Fleeing the Gilded Cage: Don’t Want to be the Billionaire’s Wife Chapter 4

Fleeing the Gilded Cage: Don't Want to be the Billionaire's Wife Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Really not go back? 

Previously, Martina had been living in the Walker family villa, and all expenses were 

covered by them

Although Benjamin didn’t like her, she still held the identity of his fiancée, so he was still generous towards her

In these past few years, Martina had gone to great lengths to buy various luxury items 

In order to package herself better and be accepted by the wealthy circle in LA. It wasn’t 

until later that she realized that during that time, people like Adam called her a gold digger


Looking back now, she realized how foolish she was

Martina replied, Of course, it’s just the literal meaning.” 

Elena was silent for a few seconds and said incredulously, You can’t be serious, can 

Martina let sighed, So, you don’t believe that I want to let go?” 

Elena didn’t hide her doubts and said, Who would believe it? You loved him deeply before and went through so much for him while in the Walker family. Now you’re saying your 

want to leave him. Can you even believe it yourself?” 

Martina was saddened by her friend’s lack of trust, but she couldn’t help but find 

Elena’s words amusing. Do you all really think that I can’t survive without him?she asked

Without hesitation, Elena replied, Yes!” 

Martina was speechless

As time passed and it got later, the soft yellow light in the living room of the apartment 

Martina rented came on. She was squatting on the floor, wiping the floor over and over 


To be honest, she had already wiped it several times, and even if she used the floor as 

a mirror, it would be enough. But Martina unconsciously continued to wipe, as if she wanted to wipe away the person in her heart.. 

At this moment, the phone on the living room table rang again, but this time it was

video call

Martina regained her senses, dried her hands, and went to the living room to pick up her phone. She glanced at it and saw that it was Benjamin’s Snapchat avatar jumping continuously

Martina couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows and forgot what to do next

Benjamin had never liked to video chat with her, this was definitely unprecedented

Martina hesitated for a moment, but still answered the call, but switched the video to audio only


Then a deep and s*xy male voice came from the other side, Where are you?Benjamin had always been economical with words and got straight to the point

Just like now, he didn’t even ask why Martina wanted to leave, but asked where she 

So, did he really not care at all why she’s leaving

Outside,replied Martina, eyes flickering

Go home,” said Benjamin

His breath was very calm, and it sounded like he didn’t think Martina’s departure was very important at all

Martina opened her mouth to say something, but Benjamin interrupted her, saying, I’m very busy with work lately, so be obedient.” 


Without waiting for Martina to respond, he hung up the phone

Martina looked at the disconnected phone, first sneering, then her expression turned 

Although she had long known that Benjamin didn’t like her and didn’t care about her, being disregarded like that still made her feel very sad

Since Benjamin turning 18, Jack Walker gradually handed over all the affairs of the Walker Group to Benjamin

Benjamin had great talent and outstanding abilities. Among all the successors in their circle, he was the most outstanding. Over the past six years, he has completely taken over the Walker Group business and gradually shifted his focus to foreign markets

Benjamin was so outstanding that many people disliked Martina out of jealousy. If it weren’t for Martina, Benjamin would undoubtedly be the darling of many socialites, including Amy. Adam’s intentional provocation towards her was probably due to this

Many people thought that Martina was not deserving of Benjamin

One had been a street artist and the other a business tycoon! If it hadn’t been for the agreement between the two families back then, these two people would have never had any intersection in reality

This was something that Martina had only realized in the past few days

As the saying went, a forced fruit was not sweet, but bitter

Martina’s thoughts drifted a bit far, tears dripped onto the floor. She crouched down and wiped away her tears

The next day, Martina made a quick breakfast and then went to the studio. 

After graduating from college, she opened this studio with Elena who was also a painter, but Martina rarely came here on her own, and it was usually Elena running around

Martina arrived here early today and even brought a cup of black coffee and some 


This studio was not that big, with only a dozen or so people in total, and most of them 

were new and didn’t know Martina

Upon entering, Martina was immediately stopped by the receptionist who asked, May I ask who you are looking for?” 

Martina quickly clocked in on the nearby timecard machine upon hearing the qu 


With a beep, several words appeared on the screen: Number of clockins this month: 0

Martina’s face turned slightly red, feeling that she was such a terrible boss

Martina went directly to where Elena was

When Elena looked up and saw Martina, she was particularly surprised and puzzled, You actually came?” 

Martina put the prepared breakfast on the table and said, From now on, I will 

work on time.” 

come to 

Elena picked up the breakfast, which consisted of her favorite foods, and began to eat. She then asked, By the way, why did you give up being a wealthy wife and come to work 


Martina didn’t explain, but focused her gaze on several design drafts on the table

A few of the designs had already taken shape. Martina looked at the data on top and asked, Is this proportion for indoor use?” 

Elena put down the food and nodded, Yes, it’s the interior wall of an art exhibition, so it’s for indoor, I guess.Then she changed the subject. Can you really let go and stop chasing after him?” 

Martina continued to stare at the painting earnestly for a long time, without even lifting his head, and just made a sound of agreement

Immediately, Elena couldn’t resist the urge and patted Martina’s back with great force, and said, My little troublemaker, it’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s just that every time you make a tough talk, your performance is just too lousy, and you have no backbone at all! I swear, as long as Benjamin makes a phone call, you will definitely go back obediently.” 

Martina interrupted her, He already did.” 

Elena was stunned, What?!” 

I already received a phone call, but I didn’t go back,Martina responded while picking up several orders from Elena’s desk and opening her computer to start drawing seriously

Elena was somewhat skeptical

To be honest, Martina’s painting skills were really good, but over the years, she had always neglected her work, wasting her own abilities

Martina stayed in the studio for the whole day, and in the afternoon, she successfully 

completed a preliminary draft of a drawing and showed it to Elena

Elena couldn’t help but sigh, Martina, you deserve to be the No. 1 student in our college, even after all these years!

Fleeing the Gilded Cage: Don’t Want to be the Billionaire’s Wife

Fleeing the Gilded Cage: Don’t Want to be the Billionaire’s Wife

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: June, 20, 2023
Read Novel Fleeing the Gilded Cage: Don't Want to be the Billionaire's Wife is an interesting story about Martinez and Benjamin. Description After Martina Martinez and Benjamin Walker's breakup, paparazzi captured photos of the business tycoon entering the Walker family mansion with a mysterious woman late at night. This caused a stir, and this wealthy family was bombarded by various media outlets. During a phone interview, the gossip reporter asked, "Miss Martinez, how do you feel now that Mr. Walker has a new girlfriend?" Martina held her painful forehead and looked towards Benjamin, who was adjusting his suit by the floor-to-ceiling window. He gestured for her to come over and help him with his tie. Holding her phone, Martina responded, "It's... complicated!" The reporter's heart leaped with joy and asked, "Is it heartbroken?!" Martina was about to nod, but Benjamin raised his eyebrows and took her phone away. His deep and alluring voice was heard on the other end of the line, "New girlfriend? Whose?"

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