I’m A Quadrillionaire by Xiruo Huang Chapter 2085

Chapter 2085
The scene suddenly plunged into silence, and no one made a sound.
Everyone looked at David in disbelief, including Azul.
They could hardly believe their ears.
‘What did I hear?
‘David actually said he would make me sleep for another million years?
‘Is David crazy, or are my ears playing tricks on me?
‘How dare a little Sacred Saint say such words to me?
‘In terms of status or strength, there is a huge difference between us.
‘Even if David’s master is a partial Pre-Deity, he still doesn’t have the qualifications to
say this.
‘Who gave him the courage?’
“David, what did you just say? Did you just say you’ll make me sleep for another
million years?” Azul asked with uncertainty.
“This is the best solution at the moment! Only in this way can I rest assured that Star
Kingdom will be safe.” David nodded.
Azul was silent for a moment.
Immediately afterward…
Azul let out a hearty laugh and his voice echoed throughout the Iridescent Sect.
The others dared not to bother him at all.
A moment later…
As soon as Azul stopped laughing, he snapped, “David, did I permit you to make me
look bad? I was being nice to you just now and you started to refer to me by name. Do
you know who are the ones who can call me by name? Do you think you’re worthy of
this? You want me to continue to sleep for another million years? Ask that old man
and see if he dares to say such a thing! I don’t know who gave you the courage.
You’re really ignorant and fearless.”
“I don’t have to ask him because I can speak on behalf of him. Azul, I don’t want to
talk nonsense with you. I didn’t want the situation to come to this, but unfortunately,
you kept refusing to leave, so you can’t blame me. I’ll give you two choices now. First,
you continue to sleep in the Iridescent Sect, or second, I will take action to make you
As David said that, a terrifying murderous intent emitted from his body.
Ever since he was on Earth, many people had died by his hands.
So, It was not wrong to say that he had walked over the corpses of countless people.
Although they were all people who deserved to be killed, this still accumulated into
quite a strong murderous intent within David.
Now that he was letting it out, everyone understood in their hearts.
David meant that he would kill Azul when he said he would make Azul stay.
However, David only had the strength of a Saint, so how dare he say that he wanted
to kill a partial Pre-Deity?
Was he just arrogant, or did he have other means?
Zenon and the others did not dare to curse at David in their hearts anymore.
Since this kid dared to speak so harshly to a partial PreDeity, he was not a man to be
trifled with.
It would be better if he could kill Azul too.
It would be much safer if Star Kingdom was not exposed to the eyes of a level 9
Otherwise, the consequences would be unpredictable.
“David, judging from what you say, can I understand that if I don’t choose to continue
to sleep, you will kill me?” Azul asked with uncertainty.
“Yes,” David replied with one word.
Except for Lorraine, everyone at the scene felt that David was crazy.
Yet, at the same time, they had to admire David’s courage.
Not everyone dared to say that they wanted to kill a partial Pre-Deity when they were
just a Saint.
Aside from whether it could be done or not, it was also important to have this courage
and aggressiveness.
Only Lorraine, who knew David’s secret, knew the truth.
This time, David genuinely wanted to kill Azul.
As Azul looked at David’s serious face and the killing intent in the air, he was
disdainful but also filled with a trace of anxiety.
Judging from the current situation, David definitely could not do it, but Azul had no
idea what the other party was hiding.
Even so, it was obviously impossible for Azul to admit defeat now.
His status would not allow him to do so.
“You want to kill me? With that measly bit of power?” Azul narrowed his eyes and
stared at David with a sneer.
“Of course!” David’s answer was still very simple.
‘You can try.”
David had said this earlier, and now, Azul was repeating his words back to him.
However, the two sides had completely different answers to this sentence.
After David said that, the clone next to David sprang into action.
Under the explosion of his Divine Power, he appeared in front of Azul in a flash.

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