I’m A Quadrillionaire by Xiruo Huang Chapter 2087

Chapter 2087
Azul was hit by David’s clone’s Void Punch, which was laced with the Divine Power.
After spitting out a mouthful of blood, his body quickly flew forward.
From the moment he swung his sword to resist, the entire process was completely out
of Azul’s control.
The first blow was the recoil force from the collision, and the second hit was the great
blow to his back during the sneak attack.
They were all initiated by a partial Pre-Deity, so Azul could not handle the damage.
David’s main form also moved at this time.
Under the horrified eyes of Sid beside him, he displayed the strength of a partial PreDeity and rushed toward Azul.
At the same time, he held the Evil-Splitting Sword and slashed with a single strike.
The red sword light dashed forward.
Before Azul could stop himself from falling, another huge crisis approached him.
His bloodshot eyes stared at David who was rushing toward him.
He was terrified.
‘Is David also a partial Pre-Deity?
‘How did he hide his true strength?
‘Why didn’t I discover it after using so many techniques?
‘What kind of treasure does this kid have to be able to hide it so well?
‘And where did the sneak attacker behind me come from?’
If he had known that there were three partial Pre-Deities in Star Kingdom, would he
have done something so irrational to court death?
He would have long thought of a way to leave Star Kingdom.
What Azul did not know was that David was using the product of the God Tier
Civilization to hide his strength.
It was also the thing that helped him get to the present-the super lavish system.
The level 9 civilization seemed to be only one level away from the God Tier
Civilization, but they were worlds apart and could not be discussed on equal terms.
The God Tier Civilization belonged to a civilization that only existed in legends.
No one had ever seen it with their own eyes.
Some people said that the entire universe was a level 10 civilization.
To it, a level 9 civilization was just like a small cell.
One could see how large the gap was between the two.
It was even larger than the gap between Earth, a civilization that was not even at level
1, and Leila, a level 9 civilization.
Since Azul was using techniques from a level 9 civilization, he naturally could not
discover David’s secret.
He was so egotistical.
He thought that he could do whatever he wanted to a small level 7 civilization whose
highest combat power was just peak Saint Realm.
He thought he could annihilate the entire Star Kingdom with his partial Pre-Deity
Unfortunately, Star Kingdom, the level 7 civilization, gave Azul a resounding slap in
the face, making him dizzy.
As a crisis loomed ahead, David’s body and the sword light he had just emitted
reached Azul almost at the same time.
Then, David waved the Evil-Splitting Sword in his hand again. Azul could only accept
the blow since he could not dodge it. He forcefully swung the Ice Soul Excalibur,
which collided with David’s Evil-Splitting Sword.
Two swords collided, thus eliminating the first crisis.
At the same time, the second crisis, the red sword light, also reached him.
Facing this light, Azul could not use the Ice Soul Excalibur, so he could only think of
another way to escape.
At this time, Azul made an amazing move.
He stretched out his left hand and ] was about to grab the red sword light.
However, when Azul stretched out his left hand, it was wrapped in a ball of Blue Light.
The Blue Light was the innate skill of the Feather family, and it had a strong protective
As he grabbed the red sword light with his left hand, the expected bloody scene did
not occur.
Azul caught David’s attack with his bare hands.
Then, the red sword light was gradually weakened by the engulfment of the Blue

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