Lycan Prince Matteo by Lovella Chapter 74b

Lycan Prince Matteo by Lovella Chapter 74b

I noticed a Lycan about to jump at me but James was there to help. He quickly threw him into the air with his body and they fell together, Thank you,I told him through the mind link

Thank me when we’re done.’ he answered before he started to fight. I saw that he had also shifted because his opponent was a head warrior and he was really strong. He knew that because he was the one who trained them

I faced Marco and, whether I admitted it or not, I felt a little sad because of our confrontation. He was the father I knew and he never did anything to hurt me. We became very close, so I know how he was when it came to fighting. And that is why he easily loses his patience

Matteo, behind you.Freya warned me through our link. So, instead of getting pinned down by another head warrior, he fell to the ground just right before Marco. Because of that, I tried to look around searching for my mate. I saw her running after the witch that was being protected by warriors. I got worried but I saw Calvin already on his way to help her

Be careful, baby. Don’t chase too far. I’ll finish here and I will help you.I replied. Because of that sudden moment, Marco took that opportunity to lunge at me and pin me down. I fought and struggled trying to get away from him and, thank goddess, I did, even before he got a piece of me

King howled and I felt everyone stopped in their stance. He radiates his aura to threaten everyone and make them submit. But because Marco was the current king, he would not be that affected. But he was still shaken and I took that chance and lunged at him. He was stunned for a moment, but his reaction was too late because I already had him by his neck

But what I didn’t expect was that a group of rogues would come and took me away from him. Marco shifted back to his human form and 

laughed, You think you can win this war? No! You don’t know me at all,he said, and he was fast because he was in front of me in seconds with his right hand on my heart ready to rip it. He was about to but he was thrown away by a big blow from Marcus

Long time no see, little brother. You think you will be able to hurt my son? Think again,he said before he jumped at him. But Marco was fast enough to dodge him. I was being held by four rogues and now that I was back on my feet, I shoved them away before I shifted back to my human form. I jumped at the one near me and grabbed his neck before I snapped it. I saw Rapha fighting the others and so did James. I looked for Freya and saw her fighting side by side with Calvin, so I went to Marcus and helped him

He was in pain but Marco was not. His mate was alive all along. Go to Freya, rogues are still coming to her.Marcus said, so I looked at my mate and he was right, I’ll take care of my own brother.he added before I nodded and left them. I guess they will have to settle it themselves

A rogue was sneaking behind her but I got there in time and killed it instantly. You’re naked!she exclaimed

Just fight and don’t mind me, baby.I replied, smiling before I shifted back to King and started fighting. She was aiming for the witch, so I had to support her

You are supposed to be dead! Why are you here?the witch told my 


Because I am immortal,she replied and jumped at her. She was careful earlier, but not anymore that I am here. A rogue was about to jump at her too, but I was faster than him and sent him flying 15 meters away. Another one was going after her trying to stop her but Calvin was there and caught him

Why can’t I use my spell on you?the witch asked while Freya was holding her by her neck

Because that’s my power,she replied and snapped her neck. She was dead when Freya let her go. Then we heard a sorrowful howling. It was Marco, he was still affected by the death of his fated mate

After that, I noticed that some warriors stopped fighting. Besides the rogues who were now on the brink of death, until it was only Marco and Marcus. No one dared to get in between them and let them fight. With the death of the witch, I already know who will become the 


Lycan Prince Matteo by Lovella Novela Full Episode

Lycan Prince Matteo by Lovella Novela Full Episode

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Read The Novel Lycan Prince Matteo by Lovella is most interesting novel about Freya. Freya is the adoptive daughter of the warrior mated couple of the Midnight Pack. She didn't have a scent, so everyone thought that she didn't have a wolf, just like humans. Matteo Harith is the Lycan prince, soon to be king, who was waiting for his mate. He had smelled her since 9 years ago in the palace, but after that, he never found her, no matter how much he looked for her.

Lycan Prince Matteo by Lovella Novela

When Matteo was assigned by his king's father to look into the case of a pack that had been wiped out, he lived in the Midnight Pack and found Freya.  The moment Matteo stepped out of his SUV, Freya found out that he was her mate. But Matteo couldn't smell her at all. A tournament that had been held within the pack made Matteo find Freya to be his mate when their eyes met. When Matteo finally smelled Freya's scent, it was also the time that she remembered what had happened in her childhood and that the palace had refused to help them when they asked, which caused her biological parents' death. What is he going to do when Freya was blaming the royals and wanted to reject him even after they mark each other? Lovella is the author of Lycan Prince Matteo by Lovella Novel. This novel is in Romance genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good rating. For those of you who want to read it in full, you can search The novel has gained immense popularity and received praise from a wide audience. Content:

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