I’m A Quadrillionaire by Xiruo Huang Chapter 2084

Chapter 2084
‘So what if they have a partial Pre-Deity?
‘No one can stop me if I want to leave.’ “I didn’t expect a small level 7 civilization to
hide such a great character. You’ve opened my eyes,” Azul praised.
“There are so many things you don’t expect! Azul, I told you a long time ago to take
your things and leave so that we will never be in each others’ lives again. Star
Kingdom didn’t do anything to you, but by recuperating here, you caused us to lose a
lot of talents. We can ignore all that, but you still refused to listen,” David sighed.
David never wanted things to escalate to this point.
He also gave Azul a chance in hopes that this could be resolved peacefully.
However, it was a pity that the other party did not take this seriously at all.
Now that his strength had been exposed, David had no intention of letting Azul go.
Otherwise, with this guy’s character, he would definitely bring more people back after
he went back to his hometown.
If Azul brought a Deity back, David would not be their opponent.
Therefore, David could only curb the crisis in its infancy.
He would kill Azul in Star Kingdom so that the latter could not return.
Only in this way could the safety of Star Kingdom be guaranteed.
“Okay, David, fine. I admit my defeat today. Goodbye! I’ll see you again in the future. I
hope that when we meet again, you won’t let me down.”
After Azul finished speaking, he was ready to leave with Eira and her sisters.
Star Kingdom had a partial Pre-Deity, so it would be useless to stay here.
Since there was nothing to be done, it would be better to leave.
After returning to the family, Azul would bring his people to conquer Star Kingdom.
A level 7 civilization was worth a lot.
It could also be regarded as a meeting gift for the family since he had not gone back
for so many years!
Zenon and the others breathed a sigh of relief.
The crisis was finally temporarily averted.
As for whether Azul would bring someone back after he returned, they would cross
that bridge when they got to it. They would only worry about that later.
If they could not do anything about it, they could still escape.
They could still live at ease in a place far away from Star Kingdom.
“Azul, wait!” David stopped.
“What else do you want to tell me?” Azul asked.
“Azul, you didn’t go when I told you to go, and I didn’t say I would let you go now.”
David smiled.
“What do you mean?” Azul could not understand David for a while.
It never occurred to him that David would have the idea of killing him.
Was it possible for a partial Pre-Deity to kill another partial Pre-Deity?
Unless Azul was seriously injured, this was impossible.
Azul did not understand what David was saying.
However, Zenon and the others understood.
They all looked at David with mournful expressions.
They thought, ‘Bro, what the hell are you trying to do? Let’s get over the immediate
crisis first, okay? Although your master is not weak, he’s only a partial Pre-Deity of a
level 7 civilization. How can he compete with a partial pre-Deity of a level 9
‘Even though they’re both partial Pre-Deities, it’s clear that the opponent has more
trump cards and stronger techniques, okay?
‘If your master can’t handle him, we’ll all get implicated.’
Zenon and the others were thinking selfishly, and they wanted to get through the
immediate crisis first. After, they could leave Star Kingdom and live a good life in a
remote corner. Yet, only Sid had another idea.
His considerations were more far-sighted.
He knew that once they let Azul leave, it would inevitably lead to endless trouble.
So, it would be best to work together to kill Azul.
“What I’m saying is, you didn’t leave just now, so it’s too late for you to leave now.
Azul, why don’t you just continue to sleep for another million years? This way I’ll feel
more safe. Otherwise, I’m afraid that after you return to Leila and expose Star
Kingdom’s location, we will be in danger,” David said seriously.

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