I’m A Quadrillionaire by Xiruo Huang Chapter 2081

Chapter 2081
“Aren’t I telling the truth? Azul, even though you keep bragging about the Feather
family and yourself while proclaiming how awesome and powerful you are, if things
are really as you said, how could you be in your current state? To be honest, the first
impression I have of you is… hmm, how should I say it? You’re like a braggart. Nine
out of ten sentences you said are false, and you’re not credible at all,” David added.
“Y-Y-You…” Azul pointed at David and stammered three times in a row without uttering
a complete sentence.
It was evident how angry he was.
‘A braggart?
‘How dare he calls me a braggart?
‘Isn’t this similar to my nickname in Leila?’
Currently, Azul was like a wolf whose tail had been stepped on.
Zenon felt something was off, so he quickly explained, “Um, Master Azul, David has a
mental problem, and he never thinks before he speaks, so please don’t mind him. We
believe you. With your strength, you must have been attacked by someone and was
framed by others so that’s why you were temporarily reduced to this point. You will
soon make a comeback and return ten times, no, a hundred times stronger, to
payback the enemy who harmed you in
the first place.”
“That’s right! David might not believe you, Master Azul, but we do! Someone like you
must be a remarkable existence even at Leila, a level 9 civilization,” Grandmaster
York of the Ginger family chimed in.
“I also believe in Master Azul!”
“Me too!”
The other three spoke one after another.
David had lived enough, and he wanted to die, but they did not want to.
They wanted nothing more than to please Azul and get a chance to live.
However, Zenon and others’ attempts were met with a sharp reprimanding.
“Get lost! Shut up, you don’t have a right to speak. If you keep chattering, believe it or
not, I’ll deal with you first.”
The five stood there, not daring to speak and could only smile awkwardly.
However, they had cursed Azul to the high heavens in their hearts.
‘You’re just a punk who’s unable to tell good from bad.
‘It’s better to have scolded you like what David did.’
Of course, they could only think about these words in their heart and never say them
out loud.
“David, you have successfully angered me. Tell me, how do you want to die?” Azul
stared at David and asked through gritted teeth.
‘You want to kill me? It depends on whether you can do so.” David was not afraid at
“Really? It seems that you still don’t know the horrors that someone beyond Saint
Realm can do. You’re so inexperienced. Come on! Feel the fear of a partial Pre-Deity
from a level 9 civilization!”
Azul raised his hands above his head before spreading them to the left and right.
Then, the energy within his body poured out.
His Divine Power appeared quickly. While it was enhancing Azul’s combat power, it
made the Saint Power in the nearby Saints feel extremely sluggish.
That was what the Divine Power did.
It could restrain Saint Power such that the strength it exerted would be greatly
reduced while simultaneously greatly improving its own strength.
Even though it was the same move, there was a huge difference in power between
using Saint Power and using Divine Power.
In this situation where one power was rising while the other was falling, a peak Sacred
Saint and partial Pre-Deity seemed to be only half a step away, but in reality, they
were very different. i
In the blink of an eye, Azul had disappeared from place before reappearing in front of
He held the sword in his right hand, but instead of using the sword against David, he
grabbed David’s neck with his left hand.
He did not want David to die too soon as it would be too easy for the other party.
David must first feel fear and then die in fear and despair.
As he approached the latter, Azul had already begun to imagine a horrified expression
on David’s indifferent face.
‘Let’s see if you can still pretend in front of me!’
Just when Azul’s left hand was about to grab David’s neck, he suddenly stopped
‘What happened?’
His hand seems to be blocked by something.
‘With my Divine Power, my speed must be faster than a peak Sacred Saint.
‘Plus, my Divine Power will restrain my opponent, so how can they block me?’

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