I’m A Quadrillionaire by Xiruo Huang Chapter 2080

Chapter 2080
In a few words, David briefly recounted what had happened.
It was easy to understand, so the exact process became less important.
The important thing was that Azul from the level 9 civilization was a partial Pre-Deity.
Now, he was awake and had a strong hostility toward Star Kingdom, so everyone
needed to think about how to deal with him together.
“David, you missed something. I was seriously injured when I was subject to someone
else’s conspiracy and was framed. I was caught in a conspiracy and framed, okay?
Otherwise, how would I end up in the current situation?” Azul added arrogantly.
It was as if David missed a very important point that he had to fill in.
“It doesn’t matter,” David replied.
“Nonsense! Of course, it matters! If it wasn’t for that scoundrel who framed me when I
let down my guard, I would be able to beat him to a pulp with my strength. How would
I fall to this point? How can that be the same?” Azul said loudly, correcting David’s
“Haven’t you ever heard that in the face of absolute strength, any conspiracy is futile
and powerless? At the end of the day, you’re weak, so that’s why you were plotted
against and got seriously injured. If you were strong enough, you would crush them
directly. Who could hurt you then?” David said solemnly.
“You… David, you punk! What do you know? Only those who wield fame and power
are qualified to be my opponents! You … you’ll be the death of me!” Azul pointed at
David. He was trembling all over and it was obvious that he was very infuriated by the
other party.
‘David actually said that I am not strong enough, so that’s why I was plotted against
and got seriously injured!’
Even though this was true after he thought about it, how could Azul admit it?
Who was he?
He was the direct descendant of the Feather family in Leila who had awakened his
innate skills.
Wasn’t David looking down on his family if he said that Azul was not strong enough?
If Azul admitted it, wouldn’t he be slandering the Feather family?
Sid, Zenon, and the others were stunned by David’s crazy stance.
‘Bro, what are you doing?
‘You want to die, but we don’t!
‘Don’t throw the handle after the blade and implicate all of us!
‘You knew this guy is a powerhouse from a level 9 civilization who is also a partial PreDeity that can suppress the entire Star Kingdom, and yet you’re speaking to him
rudely to anger him?
‘Are you too tired of living?’
Extreme fear enveloped everyone again.
They were afraid that the other party would suddenly attack in anger.
How strong was a partial Pre-Deity?
No one knew.
After all, they had never encountered one.
According to the limited historical records, a partial PreDeity who had ignited the
Divine Fire and had a hint of Divine Power was not someone that a Sacred Saint
could match. Not even a peak Sacred Saint was his opponent.
Even if they wanted to win by sheer numbers, there were simply not enough of them.
They might be able to try if they had five times more people.
Nova and others in the distance had retreated to somewhere further away.
They were almost out of range of the Iridescent Sect.
Even a Saint would struggle under the energy of a partial PreDeity, let alone the
There were fewer and fewer people now as most of them had fled quietly.
Only Lorraine in David’s arms was not worried at all.
She felt that this place was too comfortable and safe.
If she could, she was even willing to stay here forever.
There were countless shocking secrets hidden within David.
He came all the way from Earth, so who would have thought that he could do this by
relying solely on himself?
Lorraine felt that David must have a way to deal with this crisis.
Thus, she was not afraid at all.

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