Left Broken Alpha’s Regret by Melan pamp Chapter 137a

Left Broken Alpha’s Regret by Melan pamp Chapter 137


Chapter 137A 

Aliza pov 

Taking quick steps down the stairs, I try to get down as fast as I can, there are a lot of steps to get down on each floor. After I have managed to get down the first two floors, it gets easier when I have a steady pace. After reaching the last stairs, after a while, I have to stop by the door and catch my breath for a second

Looking at the door, I see a handle, and I guess that’s all I have to do to get out of here. I take a deep breath before I slowly open the door and peek outside the gap. I don’t see anyone nearby, and I slowly open the door a bit more

Seeing that I’m in the back of the building and some bushes are placed right in front of the doorway, I know I will probably be able to sneak out of here undetected. With no guards on this side nearby, I just have to make my way over to the right and follow the buildings until I come to the one we are meeting up at

Taking a deep breath, I feel my heart hammer in my chest, I know I can’t get caught if I’m going to be able to sneak out of here, and right 

now her life depends on me getting out

With one last look around, I walk out of the door and take shelter behind the first bushes before I spot one ahead that would be perfect to hide behind. I have no time to waste and quickly run over to the next one before I crunch down and hide behind it. Seeing two guards walking around the building by the corner and scanning the place with their eyes before I see them turn around and walk back

Now it’s my chance, and I’m quick to make a run for it while my heart is beating hard in my chest. I don’t look back when I run, and I only have the first building as my goal to reach. Coming around the corner of the building, I see one guard walk by and quickly throw myself behind a dumpster, hoping it’s enough to give me shelter

I wait for what feels like ages before I slowly peek my head around the corner and see if he is still there, but the street is empty when I see Liz’s car drive by. Pushing off the wall, I make it to the corner of the building and see Liz stopping to the side and talking to the guard

It was here we were supposed to meet, and I can’t walk out right now, have to find another way to make her see me. Looking around, I see some thick bushes a bit ahead, and if I can just get there, she might be able to spot me

Trying to not make any sound when I run around the building, back the way I came from, and stopping before I run around in the back. I know I’m exposed and could easily be seen when I make my way around the building. but I have no other option

When I don’t see anyone. I take a deep breath and quickly start running It feels like an eternity before I have managed to come around the corner on the other side, and just a bit more and I will be reaching for the bushes

I don’t stop to catch my breath or look for any guests when I make my way over to the bushes and jump behind them. Ducking between the bushes, I crunch down and slowly make my way forward, just enough to be able to look behind them to try and alert Liz.

Left Broken Alpha’s Regret by Melan pamp Novel Full Episode

Left Broken Alpha’s Regret by Melan pamp Novel Full Episode

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Left Broken Alpha's Regret by Melan pamp is an werewolf novel about Aliza and Alpha. Aliza is the rightful heir to the pack and next in line to become the Alpha after her father died, but that all changes when her stepfather forces her against her will on a mission that leads her to the Alpha of the Black shadow pack only to find out he is her destined mate. When the truth gets revealed about why she is there he rejects her after spending a night with her, heartbroken and humiliated her stepfather throws her out of the pack and she becomes rogue.

Left Broken Alpha's Regret by Melan pamp

Alone she fights to stay alive and takes shelter in a human town where she builds her life up again, strong and independent she makes something of her life and when her path gets crossed again after several years with the Alpha of the Black shadow packs her world gets turned upside down once again. The secret she has been trying to keep from him gets revealed and she can't escape from him when life takes a different turn. Melan pamp is the author of Left Broken Alpha's Regret Novel. This novel is in Romance genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good rating. For those of you who want to read it in full, you can search bookalb.com The novel has gained immense popularity and received praise from a wide audience. Content:

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Title Left Broken Alpha's Regret
Author Melan pamp
Publisher Bookalb
Genre werewolf
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