I’m A Quadrillionaire by Xiruo Huang Chapter 2083

Chapter 2083
If David merely said that his master was a partial Pre-Deity just like Azul just now,
everyone on the scene would be shocked, but they would still feel doubtful.
However, when this hunchbacked and taciturn old man released his partial Pre-Deity
energy, no one doubted him anymore.
He was indeed a partial Pre-Deity.
At the same time, everyone could feel that the old man’s Divine Power seemed to be
slightly stronger than Azul’s.
‘Never judge a book by its cover!
‘Who would have thought that an old man who seemed to be on the verge of death is
actually a partial Pre-Deity?’
Zenon opened his mouth and stared at David’s clone as if he had lost his soul.
At this moment, he only felt chills all over his body.
Cold sweat kept flowing from his forehead like running water.
No matter how he wiped it away, he could not get rid of it.
‘He’s really a partial Pre-Deity!
‘Not only was I disrespectful to a partial Pre-Deity, but I also fought with him.
‘If the other party harbored a little bit of murderous intentions, I would have lost my
‘Goodness, gracious!’
Zenon felt very lucky.
Not only did he openly provoke a partial Pre-Deity, but he also even had a big fight
with the other party. In the end, he was still able to stand here today.
It was nothing short of a miracle.
This kind of treatment was probably unprecedented!
In the future, he would have something awesome to brag about.
He survived several rounds of battle with a partial Pre-Deity.
Which of the Saints could do this?
Who else?
Only Zenon did this.
Sid stood next to David, and he could feel the energy coming from his master. David’s
master’s energy was not at all inferior to Azul’s and it was almost evenly matched.
Thus, he was definitely a partial Pre-Deity.
What confused Sid was he did not know when a partial PreDeity appeared in Star
When did he ignite the Divine Fire?
‘Maybe he ignited the Divine Fire a long time ago, became a partial Pre-Deity, and
only came out now.
‘This might be the only possible answer.’
In any case, during Sid’s tenure as the head of the Saints Association, he could be
sure that no one could collect the power of faith under his nose and ignite the Divine
In that case, there was only one possibility.
This person was terribly old, and he ignited the Divine Fire before Sid was born.
As for why he stayed hidden, only the person concerned would know.
Azul stepped back to where he was standing just now, which was in front of Eira and
her sisters.
All four of them were terrified by the sudden change.
No one expected this.
How could Star Kingdom, a civilization with only level 7 combat power, have partial
Pre-Deity hidden?
They felt as though they had gotten into trouble since they had run into such a
powerful enemy for the sake of their master.
The two strands of Divine Power were constantly colliding, putting great pressure on
the people on the scene.
Even the Sacred Saints could not bear it.
Gradually, Azul began to weaken.
He had just woken up and had not fully recovered yet, so his energy was naturally not
as strong as that of David, who was at his peak.
Plus, his Divine Power was not as pure as the other’s, therefore it was normal for him
to be suppressed.
When David’s clone unleashed his partial Pre-Deity energy, Azul understood that he
might be defeated today.
Even so, he was not afraid.
At worst, he would leave Star Kingdom, go back, get some reinforcements, and then
come back to regain his dignity. Could a level 7 civilization create such a big

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