Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson Chapter 35

Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson Chapter 35

Chapter 35 

“Beta? That is not achievable.” 

I sat there in shock. I couldn’t believe Elder Tom had just said that. 

“Why?” Elder Tom complained. 

“Because I’m a she-wolf,” I said. “There’s no such thing as a female Beta exists. We are unable to maintain that level.” 

“Neither is an Alpha female, though we also believe you could make a strong case for this position of authority.” 

He was referencing my new title, ‘Saintess. It came with the benefit of displacing Benjamin and effectively becoming an Alpha during the procedure. 

However, Beta? I paused to reflect. 

No, that wasn’t actually realistic. Leadership was a particular aspect. As an “Alpha,” I was certain that I was going to be able to make the best decisions for the pack, but as a “Beta,” there would be more emphasis on being able to follow commands, perhaps by engaging in combat. I had never even succeeded in defeating Bash in combat; there was simply no way I could compete in an actual fight. 

“I’m not physically capable. One day, The Lock Heart would require a replacement who was more similar to my dad. I am well aware of how terrible a Beta candidate I can be.” 

He gave an aware half-grin. “A little birdie informed me that 

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you were training with an Alpha successor from the Black Alder pack. They said you had some nice ability as well.” 

My mouth sprang wide in shock. 


might that information have come to light? Just Bash, Ava, and I were aware of it. Also, whomever it was, that informed him, must have seen me working out at the gym. since that was what I did. In addition, how would they have been able to evaluate my abilities in any way? 

“How…?” I couldn’t help asking. 

He quietly laughed. “I needed assistance to reach where I am now. Not every one of us is born into a ranked family.” 

Although that was accurate, I had never given it any attention before. I could barely recall hearing that Elder Tom originated from a very ordinary house and had low origins. He had put in a lot of effort and commitment to get where he was at that 


“It’s impossible for me to get approved as a Beta, even if I can fight a bit,” I replied, bringing the discussion back to the subject at issue, “I don’t think Benjamin or the Elders would consent to it, in any manner. The Elders are determined that I carry out the prophecy and turn into Benjamin’s Luna. And as for Benjamin, he would never put up with a female Beta, much less be forced to work with someone like me.” 

“You behave as if you were already aware of everything that is coming up,” he remarked, which made me stiffen up right. away. In order to calm down again, I was forced to reassure myself that it was only an illustration of a word. 

“I think you should consider this more objectively. Which of 



1288 Vouchers the alternatives you have seems to make it the most difficult to accomplish your goal? Launching a political coup and destroying the current order…? Or persuading a group of elderly old coots and young people to grant you an opportunity at a position that already requires an heir? You’d be shocked, I think, at how many Elders would support you taking the Beta status if it meant you stayed compliant. It appears to be the finest solution to satisfy both parties. Otherwise, not much will prevent you from organizing a rebellion or escaping. Both of which would only make the pack’s condition worse. Considering your status, they still require your cooperation.” 

I bit my lip and made an effort to consider all of my possibilities. Despite the fact that he had clearly spelled everything out for me, it still seemed so out of reach. 

“Or you may choose the simple route, just be the Luna.” 

I trembled. 


Even if I wasn’t certain I might consider it, holding that title once more would be the final option. I knew I was going to die, trapped in that home again, at the hand of Benjamin. I needed to keep in mind that my death might have affected everyone else as well. 

Was it really so impossible? Since there were no other males in my immediate family line to contend with for the position, I had already started my training. Only my cousin, Alexander, could possibly get in my way. In my previous life, he had started his training about the time I was and, just before I passed away, he had become Beta. 


Things may get difficult between us if I were to somehow succeed in being acknowledged as a Beta heir. He must have believed that I was depriving him of something certain. How could he have foreseen the possibility of a female Beta? However, if I were a male, he would not have been entitled to the succession in the first place. 

Then, I paused to consider the true advantages of this. 

Basically, being Beta gave me near-complete immunity in every aspect. It would not be possible for me to be pushed into becoming Luna by anybody due to my pledge to Benjamin as a Beta. A new rank could not be provided inside that pack after the oath had been taken. Additionally, it offered me a good excuse to formally reject him without hesitation, because it would be inappropriate to date your employer. A romance was obviously out of reach, because if we engaged in combat with another pack, we would be obligated to be impartial toward one another. 

The finest benefit, though? It implied that he was powerless to touch me. I would be considered untouchable since I am a Saintess and a Beta. 

If he made any attempt, Ben would run the danger of the pack standing up against him, since it would be perceived as an attack on the Goddess directly. Then mention that I previously held the position of second in command? He could forget about remaining in that position for very long, and imagine who would come after him? Me. He was effectively in a checkmate position and could not move lest he be overturned. 

He might even have to respect me for the first time in his life. Not simply a silly nod of approval, but genuinely appreciate 


my opinion. He would be compelled to engage in a genuine dialogue with me, as a respected member, and would not be allowed to openly oppose the decisions I would recommend, without compelling justification. 

“No, you’re correct. Elder Tom, I appreciate your suggestion,” I responded, a little dazed and confused. “I have a lot to consider now that you’ve said that.” 

I came back home shortly after our conversation. Though I didn’t go into great detail, I did inform my parents that the mark was now formally confirmed. They were concerned about me, but I kept my inner emotions to myself. They would just worry more if they understood how uncertain and nervous I felt. 

Before I had a chance to fully comprehend everything that had gone on with Elder Tom, I was reluctant to reveal anything to them. 

After several weeks, Ava’s big annual charity event finally held. My hair was styled by Lily in a lovely half-up braid, while I had decided to put on a navy blue semi-formal dress. I thought I had dressed up the best since reincarnate, but I was aware of how important the occasion was to Ava. So, I wanted to prove to her that I would make an attempt. 

The event was conducted at the orphanage itself, so that the kids could attend. Although it served primarily as a fundraiser, it was a wonderful chance for some of the visitors to get to know the kids in a less formal setting and, perhaps, even think about adopting. 

I had already decided to write an enormous cheque in my alias name, and an additional one in the name of the Granger 


family, with my parents’ consent obviously for the second one. It was necessary for me to donate from my personal account, because I knew if Ava had known that I was giving a significant amount of money, she would have forced me to take it back. 

I was welcomed right away by the customary too eager Ava. She gave me an embrace and said she was glad to see me. I was thrilled to see her putting on the red outfit I had given her. However, I had to say that, considering how many people were gathered outside, I was a bit amazed to have located her 

so soon. 

“I want you to meet some people, so please come along,” she smiled and grabbed my hand to lead me through the masses. 


Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson

Luna Reborn by Juliet Swanson

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Winona Granger trains herself day in and day out, guarding the demon in the prison, working for her mate. When she finally became Alpha Benjamin's Luna, she thought she had touched the gate of happiness. But this is also when Isabella shows up. She ruins everything. Being a sweet and innocen girl, Isabella has won the attention and support of every pack member including Benjamin. On the contrary, Winona, as Luna, is serious and even a little nerdy and boring. So when the challenge came, everyone betrayed her, they tortured her, cursed her, imprisoned her, even. . . kill her. Before dying, Winona answered the call of the Moon Goddess, and was given another chance. During her jorney, she met a he-wolf who help her and support her, whose eyes always made her feel familiar. Who is he? Was he her new mate? Given another chance, what would Winona do? Run away in terror? Or conducting crazy revenge and massacre? When the storyline restarts, will she discover the price of this opportunity? Read to find out.


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