Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna Chapter 2

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Women Uriah Loves 

Alva signed the divorce papers. The next morning, her lawyer came over and handed her a thick document. This is the alimony from President Irwin. It has properties, funds, stocks, and luxury cars. Please take a look.” 

Alva looked at the document for a moment before pushing it back. I don’t need them.” 

She hadn’t helped him much before the marriage, and she hadn’t helped much afterward either

She did not feel entitled to those things

The lawyer spoke up, Ma’am, that’s what President Irwin ordered.” 

Alva paused and looked at the lawyer, What about him?” 

President Irwin is out of town on business and won’t be back for a week.” 

He said to get these possessions transferred this week and return to the city hall next week!” 

Alva nodded. She looked at the document again. After a few seconds, she took it and flipped it open

Noticing that she had turned the page, the lawyer began to meticulously elaborate, There is a villa in the Northern Suburbs under your name with a market value of fourteen million dollars. An apartment, also under your name, is in Lutz Village, a prime location for real estate in Virginia. Its market 


value is seven million. The stores listed under your name are located on East Street, West Street, South Street, and North Street. There are three sets of each. The market values exceed eightyfour million. Furthermore” 

Mr. West,” Alva interrupted him

Mr. West looked at her and replied, Please speak your mind, Madam.” 

I don’t want any of that. I just want the villa I’m living in now. Is that okay?” 

It was the only place that held her memories, so it was the only one she wanted

Mr. West called Uriah. At that moment, Uriah was at an altitude of 2,000 feet. Sitting next to him was Bella Flair, who had gone abroad with him

After listening to Mr. West, Uriah raised his head. His dark eyes were deep and boundless. His thin lips opened and closed, and his indifferent and heartless words reached the other end of the line, Do what she says.” 

Alright, President Irwin.” 

Once Uriah hung up the phone, the corners of Bella’s lips curled up into a smile. She grabbed Uriah’s arm and said, I seem to be giving you trouble.” 

It’s no trouble.Uriah put his phone away and continued reading his magazine

Bella noticed that he was neither happy nor angry, but she knew that he was not in a very good mood. She took the 

magazine out of his hands and spoke in a commanding tone, Uriah, look at me.” 

Uriah glanced sideways at her. His gaze was so intense that it could make a person feel uneasy

However, Bella was not afraid. She had been with him for five years and already had him all figured out

If she hadn’t made a mistake, why would she have allowed him to marry another woman?! 

I’m back. If you don’t cherish me, then no matter what you do in the future, I won’t return. Got it?” 

As always, she was dominant and headstrong. That was Bella

And Uriah liked Bella

He lifted her chin and rubbed his fingertips against it, his stormy gaze slowly sweeping across her face, Bella, this is also your last chance.” 

The formalities were quickly completed, and Mr. West was about to leave when Alva called out to him, Mr. West.” 

Mr. West turned around, Ma’am.” 

Alva subconsciously gripped the deed to the villa that was already hers and looked at Mr. West with a cautious but hopeful look in her eyes, He’ll come back and we’ll go to the city hall together, won’t we?” 

She wanted to see him again, to take a good look at him, to keep him in her heart forever



That afternoon, Alva rented a downtown apartment and started looking for jobs online

For the past year, she had stopped working and stayed home to be a fulltime wife

Now she had to go out and work

However, she had only ever attended night classes and didn’t have a college degree. As such, she was unable to find decent work

But she didn’t care. She knew how to be selfsufficient

She soon found an opening for a sales position at a cosmetics company, dropped off her resume, and was told to come in for an interview tomorrow

A gentle smile appeared on Alva’s face. She didn’t need a partner in order to live

She had to survive. There was no time to be sad

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna

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Read Let Love Takes Away All This Pain novel - Alva Gellar, a commoner, married the rich and powerful Uriah Irwin. Everyone said that she must have racked up a lot of good karma in her last life in order to marry such a wonderful man, and she thought so too. Over the next year of their marriage, he loved her, spoiled her, and cherished her. When she finally fell in love with him, he suddenly threw a divorce agreement at her and said, "I'm in love with someone else."

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna

Summary Chapter 1: Heaven One Moment, Hell the Next

As the sound of rushing water echoed from the bathroom, the smells in the bedroom still lingered. Alva Gellar looked at the tall shadowy figure beyond the frosted glass, then picked up the nightgown on the floor and put it on. She opened a window to disperse the smell, then changed the sheets and bedding. Afterward, she cleaned up the used condoms on the floor. When she leaned down, her waist felt sore and she couldn’t feel her legs. He was thrusting so hard that after a while, she just couldn't take it. He seemed to be a little off tonight, but she didn’t know if it had anything to do with the company. He never talked to her about work, and she didn't like to ask. Uriah came out in his bathrobe. Alva spoke gently, "I've made the bed. Go to sleep."

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