Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna Chapter 9

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Have We Met Somewhere Before? 

After the pastries arrived, she went to look for the man who had asked her to buy them. Sir, the pastries are here.” 

The man holding a glass of wine in his hand looked at her carefully. Her long hair was pulled back into a bun, but because she had been busy, it hung loosely behind her head. A lot of strands had broken free and the bun looked messy

She wasn’t wearing makeup, had a small face, and her skin had tanned in the sun, but her eyes were big and bright

She wore a loose roundneck Tshirt, denim pants, and canvas shoes. There was really nothing fancy about her

Truthfully, she wasn’t his type, but that meant she was refreshing

And how was she refreshing

Naturally, it was because she was a poor woman

OK, I’m satisfied. Wait here.” 

Then he went to call Spencer

If his friend liked a woman, he would send her to them

Alva didn’t know why the man was asking her to wait, but she wondered if he wanted to tip her for doing such a good job. With that thought in mind, she stood there and waited

The man walked up to Spencer and pointed at Alva, who 


seemed out of place at this party. Hey, there’s that lady you like.” 

Spencer had given up on thinking. He was now holding a thin model and locking lips with her

Spencer heard his friend’s words and immediately let go of the model and looked over

But Alva wasn’t looking in their direction. He could only see the side of Alva’s face

Spencer immediately approached her

The young model called out unhappily, Mr. Nash!” 

She was about to chase him, but the other man blocked her path, Oh dear. Little temptress, your Mr. Nash is now into older women. Why don’t you play with me?” 

The little model suddenly leaned over and pouted, I, Betty, will take you up on your offer.” 

The two flirted as Spencer drew closer to Alva to get a closer look

Alva was startled by his sudden appearance, You” 

Have we met somewhere before?” 

Spencer interrupted her. He looked inquiringly at Alva

Alva immediately shook her head, No, sir. We have never met.” 

The person before her was tall and thin. He didn’t look like a very prominent figure, but you could tell at a glance that he 


was a rich man

She didn’t know any rich people aside from Uriah

Alva looked down after she finished speaking, Sir, I’m busy, so I’ll leave first.” 

She saw couples in every corner at this party. Some kissed boldly in public, and others still were getting it on right in front of everyone

This was not a good place. She had to get out

Alva turned to leave after she finished speaking

Spencer watched her leave, but when she stepped out into the sunlight, he reached an epiphany. He clapped his hands and exclaimed, I remember now!” 

The sudden outburst made the people around him look over, but Spencer ignored them and immediately pulled out his cell phone and ran outside

Meanwhile, in the studio dressing room

Bella sat in a chair with a glass of lemonade

A man leaned next to the dressing table. He wore a black shirt opened to the fourth button. He appeared casual and 


The corners of the man’s mouth slanted upward. His legs were crossed, and he had a sinister aura

Bella, as a good friend, I’m worried about you right now.” 

Bella was wearing delicate makeup and the latest luxury 


goods from Odell

She was a model and a designer, the darling of the fashion world

She was scheduled to appear on the runway in just ten minutes

Her red lips curled up slightly, and she narrowed her eyes coldly, Your presence here is what’s making me worry.” 

Heh, because of Uriah?The man’s eyes shone with an icy glint

Bella sneered, Verne, I’ve said my piece. If you want to appear in front of me again, then we can’t even stay as friends.” 

After saying that, she turned around and left

Verne looked at her shapely back and the smile on his lips widened, Bella, I’m here as a friend to remind you that a certain woman ran away with the child of the man you love most. And don’t you forget, that woman was with Uriah for a year. They’ve done a lot of things that you and Uriah haven’t.” 

Maybe, just maybe, Uriah is intentionally trying to spare her. If that’s not the case, then why hasn’t he found her yet despite all the connections and means at his disposal?” 

Bella clenched her fists at her side

Verne walked over to her, leaned over, and spoke in her ear, Bella, it’s only a matter of time before a man and a woman are together. Think about it.” 

Verne left, and Bella made several complicated expressions

After learning that the woman was pregnant, her heart felt like it was constantly being stabbed by countless thorns and she couldn’t pull them out

Verne got in his car and fired up the engine when the phone rang

He pressed the Bluetooth button and turned the steering wheel, Hello.” 

Verne, this is Spencer. I saw that woman today!” 


Uriah’s wife!” 

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna

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Read Let Love Takes Away All This Pain novel - Alva Gellar, a commoner, married the rich and powerful Uriah Irwin. Everyone said that she must have racked up a lot of good karma in her last life in order to marry such a wonderful man, and she thought so too. Over the next year of their marriage, he loved her, spoiled her, and cherished her. When she finally fell in love with him, he suddenly threw a divorce agreement at her and said, "I'm in love with someone else."

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna

Summary Chapter 1: Heaven One Moment, Hell the Next

As the sound of rushing water echoed from the bathroom, the smells in the bedroom still lingered. Alva Gellar looked at the tall shadowy figure beyond the frosted glass, then picked up the nightgown on the floor and put it on. She opened a window to disperse the smell, then changed the sheets and bedding. Afterward, she cleaned up the used condoms on the floor. When she leaned down, her waist felt sore and she couldn’t feel her legs. He was thrusting so hard that after a while, she just couldn't take it. He seemed to be a little off tonight, but she didn’t know if it had anything to do with the company. He never talked to her about work, and she didn't like to ask. Uriah came out in his bathrobe. Alva spoke gently, "I've made the bed. Go to sleep."

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