I’m A Quadrillionaire by Xiruo Huang Chapter 2086

Chapter 2086
The God of Thunder Hammer was already in his hand, and he was about to hit Azul
with the hammer.
Azul was ready for the battle.
With that, he swung the Ice Soul Excalibur and it collided with the God of Thunder
There was a piercing sound that made Eira and her sisters hurriedly cover their ears.
They were the closest to the battle.
Fortunately, they were protected by the Blue Light, so they did not suffer much
At the same time, David let go of Lorraine.
He was going to fight next, so it was inevitable that he would expose his strength.
He had to go all out to kill Azul, a partial Pre-Deity, to ensure the safety of Star
Kingdom and to allow himself to rest fora few days.
This time, Lorraine was not capricious.
She obediently held the Stone of Life in both hands and left David’s embrace
The battle of partial Pre-Deities was not the same as a
battle between Saints.
Saints relied on their Saint Power to cause widespread damage.
On the other hand, partial Pre-Deities mainly relied on their Divine Power which would
focus on the enemy’s weakness and deal precise strikes to the enemy.
The Divine Power was actually the essence of Saint Power after compression.
In terms of destructive power, the Divine Power was more than one level higher than
Saint Power.
No matter how vast and majestic one’s Saint Power was, it would still be easily
destroyed by Divine Power.
Therefore, the collision between Divine Power was not as wide-ranging as the
collision between Saint Power.
Despite this, it was much more dangerous.
Once a Saint was hit by the Divine Power, they would be seriously injured even if they
The Saint’s body could not withstand damage from Divine Power.
Conversely, the divine body could withstand a certain amount of Saint Power.
This was where a Saint’s disadvantage against partial PreDeity lies.
After one blow, Azul and David’s clone each backed away under the force of the
In the process, a crack suddenly appeared behind Azul and a figure stepped out.
Silently, he punched Azul in the back.
“Void Punch!”
This was another one of David’s clones.
When he pretended to go to pick up his master, he expected this to happen, so he
immediately summoned three clones.
One would dress up as his master while the other two hid in the shadows.
Azul had been paying attention to David’s main form.
Azul felt that if David dared to say that he wanted to kill him, then he must be hiding
It was not until a strong sense of crisis appeared behind that Azul became alert and
quickly shifted his attention.
He wanted to escape, but it was too late.
David’s clone had the same strength as the main form, which was a huge hack.
Under the sneak attack of a partial Pre-Deity, Azul’s attention was focused elsewhere
and there was no time to dodge.
The clone used the Void Punch cast by his Divine Power to blast Azul’s back.
A mouthful of blood spurted out from Azul’s mouth.
The huge force caused Azul’s body to stop staggering backward and fly forward.
Azul suffered serious injuries from just this blow alone.
Fortunately, he was a partial Pre-Deity.
His Saint’s body had begun to gradually transform into the divine body.
Although it had not been fully transformed yet, it still possessed some divine features.
At the very least, the defense of the Divine Power was countless times higher than the
Saint’s body.
Otherwise, even a peak Sacred Saint would be seriously injured by this Void Punch
even if they were not killed.
David’s current plan was going well.
The effect was obvious in this two-against-one battle.
This was not the end, but just the beginning.

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