I’m A Quadrillionaire by Xiruo Huang Chapter 2082

Chapter 2082
Azul looked over and saw David standing there without moving.
David was still holding the alluring body that was about to be sucked dry by Azul in his
However, a hand reached out from the side and grabbed Azul’s wrist, rendering him
The owner of this hand was David’s master, a strange and hunchbacked old man.
He had not said a word since he appeared.
He followed David’s every order.
If David told him to fight back, he would.
Those who knew would understand that this person was David’s master, but those
who did not would think that he was David’s servant.
Sid was already scared out of his wits at one side.
David provoking a partial Pre-Deity was extremely irrational in his opinion.
He had wanted to say something several times, but since David’s master never said
anything this entire time, he stopped himself from doing so.
In the end, Azul made a move, and things had developed into an almost fatal
Sid wanted to help, but his strength was not enough. Furthermore, his Saint Power
was fading slowly under the limitation of Azul’s Divine Power.
David was about to fall into the enemy’s hands before he could even react.
The difference in strength was too great.
Therefore, Sid did not even have a chance to make a move.
Time and space seemed to be frozen.
Everyone’s eyes widened as they were watching the scene in front of them.
Azul stood in front of David, holding a sword in his right hand, while his left hand was
only a few centimeters away from David’s neck. Then, a hand protruding from the side
grabbed him.
‘How did this old man do this?
‘How can he break the Divine Power’s restraint and save David in such a critical time?’
Lorraine looked up quietly, a look of joy on her face.
She knew that David would definitely be able to block the enemy.
The clone he summoned with his blood was already so powerful, not to mention David
There should not be many people who knew this secret, but she was one of them,
which made Lorraine secretly happy.
“How did you do it? Why aren’t you affected by my Divine Power?” Azul looked at
David’s clone and asked with a frown.
This was the first time he met a Saint who was not affected by his Divine Power.
“It’s very simple! My master is also a partial Pre-Deity just like you, so he is not
restricted by your Divine Power,” David replied indifferently.
Once he said this, everyone present was shocked as they looked at David’s clone in
‘The old man in front of us is a partial Pre-Deity?
‘How can it be?’
Looking at the masked old man, Zenon’s body began to tremble slightly and sweat
began to break out on his forehead.
‘If the old man was really a partial Pre-Deity, does it mean I’ve almost stepped into the
gates of hell a few times?
‘Oh, my god!
‘God Almighty!’
“Impossible!” Azul exclaimed.
At the same time, he struggled to free his left hand and retreated quickly. During this
process, his gaze never left David’s clone.
“There is nothing impossible about this! There is always someone better than you out
there. The universe is so big, but how much do you know about it?” David smiled
In order to support David’s words, the clone also displayed the energy of a partial PreDeity.
The Divine Power contained in it was purer than that of Azul’s.
There was even a faint hint that it would suppress Azul’s.

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