Left Broken Alpha’s Regret by Melan pamp Chapter 136b

Left Broken Alpha’s Regret by Melan pamp Chapter 136b


Chapter 136B 

She sees my stress and heads over to the sink, and turns on the tap when I give up and do my business instead. Wiping before I get off and pull up my pants again. Walking over to the sink, she stands there with her arms crossed over her chest

So, what’s the plan?she asks when I wash my hands before wiping them on a towel

Just that I’m going,I say before I turn off the tap and walk out of the bathroom

That was not a plan!she states and follows me out into the bedroom

I’m going myself,I say when she gets in front of me and blocks the door

You will not leave this room without me. We have been through everything before, and now is not a difference,she says when I look at how determined she is, and I know there is no point in trying to get her 

to stay back

You know we will probably get caught, and then we are in big trouble,I say when she places her hands on her hips

I’m counting on it, but it’s Heidi’s life we’re talking about,she says when I sigh. As much as I would love to have her with me in this, I know we are facing trouble and both of us can get caught

We have to start and try to sneak out of here first,I say when she grabs the door handle instead

Any suggestions?she asks when I give her a nod

His office!I say when she gives me a nod and opens the door to the hallway 

I’m just grabbing my phone,I say, quickly walking inside the closet to get it from where I put it down. Placing it in my pocket once I find it I head out to the hallway, where she stands and waits for me

Do you know where it is?she asks me when we reach his office

We will find it,I say when we walk inside, and closes the door after 

  1. us

I know there is a secret door in here to some stairs we can take and get down unnoticed. I know Darian took this one to get up to me when I was waiting in his room. Starting to look through the walls of books and documents while Liz starts sniffing around until she stops by a shelf

It smells different here!she says when I walk over to her side and look at the books he has in it. Finding a book placed a bit to the side, I pull it out and find a button behind it. Pressing it when the shelf pops open to the side. I pull on the shelf and find there’s a door and a stair behind it that’s going down

I suggest you take the elevator and walk out and start the car, I will come and find you somehow. This way they’ll see you leave and won’t suspect I’m leaving with you!I say when she looks at me

Alright, I drive the car a bit down the road and stop behind the large 

building with the blue sign on it,she says when I give her a nod. I know what building she refers to 

I’ll be there in ten minutes tops,I say when she quickly walks over to the door and gets out

Looking at the stairs and back at his office, I hope he won’t be too furious once he finds me gone and that we manage to save her and get back unharmed 

Don’t be too furious at me, Darian! I love you,I say, taking the first step out of the room and on the stairs.

Left Broken Alpha’s Regret by Melan pamp Novel Full Episode

Left Broken Alpha’s Regret by Melan pamp Novel Full Episode

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Left Broken Alpha's Regret by Melan pamp is an werewolf novel about Aliza and Alpha. Aliza is the rightful heir to the pack and next in line to become the Alpha after her father died, but that all changes when her stepfather forces her against her will on a mission that leads her to the Alpha of the Black shadow pack only to find out he is her destined mate. When the truth gets revealed about why she is there he rejects her after spending a night with her, heartbroken and humiliated her stepfather throws her out of the pack and she becomes rogue.

Left Broken Alpha's Regret by Melan pamp

Alone she fights to stay alive and takes shelter in a human town where she builds her life up again, strong and independent she makes something of her life and when her path gets crossed again after several years with the Alpha of the Black shadow packs her world gets turned upside down once again. The secret she has been trying to keep from him gets revealed and she can't escape from him when life takes a different turn. Melan pamp is the author of Left Broken Alpha's Regret Novel. This novel is in Romance genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good rating. For those of you who want to read it in full, you can search bookalb.com The novel has gained immense popularity and received praise from a wide audience. Content:

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Title Left Broken Alpha's Regret
Author Melan pamp
Publisher Bookalb
Genre werewolf
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