard it, I decided to find you. I know and I can feel that my mate is just there and I know that she knows who I am to her. I smelled everyone in the pack other than you, so I thought that it must be you. I focused solely on you, especially on the pack tournament. And then that kiss incident.he added, and I suddenly felt guilty. You don’t know how scared I was when I found out that you were mine after I saw you kissing another man. But I understand you now. You are right, if I had no other way to know you were mine, I might think that you are crazy claiming me to be yours.” 

Let’s look forward to our future. What we have been through will be the guide we could use to have a better life ahead. We are no ordinary couple. We are soon to be king and queen, so we need to show them how to live fairly. I want us to be their role models so we will be able to live in peace and harmony with other species.” 

I’m sure that you’re going to be a great queen.” 

And you’re going to be a great king,I replied

Our vacation was the happiest day of my life. It was just us and we didn’t need to think about anything or any problem. But that has come to an end since it’s already a week and we need to go back to the palace and help King Marcus

As we entered the palace border, Matteo and I were both curious. I don’t know but the surroundings and the atmosphere seem lively. It was as though there was a celebration. They didn’t put up a party of some sort for our arrival, right?Matteo asked

I don’t know,I replied, clueless

Is something going on?Matteo asked James. He was the one who fetched us at the airport and he had not said anything about the palace no matter how much we asked. Just an everything’s OK all his reply

Instead of going to the main palace, James took us to the villa where all the events were held. Let’s go,he said, and led us down the road. We are at the main entrance and the door is closed. But not for long since it opened after he knocked

Why are there a lot of people? I even saw my adoptive parents smiling at me and they looked really happy. There were also people that I don’t know. Camila and Alec approached us and put on a cape. What the hell is going on? Then they led us in front of where King Marcus was, smiling

Dad, don’t tell me,Matteo said and the king nodded his head before he faced all our guests from different packs of different regions

Everyone, your king and queen,he said, and they all applauded. I was shocked, I thought I was the one who would give him a proper ceremony when we returned from our vacation and not the other way around. We can’t do anything and just accept it. We were surprised

After King Marcus put our crowns on our heads, Matteo and I faced everyone, holding our hands. We are now the king and queen and from here onwards, we will be holding more than our lives. I looked at my mate and he seemed happy. Yeah, he deserves it. He is going to be the strongest king this kingdom has ever had. And I am here to support 

him all throughout

I will make sure to become the queen he needs and will stay forever. He is my Lycan Prince Matteo. Oh, let me rephrase it, My King 


*** THE END *** 

Lycan Prince Matteo by Lovella Novela Full Episode

Lycan Prince Matteo by Lovella Novela Full Episode

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Read The Novel Lycan Prince Matteo by Lovella is most interesting novel about Freya. Freya is the adoptive daughter of the warrior mated couple of the Midnight Pack. She didn't have a scent, so everyone thought that she didn't have a wolf, just like humans. Matteo Harith is the Lycan prince, soon to be king, who was waiting for his mate. He had smelled her since 9 years ago in the palace, but after that, he never found her, no matter how much he looked for her.

Lycan Prince Matteo by Lovella Novela

When Matteo was assigned by his king's father to look into the case of a pack that had been wiped out, he lived in the Midnight Pack and found Freya.  The moment Matteo stepped out of his SUV, Freya found out that he was her mate. But Matteo couldn't smell her at all. A tournament that had been held within the pack made Matteo find Freya to be his mate when their eyes met. When Matteo finally smelled Freya's scent, it was also the time that she remembered what had happened in her childhood and that the palace had refused to help them when they asked, which caused her biological parents' death. What is he going to do when Freya was blaming the royals and wanted to reject him even after they mark each other? Lovella is the author of Lycan Prince Matteo by Lovella Novel. This novel is in Romance genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good rating. For those of you who want to read it in full, you can search The novel has gained immense popularity and received praise from a wide audience. Content:

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