Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna Chapter 11

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna Chapter 11

Chapter 11: He’s Here 

The crowd gathered around Alva automatically made way for Verne

At the same time, two people came out from upstairs

Bella had changed into regular clothes, but that did nothing to restrain her noble temperament. On the other hand, the handsome Uriah wore a shirt and pants over his fit body

Bella looked down at Alva and a strange light appeared in her 


Alva, it really is you

Bella, I have a surprise for you. In one hour, bring Uriah to this location and you will know if he really loves you.” 

An hour ago, Verne called her and said this

Then, she brought Uriah here

Verne, you really didn’t disappoint me

Heh, I wonder where this woman came from.Bella said as 

she sat down on a couch

Uriah, your woman is down there. Don’t you want to save her

Uriah stood in front of the fence and looked down with

grave expression

At this moment, no one knew what he was thinking. Even 

Bella, who had known him for years, could not read his mind

Verne walked up to Alva and grabbed her chin. She dodged him and glared at him warily, Who are you, and what the hell are you doing?!” 

Verne’s hands remained frozen in the air as if he was still pinching Alva’s chin. He curled his lips and looked around, As expected of our President Irwin’s exwife. She’s strong!” 

Laughter instantly surrounded them. Alva’s expression changed, I don’t know what you’re talking about!

After speaking, she ran wildly in every direction

But wherever she ran, someone stepped forward to block her way and shove her. Soon, Alva was pushed to the ground

Verne squatted in front of her and dropped his hand onto her stomach. Hey, President Irwin’s kid is still here.” 

You’re not allowed to touch me!” 

Alva shuddered and shook him off. She clasped her hand over her stomach, I’m telling you, you’re breaking the law! I’ll call the police!” 

Haha, call the police? She said she was going to call the police?Verne looked around

The laughter around the room grew louder and tears welled up in Alva’s eyes

She was all too aware of her current situation

But there was nothing she could do. No one would save her

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She had to save herself

Verne stood up before she could come up with a plan. I heard that President Irwin has been looking for his exwife for a long time just to find his child. Now that it’s here, what do you guys say? Should we get it out of there for our President Irwin?” 

After saying that, he looked up at the two people on the second floor

What do you think, President Irwin?” 

Alva shuddered and looked up slowly

The man was wearing a white shirt. The pure white color was out of place here

He held a glass of red wine. His thin lips glistened and his eyebrows were sharp

Even if he didn’t say anything now, the silence spoke volumes

Overbearing and strong

That was Uriah

Her husband

The man she loved most

He was right over there… 

Alva’s heart clenched and her nails dug into her palms

So, you’ve been watching from up there, have you

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Bella looked at Uriah, and then at Alva

She had a round face, large eyes that were open wide and red around the edges, with tears threatening to spill. Looking at her made people’s hearts ache

And what a beautiful pair of eyes

Unfortunately, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time

Come on, guys. Let’s see how we can get President Irwin’s child out. If anyone has a solution, they won’t have to pay for drinks at Golden Night for the next year.” 

Verne pointed to the people surrounding Alva. His almond eyes had a malicious glint to them 

However, no one moved

I heard that Uriah and his wife divorced, so how could the child in this woman’s belly be his

They don’t dare to touch it

Verne’s lips curled, Two years.” 


Three years.” 


The large venue was silent

Everyone bowed their heads

Verne lowered his head and his smile deepened

He unclasped his expensive wristwatch, threw it to the ground, rolled up his sleeves, and carelessly announced, None of you have the guts to solve President Irwin’s problem, but I do.” 

With these words, he kicked Alva in the stomach

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna

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Read Let Love Takes Away All This Pain novel - Alva Gellar, a commoner, married the rich and powerful Uriah Irwin. Everyone said that she must have racked up a lot of good karma in her last life in order to marry such a wonderful man, and she thought so too. Over the next year of their marriage, he loved her, spoiled her, and cherished her. When she finally fell in love with him, he suddenly threw a divorce agreement at her and said, "I'm in love with someone else."

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna

Summary Chapter 1: Heaven One Moment, Hell the Next

As the sound of rushing water echoed from the bathroom, the smells in the bedroom still lingered. Alva Gellar looked at the tall shadowy figure beyond the frosted glass, then picked up the nightgown on the floor and put it on. She opened a window to disperse the smell, then changed the sheets and bedding. Afterward, she cleaned up the used condoms on the floor. When she leaned down, her waist felt sore and she couldn’t feel her legs. He was thrusting so hard that after a while, she just couldn't take it. He seemed to be a little off tonight, but she didn’t know if it had anything to do with the company. He never talked to her about work, and she didn't like to ask. Uriah came out in his bathrobe. Alva spoke gently, "I've made the bed. Go to sleep."

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