Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna Chapter 3

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Mother-In-Law Has Arrived 

The interview went well. Alva had a nice appearance, good skin, and a gentle aura that was wellsuited to cosmetics sales. She started working the very same day

Alva worked in the Itokin Building. It was the largest shopping mall in Virginia and catered to midtohighclass consumers. It saw high volumes of traffic every day

Alva worked hard. She was the first one to come in and the last one to leave every day. She learned about cosmetics, took notes, shadowed other clerks as they sold products, and put what she learned into practice immediately. In just a few days, she was already familiar with the process. 

The store manager noticed her effort and was very satisfied with her work ethic

One day, Alva successfully sold one of their products and was seeing the customer off when her phone rang

Alva said to the store manager, Manager, I have to take this call.” 

Bosses tend to like hardworking and motivated employees. Naturally, they can be very accommodating to said employees

Go ahead.” 

Alva walked inside the storage room with her phone. When she saw the word motherinlaw displayed on the screen, the smile on her face froze and was soon replaced by 


A year ago, when Uriah wanted to marry her, the Irwin Family strongly disagreed. But no matter how much they insisted otherwise, they could not deter Uriah

They had no choice but to compromise, but the two elders had never recognized her as their daughterinlaw. Uriah fiercely defended her and told her that she had no obligation to give in to her inlawsdemands. Aside from the first time Uriah brought her home to meet his parents, she had never laid eyes upon them again over the course of a year

Now that Candice Florice was calling, it was impossible for Alva not to be nervous

Mom.Alva’s voice was so soft and gentle that there was no way you could hate the speaker

I’m waiting for you at the Thia Restaurant next door. Get over here now.” 

Candice’s tone was awful, but she seemed levelheaded. She didn’t lose her temper with Alva over the phone

That said, her motherinlaw hung up after saying her piece

Alva looked at her phone and thought about calling Uriah to tell him about her meeting with his mother

But after considering their current relationship, Alva slid her phone into her pocket and went outside to ask the store manager if she could get off work early

Ten minutes later, Alva arrived at the restaurant next door and the waiter led her to the private room

Aside from Candice, there was no one else in the room

Alva walked over and muttered softly, Mom.” 

Candice looked at Alva, her eyes sweeping from the top of her head to her feet and back again, her brow knitting tighter and tighter, Have you forgotten who you are?” 

She had something to do over here and stopped by to see her son as well, but before she could go see him, she saw her daughterinlaw selling cosmetics

When did the Irwin Family run out of money for their daughterinlaw to take up such a mediocre job

The very thought made Candice twist her features into an ugly scowl

But instead of answering her, Alva looked at her in surprise

Mom doesn’t seem to know that Uriah and I are divorced

Candice’s expression darkened when Alva didn’t say anything. Are you listening to me or not?” 

What kind of family were they? No wonder her son had also thrown etiquette out the window once he left the house

Alva reacted and hurriedly waved her hands, That’s not it, Mom. I” 

She was interrupted by Candice before she could finish her sentence, What isn’t? I saw you with my own eyes! Do you want me to catch you redhanded before you admit it?” 

Alva, I’m telling you, the Irwin Family won’t abide by such shameful behavior!” 


Candice was extremely furious

I’m really unsatisfied with this daughterinlaw. She doesn’t understand a thing. What did Uriah ever see in this woman?! 

The more she thought about it, the angrier Candice got. She stood up and said, Go back to your home right now. I forbid you from doing these kinds of jobs again. Just stay home and be a fulltime wife. Otherwise, don’t say that I’m bullying you just because I’m your motherinlaw!” 

Alva knitted her eyebrows and felt a little anxious, Mom, listen to me. It’s not what you think.” 

She was now certain that Candice did not know about her divorce from Uriah, but since she had signed the divorce papers and Candice was now present, she didn’t need to hide it

However, Candice thought she was trying to conceal the truth. She didn’t want to listen to Alva, so she took her bag 

and left

Alva went after her, but when she stepped out of the room, she bumped into a waiter

The waiter was carrying a meal. When they collided, the meal in the waiter’s hand spilled all over Alva and landed on the floor

A strong fishy smell directly hit her nose. Alva’s stomach instantly turned inside out. She couldn’t hold back, covered her mouth, and threw up on the spot

Candice heard the sound and turned to see Alva covering her mouth and vomiting

She realized something, and the color drained from her face. Candice quickly went to Alva’s side and shouted, Alva!” 

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna

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Read Let Love Takes Away All This Pain novel - Alva Gellar, a commoner, married the rich and powerful Uriah Irwin. Everyone said that she must have racked up a lot of good karma in her last life in order to marry such a wonderful man, and she thought so too. Over the next year of their marriage, he loved her, spoiled her, and cherished her. When she finally fell in love with him, he suddenly threw a divorce agreement at her and said, "I'm in love with someone else."

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna

Summary Chapter 1: Heaven One Moment, Hell the Next

As the sound of rushing water echoed from the bathroom, the smells in the bedroom still lingered. Alva Gellar looked at the tall shadowy figure beyond the frosted glass, then picked up the nightgown on the floor and put it on. She opened a window to disperse the smell, then changed the sheets and bedding. Afterward, she cleaned up the used condoms on the floor. When she leaned down, her waist felt sore and she couldn’t feel her legs. He was thrusting so hard that after a while, she just couldn't take it. He seemed to be a little off tonight, but she didn’t know if it had anything to do with the company. He never talked to her about work, and she didn't like to ask. Uriah came out in his bathrobe. Alva spoke gently, "I've made the bed. Go to sleep."

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