I’m A Quadrillionaire by Xiruo Huang Chapter 2079

Chapter 2079
The arrival of the Zenon and the others temporarily interrupted David’s attack.
Azul looked at the few people who appeared suddenly and burst out laughing.
Then he shook his head and said in a mocking tone, “Is this the full strength of Star
Kingdom? You don’t even have ten Sacred Saints! What a pity! David, you said that
you will use all the strength of the Star Kingdom to kill me and this is all you have?
How ridiculous! Today I will let you know what the terror from a higher civilization is.
Since you’re all here, you should all die together!”
When Zenon and the others heard this, they were immediately bewildered.
‘Die together?
‘What is going on?
‘Is this partial Pre-Deity from a higher civilization? Is he ready to invade Star Kingdom
so wants to kill all of us, the highest combat power of Star Kingdom, and then rule the
entire Star Kingdom?
‘\N-We came at the wrong f*cking time!’
The five felt so remorseful.
If they had known this was the case, they would not have followed to join in the fun.
They would have packed their things and fled with their important family members to a
place far away from Star Kingdom.
With their strength, they could live freely wherever they went as long as it was not a
level 9 civilization.
However, in the current situation, how would they have a chance to escape under the
nose of a partial Pre-Deity?
‘W-What should we do now?’
Even Zenon, the peak Sacred Saint, had a look of fear on his face at that moment.
A peak Sacred Saint was no match at all for a partial PreDeity with Divine Power.
He would die if he was slightly careless.
Divine Power was supposed to be a notch above Saint Power.
Azul did not make a move right away.
He was watching everyone with interest.
It was also one of Azul’s hobbies to make enemies shrouded in fear, suffer mental
torture, and die in despair.
What he wanted was for the enemy to not see a glimmer of hope such that they could
only kneel and beg for mercy.
In the end, he would torture and kill them himself.
Azul noticed something was wrong.
David’s master was wearing a mask, so it was fine since Azul could not see his facial
expression clearly.
However, while the other six Sacred Saints all showed expressions of horror, David
did not.
He still wore an indifferent look, which upset Azul quite a lot.
‘He’s on the verge of death and yet he’s still pretending.’
“Lord Sid, what’s going on?” Grandmaster York of the Ginger family could not stop
himself from asking.
Azul did not take action and gave everyone a chance to speak.
This was a matter of their life and death, so they were eager to know the truth of the
Even if they died, they had to die knowing the reason for their fate.
Otherwise, they would not be reconciled.
“I came here not long before you, so I don’t understand too well myself. When I came,
David and his master were already here, so they should know the situation best,” Sid
He genuinely did not know much, so he would not dare to speak nonsense.
The gang then turned their attention to David and his master.
“U-Um, my Lord, can you tell me what’s going on? Even if we are going to die, at least
let us die knowing the reason.”
Now, David’s master was the head of the Saints Association in name.
Therefore, it was not wrong to address him as such.
David stood up suddenly.
“Let me answer for my master.
“To put it simply, this person’s name is Azul Feather, and he’s from the Feather family
of the level 9 civilization, Leila. He was seriously injured and hunted down more than a
million years ago. So, he fled to Star Kingdom and fell into a deep sleep. His four
slaves then founded the Iridescent Sect to collect female disciples of various
physiques and train them to get to Sacred Saint Rank so they could become sacrifices
for this person’s awakening. Now, he has accumulated enough sacrifices, so he’s
awake. It’s as simple as that.”

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